Tales Of The Clear Sky Dragon Chapter 6

4 Innate Full Spirit Power

"Hey look, it's another person that possesses the useless trash spirit essence!" One of the already awakened children then cried out, whilst pointing at Tang San's feeble blue silver grass spirit essence.

Tang San didn't bat an eye to their lousy insults, dissing at his very useless spirit essence. Tang San was already used to this sort of behaviour when he was an outer sect disciple of Tang Sect, back in the Immortal World. He would always be laughed at, looked down, and be criticised by the inner sect disciples of Tang Sect.

He was an outer sect disciple of Tang Sect, an outsider that was brought into Tang Sect from the outside world. His status within the sect will forever be lower than those of the inner sect disciples, teachers, and elders of the sect.

He would never be able to trully learn of the true inner secret arts of Tang Sect's true and the hidden methods of building and constructing powerful mechanical hidden weapons.

So he stole it from within the reaches of the inner sanctum and sanctuary of Tang Sect, and secretly learned of the technique, method, and recipes to build the Tang Sect's top 100 list of hidden weapons. Not without incurring the consequences of whatever happened to him now.

To protect the glory and the secrets of Tang Sect's hidden weapons production methods, so he decided to commited suicide by going in a fiery blazed, consumed by the explosion of the fiery buddhist flower hidden weapons.

Su Yuntao couldn't hide his great dissappointment, as he showed a dissatisfied look on his face, 'It's another useless trash spirit essence. How hopeless... I shouldn't have gotten my hopes too up.' He thought so to himself.

Su Yuntao had no choice but to say, "And another useless trash spirit essence has showed up. Now come here and let me test you whether you have spirit power or not inside of you."

The previously great quantity of golden wisps of light that appeared previously before, at first indeed gave him a great deal of expectations for the boy's potential, but when it finally appeared, it unexpectedly turns out that it was merely a blue silver grass spirit.

The sense of great disparity between the two, it shocks Su Yuntao, and seemingly somewhat caused him to fall under a foul mood.

"Dammit..." Su Yuntao curses underneath his breathe, but Tang San who was next to him heard it perfectly.

"Now to test whether you possess spirit power or not." As he said so before, Su Yuntao then instructed Tang San to withdraw the blue silver grass into his own body.

Tang San then realized that this task wasn't really that difficult at all; with due respect to the mysterious heaven skill, it was already something that can be accomplish by practicing the mysterious heaven skill.

Simultaneously, he additionally discovered, that the moment the blue silver grass appeared, seemingly it also resonated strongly with his mysterious heaven skill pouring, and like that, the blue little grass became more powerful than usual and is full of vitalised lifeforce energy, condensed through the mysterious heaven skill cultivation method.

With his palm just about to touch the blue crystal ball, Tang San's body fiercely trembled all of a sudden.

Tang San was shocked to discover, that seemingly very beautiful blue crystal ball unexpectedly possessed tremendous suction force and attraction, as his inner strength surging outwards and into the blue crystal ball as if it has found an outlet to transfer the stored energy.

Tang San wanted to struggle free, but no matter what he does and tried, he could not escape from the strong attraction of the blue crystal ball.

Su Yuntao was similarly somewhat amazed. To think that this situation would completely fallen out of hand, out of his realm of expectations. A problem has arise while he was performing the second to last spirit power test of this Holy Spirit village spirit awakening ceremony.

Suddenly, the blue crystal ball that is held within his hand began to shine brightly, releasing intensely blue dazzling lights that filled the entire room, starting from the central point of the blue crystal ball and then spreading outwards in a flash.

In the blink of an eye, this blue sparkling crystal ball then became a resplendent blue aquatic jewel, whilst giving off some shiny luminescence aura of omnipotence.

A cool blue light then flared showed, unspeakably moving.

In accordance with the traditional test, as long as the crystal ball gave some response, even a single trace of radiance, it would prove by test that the individual possesses some fraction of spirit power inside of them.

And at present, the blue crystal ball was radiating quite intensly, and that leaves us with only one explanation.

"Good heavens, it is actually innate full spirit power." Su Yuntao shouted out in great shock, surprised and the sudden turn of events, "You, boy, actually possess innate full spirit power. A rare talents that only one out of a million may be able to possess."

Blue green light released again from Su Yuntao's body, and the crystal ball shot out from Tang San's palm. At this moment, he saw before his eyes this boy's gaze had already become completely different. It seemingly resembled the appearance of a monster.

Tang San naturally also noticed that his situation was different from the other children's test. Feeling uncertain, he then asked Su Yuntao for advice, "Sir, what is innate full spirit power?"

Su Yuntao dully looked down at him, and subconsciously answers, "For everyone at the time of spirit awakening, apart from a spirit's form, while deciding whether it is big and powerful, the amount of spirit power it may possess upon awakening is also extremely important..."

Su Yuntao then continues, "The vast majority of the people that undergo the spirit awakening ceremony do not have spirit power residing within them, and only a small tiny fraction unfortunately do."

"Those that don't possess an ounce of spirit power are forever destined to be unable to become a spirit masters in their lifetime, but if provided they do have spirit power, even if is only a tiny fraction, they can cultivate the spirit essence and forcefully undergo the process of spirit essence evolution through cultivation to it stronger." Su Yuntao then paused for a sec to regained his breathe before continuing.

"And at the time of spirit awakening, the amount of spirit power that one possess is crucial in determining the training speed and cultivation talents of that said individual. With higher spirit power level upon awakening the spirit, the cultivation rate will be several times greater. They are able to quickly advanced spirit levels and possibly skipped an entire realm if possible." Su Yuntao then finishes his lecture.

Tang San looked at Su Yuntao, his heart swirling with surprised, as he did not know what his spirit power was, but it could certainly be, that the testing blue crystal ball absorbed his internal strength from Mysterious Heaven skill. Could it be said that, his internal strength in this world transformed into spirit power?

Perhaps it was because Tang San's innate full spirit power caused no small shock to Su Yuntao, but he did not mind taking the trouble to explain, "Our spirit is graded like this: every ten ranks is a title. After spirit awakening, one can automatically be known as spirit scholar. Of course, only a first level spirit scholar. In accordance with spirit strength intensity it is subdivided into ranks."

Su Yuntao then continues, "what is meant by innate full spirit strength is that exactly after awakening, spirit strength level is innately the highest tenth rank. I still have never come across a person with innate full spirit strength; originally when I awakened, I also was only second rank spirit power, nothing more."

Tang San had already collected himself by now. It was very difficult to find a true spirit master, so he naturally was unable to give up, and hurriedly asked his inner heart's doubt, "Innate spirit strength can only be tenth rank? It cannot be higher?"

The blue green light around Su Yuntao's whole body disappeared, withdrawing his spirit body possession, "Of course not. A spirit master's strength cannot be promoted that easily. During each advancement of title, not only must spirit power first reach the summit of the title, furthermore one must obtain a spirit ring. Without a spirit ring, even if you further make great efforts with cultivation, it is still impossible to enter the next title."

He then pointed at an example, Tang San hinself, "Just for instance like you right now, because you have already attained innate full spirit power. Therefore, if you want to continue promoting your spirit power, instead of meditation, you must first obtain a spirit ring. After entering into the lower levels of the second title, you will be able to continue meditation cultivation."

Tang San then suddenly interrupted, "Spirit ring, like the halo around your body just now? You are 26th rank, therefore have two spirit rings."

Su Yuntao nodded in confirmation, and said so in response, "Exactly like that. Your circumstances are very exceptional, innate full spirit power is a rare once in a hundred year gift. It's a pity, truly is a pity. Unexpectedly it is a useless spirit. Even if your spirit were only a farm tool, it would be stronger compared to blue silver grass. In that case, I could.."

He did not say any more, but Tang San also faintly understood his meaning, only in his heart, a covering veil was lifted.

Tang San had always been a person good at contemplation. In his previous life he was like that, in this life he was still like that.

Tang Qing then suddenly raises his voice, and interrupted the conversation between the two, "Ummm, sir. So when is it gonna be my turn now to awaken my spirit essence."

Su Yuntao was then immediately made aware of Tang Qing's presence, when he called out him, but when he turned his head over to have a look at him. He was plainly surprised to see that Tang Qing has such resemblance to his brother Tang San.

He couldn't help it, but directly asked the boy some questions in order to confirm his suspicions, "Are you by chance related to the boy that possesses a blue silver grass spirit essence, with innate full spirit power?"

Tang Qing simply nodded his head in confirmation, and then answered, "Yes, Tang San is my identical twin brother, and I am the younger brother out of the two."

Su Yuntao was simply at a lost for words, if he didn't spoke up from before earlier, Su Yuntao would have almost completely forgotten about him, because of Tang San's useless trash spirit essence that possesses innate full spirit power. It draws all of his attention over towards him, and he almost has forgotten about the last participant.

"Okay then, let us finished this session of spirit awakening ceremony, with you being the last and final participant." Su Yuntao nonchalantly said, as he felt a bit drained from constantly utilising his spirit power to Spirit awakening.

"Now come over here, and let us begin the spirit awakening process." Su Yuntao called out to Tang Qing, as he then instructed him to enter the six pitch-black stones arranged into a hexagonal pattern on the ground.

"Okay." Tang Qing responded back, as he then walks into the center of six pitch-black stones.

Su Yuntao then pours all of his spiritual power into the six pitch black stones, that is arranged into a hexagon like pattern fornation on the ground, and the very same thing that occurred to Tang San also then happens to him as well. As six golden rays of light then poured out from the six pitch black stones on the ground, and then rapidly enters his body, the very same way that it also happens to Tang San.

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