Tales Of The Legendary Scholar Book 1 Chapter 23

Volume 1: The Bond Of Drechs Chapter 23 Temporary 9 Storm Brewing

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"Anyway, here's another copy," said Lord Rhabras, handing him another handbook.

"Now, listen well. Why did you attack that guy?"

Fred scratched his head. He remembered well what his father told him.

"Never divulge this forewarning sense inside you to anybody, no matter what. Bring this with you to your grave. Do you understand."

Unknowingly, his father mentioned this to the king for a reason but was not addressed.

How can he dodge Lord Rhabras of this thing inside him? At last, he thought of a good alibi.

"You see, Lord Headmaster, that guy acted off to me. He told me you asked for me, and he'll bring me to you, but instead, brought me to a secluded place and stopped responding to my questions," said Fred and added a bit of tonal change with his voice and hand movements, like he was dramatizing a story.

He squinted his eyes, "Then I felt uneasy like more eyes were watching me. You know that kind of feeling, right? It's just something instinctive that is unexplainable. So, I attacked him, otherwise. You surely understand that, Sire. But I'm thankful now that I attacked first ... because there was really a lot of them there. Who knows what would happen to me if I didn't." He ended with a shrug.

Lord Rhabras wanted to laugh with Fred's acting but kept his annoyed face on. He figured Fred was a skeptic and vigilant to tell him the truth. Who would care to attack without reason or rhyme? That something in him possibly influenced him to act, the same as with the king. Forcing him now wouldn't be of any help. Probably, when the king would be the one to approach him.

However, a bubbling giggle was rupturing inside his chest to see the other side of this boy. A very good actor but not quite good at hiding his true feelings.

The headmaster let him go afterward but not without another reminder. Fred left the office with cold sweating hands.

'Whew! I did it and made the old man believe my words.'

----- o -----

Life peacefully went on in the city of Griftein Veimu. The day was bright and the heavens blessed the citizens with outpouring rain at noon.

However, the king's face was blackened like a storm was brewing. The room's atmosphere was like thunders and lightning encircling him as he sat behind a large table.

After the incident in school, he sent men in secret to follow every Princes and their men's movements, contacts, and others.

He also had someone capture that sheinbinne user but the man disappeared and left with no trace, while Leidrech hid inside his mansion and unwilling to meet anyone. This was the first source of his anger.

Another source was the report from the headmaster that the boy in charge of the ink on that riddle battle day was found tied and unconscious after his family searched for him for not coming home that day. The worst scenario, when he woke up he was dazing out and couldn't speak until now.

The king wondered why the sentient barrier did not react at that time. Not even sending a warning to him. This was totally an alarming case.

"This could be the result of the sheinbinne user," said the king, balling a fist tight on the table.

The king didn't enjoy the peace and rain as more news came.

King Thierri sent two of his secret men to investigate the death of Theodrech's first study companion in the boy's hometown, Beeleizal, after the news of the boy's death. The last communication he received was a month ago. They said the boy's illness began after the family was swimming in the river with another noble family, the Earl of Beeleizal's.

The king gave them permission to investigate the Earl and its household. Now, the news report he read was the Earl acquired an unknown illness and in a coma. There was no reason on how he got sick and no cure was found. Even the royal physicians couldn't distinguish the illness.

That's not all. As if no one would let the king in peace because another report came from his son Duke Threion. Rumors spread the kingdom of Briecea was now preparing a huge army.

This confirmed Sir Riquier's report which was all but speculation at that time that it was instigated by Briecea since Wrilon village was under the border city of Welbourn, the one Theodrech's father was the governor.

The worst, they took the life of one of the Griftein Knights first. It's more than a coincidence. It was a blatant planned assault.

King Thierri's hands were full while the headmaster announced that a week from now, the school would celebrate its founding day and games would be held, including a riddle battle represented from every course.

The case yesterday became part of history and the school was buzzing of excitement for the preparation of this festival.

In the special class, the teacher, Sir Thys Weissel, came today, which was great news for the students. He came after his absence for a month, of which the school allowed for a reason. He reported as soon as he arrived.

"Welcome to the special class, Lord Amberdrift. I'm Thys Weissel, your class main-teacher," said Sir Thys, shaking Fred's hand. "I've heard you've won the riddle battle against Prince Theodrech."

He asked Fred in an easygoing manner and never projected an air of strictness. No wonder his classmates acted casually when he arrived. The boys saluted at him and Amerth simply said, "Yo! Teach. Welcome back." While Wenti waved her hand and said, "Nice to see you back in class, Teach."

The young Lord chuckled hearing them. But he never expected to look down to his teacher who was an a.d.u.l.t and a foot shorter than him when Fred himself had a decent height of five feet and a half in his age. Most of all, to see his big shoes, which was totally out of proportion with his body.

Sir Thys' eyes were black and dazzled in delight when he smiled, evenly matched with his light brown skin and silver hair. This made Fred heart light with this man. He trusted he could get along with him.

"Glad to be in your class, Sir Thys. About the riddle battle"

The teacher didn't allow him to say more and abruptly said, "You will represent your class for the game and you can't say no."

After saying that, Sir Thys faced the other four, "I believe all of you will agree."

The four said a loud yes with elation, bathing Fred the ecstasy of being with them. He was glad to be part of this so-called 'useless.' However, he believed not for long that title wouldn't remain. He had strong faith in his classmates.

Then, Sir Thys gathered them in the middle of the room. He formed a sideways fist on his lips and blew on it. A large balloon formed and pulled them in. To everyone's delight, the balloon floated, along with them.

They were flying up high in the sky of the academy but still within the barrier.

"Since we have a new arrival here, let's tour him around," Sir Thys said, full of zest.

"You're unfair, Teach. You didn't do this to us before," Niall complained, pouting.

"There's no need for that, you are all from here. He is still new in our city."

"Are we going out to the city?" bouncy Wenti asked.

"No, only in school," said Sir Thys, popping up Wenti's enthusiasm. Wenti's shoulders drooped but stood erect again. "Ah, never mind. This one is also a treat. Not everyone can have a chance like this." She propped herself against the balloon wall and watched the scene down below.

Fred's face was smiling with mouth overflowing with laughter and awe. He turned around and saw the academy was surrounded by huge mountains. The barrier above was sparkling under the sunlight.

The next attraction to him was the stadium's dome-like silver roof. It was shining with a blinding light. He had to look away. Farther was the open mini-gladiator arena. They saw different buildings. Fred just realized the roof's color signified the course who occupied each building and each structure differed in sizes.

The one where mage students went in and out had a red roof conic-shape covering a tall tower, which same structure as the tower of Pisa but not leaning, of course.

The white was a three-story building with a flat rooftop and had ten rooms on every floor.

The blue was a hexagonal roof but it was only half of the white building and two-story high.

Fred thought it was odd. Too small for the highest number of population of the school.

"Why is the blue course building very small?" asked Fred.

"That is not the true place they are using. That is only for their morning talks and offices. But you can't enter their true space unless you're permitted," explained Sir Thys.

Fred nodded. He looked back under them and saw the rest were all the same, five-story building, rectangular in shape and rooms from top to bottom.

While they were having the tour, Deimer was now on his way to the special classroom.

----- o -----

Briecea - /Bri-sya/ - neighboring kingdom of Xaeviel. It was a stronger and bigger kingdom than Xaeviel.

Thys Weissel - /Th/ of thought - /This Wey-zel/ - special class teacher.

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