Tales Of The Legendary Scholar Book 1 Chapter 24

Volume 1: The Bond Of Drechs Chapter 24 Moving On

This is a preview, full chapter is coming soon!

I'm sorry to the readers but I've only updated Chapter 13-14. I'll put this story in hiatus while I slowly write the chapters since I want to focus on my other story. But I'm writing this slow and update when I've reached enough chapters for you to enjoy reading.

The other reason I'm putting this in hiatus is because of the pirating sites. It gets to my nerves that other sites taking advantage and earn from my work while I don't get a penny from this.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

For those reading this story in other sites. Read here in .com or Royal Road.

Sorry for the delay dear readers.

Please read my other ongoing story too: Whispers of Love from Xinyi to Ming

I promise this is a delightful and enjoyable read.

The Author,


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