Tales Of The Clear Sky Dragon Chapter 7

5 The Tang Twins Are Gifted

Golden wisps of light then enters Tang Qing's body, as his child like body is then envelopes in golden specks of light. An unusual warmth then permeates through his entire body, as the warmth feeling then sinks deeper into the core of his wellbeing.

The golden specks of light then began to fill up Tang Qing's hidden spiritual sea, as the estranged darkness is being slowly driven away by the golden specks of light.

The clearings within Tang Qing's spiritual sea is beginning to be cleared away, as the surface of Tang Qing's spiritual sea can be seen.

The waters were quite murky, because of the unnatural impurities inside of one's own body accumulated over time, but there is some transparency within the consistency of the murky water.

Underneath the body of murky water, which is Tang Qing's own unrefined spiritual energy, lies a jade green pellet. When the numerous wisps of golden light entered Tang Qing's spiritual sea, it then immediately head straight for the jade green pellet that is trapped underneath the body of murky water, like a dry sponge, it began to absorbed all of the golden wisps of light that heads its way over.

The jade green pellet turns out to be Tang Qing's spirit essence in its seed like form, after absorbing enough golden wisps of light, the small embryo sapling itself began the process of breaking out of its shell; the outer seed coating.

A small portion of the murky water within Tang Qing's spiritual sea is beginning to dry up, as it is constantly used up to sustained the growth of the embryo sapling.

Within seconds, a small grass sapling began to sprouts out from the seed, with a fully formed immature plant body; consisting of a few inches long plant stem, with several small leaves shooting out on the side.

The growth of the blue silver grass stagnaited, as it has reached a breaking point in its growth phase, but suddenly a spark white silver light then intervenes. It shot out from nowhere, appearing like a comet or asteroid shooting through space, as it struct dead center on Tang Qing'sat blue silver grass spirit essence.

Tang Qing's blue silver grass then underwent an unbelievable transformation, as the tiny grass leaf then began to extend outwards a couple of inches, with the tip of the grass blade gaining a sharp white tint.

And thin white silver linings began to appeared all over on the surface of the grass leaf, though it is almost naked to the common eye, it is only observable under close examination, or under a microscope lense or magnifying glass.

The caused of the blue silver grass undergoing a transformation is due to the influence of Tang Qing's sword spiritual energy, though it is only a small margin, it is enough to influence the growth and evolutionary path of Tang Qing's fragile blue silver grass spirit essence.

The weaker the animal within the wild will tend to develop faster gene mutations in order to survive, and passed on their genes to the next generation. Whilst, the strong will devolop slower newer mutations due to the lack of predators coming after its life, and having fully adapted to the surrounding environment, where newer adaptations are not needed.

At the same time, the fewer remaining golden wisps of light then head off in another different direction, as the golden wisps of light then all congregated in a certain areas, floating above the surface of the body of water.

Like a predator hidden within waters, something appeared from the body of water, and reached out to snuff the congregated ball of golden light, gobbling it all up and down its throat, within seconds.

It returns back to the large body of water, its huge figure dissappearing into the body of murky water. And only revealing its shiny luminous white eyes, that refracted on the surface of the body of water. Its eyes were quite clean and untainted, containing some sense of sentience, capable of thinking by itself.

The strange creature didn't showed itself, showcasing extreme precaution of the outside force that is trying to draw itself out. If its identity were to be discovered, then it will definitely bring trouble to its host body, Tang Qing himself. Its own instinct told it that.

On the outside, as the golden wisps of light completely entered Tang Qing's body, and filled his spiritual sea in order to awaken his spirit essence.

Tang Qing eyes then finally shot opened, his body engulfed in intensely bright light, similar to Tang San's. However, his brightness was less intense than Tang San's, but is more refined and a cleaner shade of white.

Tang Qing then reaches his right hand out, as a similar blue silver grass spirit essence then began to appear, sprouting out from the center of his palm.

The blue silver grass spirit essence of Tang Qing was a bit different than Tang San's and the girl, as it has a light white silver tinged at the tip of the grass blade, and untraceable to the naked eye unless under close examinations, there are white silver linings covering the entire surface of the grass leaf.

Tang San immediately activated his purple demon eyes, for a short fraction of a second, as he then observed the changes going on to Tang Qing's blue silver grass spirit essence. It didn't escaped his eye.

So he thought to himself, 'Why is Xiao Ge's blue silver grass spirit essence is a bit different than mine? Could it be that every single spirit essence is different in some way, but still share the same characteristic from a common ancestor, then why is mine and hers the same but Xiao Ge's is a bit different.'

Tang San could not figure out the reason at the moment, so he left it out for now, leaving it at the back of his head, but not forgetting to ask Tang Qing about it later on when he gets back home.

Su Yuntao was quite surprised at another strong reaction from just a measly child awakening his spirit essence, similar to the previous child, this one also possesses a blue silver grass spirit essence, but does he also possess innate full spirit power.

'It can't be...' Su Yuntao is at a lost for words, 'It's almost unheard of, the chances of two child possessing the very same type of spirit essence, and innate full spirit power as well.'

'It could only be...' Su Yuntao then stopped himself, as he has become a little light headed from the constant use of his spiritual power.

So he decided to hand over the blue crystal ball to Tang Qing, so he could check out his spirit essence level by himself. "Here take this crystal ball to test whether you have spirit power or not." Su Yuntao said so towards Tang Qing, but he instinctively knows that the boy possesses spirit power withinside him, but how much, he doesn't know to be exact.

"Yes, sir." Tang Qing responded, as he reaches his right hand out and grabs a hold of the blue crystal ball off of Su Yuntao's hands.

Once the blue crystal ball immediately left off of Su Yuntao's hands, and touches Tang Qing's hand, the blue crystal ball immediately starts to give off intensely bright light.

"Impossible!" Su Yuntao uttered, his surprise was less dramatic than the first one, since he has already experience it first hand before. 'There is another that possesses innate full spirit power.'

Su Yuntao then said so in a trembling voice, "You've possessed innate full spirit power just like your twin brother over there." He then pointed in Tang San's direction.

'It's great that I have innate full spirit power, just like my brother,' Tang Qing excitedly thought so to himself.

Onced the spirit awakening ceremony was finished, Su Yuntao then immediately began to packed up his things and bundle, and was just about to leave when he called out to Old Jack who was currently standing outside the door.

"Old Jack."

Door open, old Jack with a tense face went to meet Su Yuntao.

"Grandmaster, what do you think. Do this year's village children possibly have capability of becoming spirit masters?"

Su Yuntao looked at him, made a sighing sound, and said, "There is a few who possesses potential to become spirit masters, but I'm not sure that their talents will allow them to make it thus far. It's only a pity that those who are gifted by the heavens to possess immensely weak spirit essences."

In Jack's eyes revealed a bewildered indeterminate expression. Enquiring further, he asked, "Grandmaster, that outcome is..."

Su Yuntao then said, "This year among these eighteen children, only a small portion innately possesses spirit power, whilst there are two individuals that possesses innate full spirit power, it's too bad that those two awaken with blue silver grass spirit essence. Do You understand?"

"Blue silver grass? Innate full spirit power? Heavens."

On Jack's face was a downcast expression which was much more grave compared to Su Yuntao. He who had been village chief for so many years, naturally understood what significance innate full spirit power represented. But this innate full spirit power appeared with blue silver grass spirit; that truly was...

"Grandmaster, blue silver grass truly has no way of cultivation?" Old Jack asked with a frown.

Su Yuntao could understand old Jack's state of mind. Instead of his earlier arrogant manner, patting old Jack's shoulder, he said, "It is not entirely unable to cultivate. Only, you consider blue silver grass in rate of spirit promotion; what can evolution accomplish?"

Su Yuntao then continues, "Useless spirits are in the end useless spirits. Even while becoming a spirit master, he probably will be a useless spirit master. This innate full spirit power truly is a pity. Well then, I will leave first, I must still go to another village."

Su Yuntao in the end did not wait for Tang San to continue asking questions, departing from the village. With no Su Yuntao, Tang San could only run to Jack outside, asking his most urgent question, "Jack grandpa, what is a spirit ring? How can one obtain a spirit ring?"

Old Jack, as if still thinking over Su Yuntao's words, subconsciously answered, "I also do not know what spirit ring is, but in order to obtain a spirit ring, one seemingly must hunt the spirit beasts. This is very a very dangerous task that only spirit masters are capable of."


Spirit ring, spirit beast, these two completely new terms resounded continuously in Tang San's mind. Although he wasn't completely sure that his surmise was correct, but since Mysterious Heaven Skill was unable to break through the bottleneck all along, this spirit ring clearly was a breakthrough.

By now, Jack had already recovered, lowering his head to regard Tang San and Tang Qing, and said astonished, "Xiao San, Xiao Qing, are you perhaps the two individuals that were mentioned to have blue silver grass spirit, with innate full spirit power."

Tang San and Tang Qing then both nodded at the same time, and said so in unison, "Yeah, it's us."

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