Tea Of Summer Chapter 46

46 Chapter 46 Spring Sunshine 4.1

Two days later, Xia Liang's "special condition" ended. Finally, she could go into the water. After she ate breakfast early in the morning, Xia Liang excitedly went to the bathroom to change into her swimsuit. The green two piece swimsuit in her hand was ordered online with one-day delivery. It was not as exposed as most bikinis, it was more cute, like the kind that teenagers wore.

Aside from Lin Qian and Song Qiyan, Wei Jian was also outside as well. Xia Liang hesitated to go out like this, so she decided to put on a white, chiffon robe.

But Xia Liang didn't realize that, sometimes, semitransparent was even more attractive .

Xia Liang gathered her street clothes and went back to her room. Lin Qian looked up and down at her. "Tut," then she took her swimsuit into the bathroom.

Xia Liang stood there and couldn't decide whether to go out or not. Someone knocked twice on the door.

She cautiously stood behind the door and carefully pull open the sliding door wide enough for her head to pass through. After she saw that it was Song Qiyan outside, she let him in. Song Qiyan laughed at her cautious behavior. He rubbed her head, "It's just me."

Xia Liang stuck out her tongue. She closed the door after he came in. "Uh, Qian Qian's lesson was too devastating."

Song Qiyan smiled, then he saw what she was wearing. His eyes subconsciously widened.

Xia Liang curled her toes unnaturally and used her right index finger to scratch her cheek. "Uh, doesn't it look good?"

Song Qiyan grabbed her hand which was still hanging in mid air. A small flame burnt faintly in his eyes.

After he held her hand for a while, her ears slowly became red. He then shook his head. "Are you...going to wear this outside?"

"No good?" Xia Liang deflated her mouth. She pulled the corner of her outer robe. She was a little disappointed. She thought he would like it...

Song Qiyan stood there. He held Xia Liang's left hand and looked at her. His girl had no idea just how attractive she was right now. Xia Liang was not tall, but her petite figure was very curvy. Her waist was tiny. The light green two piece swimsuit peeked through the translucent white robe. It cast a shadowy outline of her body figure. It was enough to encourage people to commit a crime...

Song Qiyan pulled Xia Liang's hand to his lips and kissed with restraint. He then shook his head and touched her face. "Xia Xia, let's stay in. Ok?"

"Ai?" Xia Liang was surprised by the sudden declaration and looked up into the passion eyes of Song Qiyan. Then she seemed to understand something.

Song Qiyan sighed a long breath and stretched his arms to pull her into his. It was rare to hear him mutter so childishly, "I don't want them to see you like this." He just wanted to hold her tightly in an embrace. He didn't want to let her go outside at all. Whenever he thought about other men out there looking at her, he just felt...very uncomfortable.

Xia Liang was annoyed and amused at the same time and slapped his back. "From your reaction just now, I thought the swimsuit looked ugly!"

Song Qiyan rubbed her hair and muttered, "Who would dare say that to my Xia Xia?"

Xia Liang blushed. She giggled and kissed Song Qiyan's chin.
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