Tales Of The Clear Sky Dragon Chapter 5

3 The Useless Trash Spirit Blue Silver Grass

Old Jack then showed a dejected look, and even sighing heavily, as he could not sway away from the sad driven look within his eyes from the nearby children.

He then said so dejectedly, "Ah, yes! Only one in very many would inherit the aptitude to actually become a spirit master. Even if there is potential to become a spirit master, not many of us would be able to make it thus far in the long road, because of our grade of spiritual power."

'Even among us ordinary folks, with our poor spirit essence. How could we ever be able to compare with the spirit essences awakened by the prominent upper classes and nobles.' Old Jack then shakes his head, sadly, as he then exits the branch Spirit Hall building.

Seeing the village elder, Old Jack with a sad look on his face, it pulled the heartstrings of Tang Qing and the other village kids. After all, Old Jack was a lovable grandpa and respectable village elder, who took care of the village kid regardless of whether they are biologically related to him or not. He always puts others and the village above himself.

As the elder of the village, he has earned the trust and adoration of the many inhabitants of the village, and the many families that reside within Holy Spirit Village.

The youngster's gaze then befell on the crowd of eighteen children that gathered around before him. As a Spirit Hall inspecting attendant, it was his job and obligation to help and assist the common ordinary folks to undergo the spirit awakening ceremony. It was a compulsory assignment handed down by the higher-ups of Spirit Hall, and he has long since gotten already used to it.

The youngster then spoke towards the crowd of children in a lukewarm manner, with as little enthusiasm for his job and occupation as a Spirit Hall attendant, "Now children, line up."

The group of eighteen children then got into a straight line, in order from the youngest to oldest, Tang San and Tang Qing was amongst the children in the left-hand side, nearer towards the back of the line. They were a bit smaller and thinner than the other children of their age.

The youngster smiles, and then readily introduces himself, "I am called Su Yuntao, a twenty-sixth ranked spirit grandmaster from Spirit Hall, and I will be the conductor of this spirit awakening ceremony."

"Now, I will have you undergo the spirit awakening ceremony, one by one, at a time. Just please remember, regardless of whatever happens, please do not be afraid." Whilst speaking, Su Yuntao then unfolded a bundle on a desk to one side, taking out two things from inside; six-round pitch-black stones and one sparkling blue crystal ball.

Su Yuntao then places the six pitch-black stones on the ground, arranged in the form of a hexagon pattern, that which he then motioned over the first child to stand inside the hexagon pattern.

"Don't be afraid, boy. Close your eyes, and carefully feel the established connection between your spirit and you." Whilst speaking, Su Yuntao's eyes suddenly lit up in a blaze of glory, and before the children's appalled eyes.

He shouted out in a deep voice, "Lone Wolf Body Enhancement."

A small wisp of blue-green light then arose from in between Su Yuntao's eyebrows, following straight up, entering into the hair knot.

Su Yuntao's hair was originally black, but just after that blue-green light that entered his body, it had rapidly transformed his hair colour into grey, the characteristic of a grey wolf, in a flash.

Furthermore, his hair quickly grew longer, and similarly, grey coloured fur began to appear on his body, covering both of his hands up to the shoulder regions. At the same time, his body also seemed to expand in size by a great deal, compared to what he once was before, his whole body was now swelling with muscle and strength.

The Spirit Hall attire had very good elasticity; it didn't actually rip apart when filling to the point of bursting outwards, because of his body growing large in term of size.

Su Yuntao's eyes had already changed to a faint green colour, and sharp wolf-like claws then stretch out his the five humanoid fingers, on both of his hands, glimmering coolly within a dazzling gleam.

Two concentric halos of light; one white and another yellow then shone brightly from right underneath his foot, and constantly moving upwards from under his foot to the crown of his head. These two halo rings of light are called spirit rings, and they each denote the strength and realms of the user.

The boy Su Yuntao told to stand among the black stones, with eyes staring wide at Su Yuntao's intimidating full body-transformation, he suddenly cried, "Aaaaah~~~~~~", and was about to run away from Su Yuntao out of fright.

The fresh green radiance in Su Yuntao's eyes was truly frightening, like a predatory owl eyeing its prey. Su Yuntao quickly snatches the boy up with his hand, and then he said, "Don't move. I said not to be afraid. This is my spirit essence, the Lone Wolf. If one of you is capable of becoming a spirit master in the future, they will also be able to employ something similar to my beastly transformation."

There were some children who were not at all afraid of Su Yuntao's lone wolf transformation but rather finds it quite exciting and cool. Mostly the much older boys around Tang San and Tang Qing's age, who found it to be quite interesting.

As Su Yuntao clapped both of his hands together, at lightning speed, six faint green rays of light poured out from his body, and then into the six pitch black stones that are arranged on the ground, into a hexagon pattern.

At once, a layer of golden mist began to be released from the six pitch black stones, and arose to the air.

For some unknown reason, as the previously noisily crying child was enveloped in the faint golden light, he then immediately became quiet, just somewhat looking dully dumbfounded, standing there by himself.

Then every speck of the golden light came fluttering up from the black stones, further entering the body of the boy.

The boy's body began to lightly tremble, not knowing whether to shout or remain quiet.

Su Yuntao's two moss green eyes stared fixedly at the boy's figure, he then ushered a command to the boy, "Now extend your right hand out."

The boy then follows the precise instructions specifically given by Su Yuntao, as he then extended his right hand, and then paused. All of the specks of light then began to surged out from his body, and it instantly became a sickle floating in the midst of his hand.

And the boy then grabs it with his hand. It appears that the sickle was real, and not some sort of trickery or an illusion. The boy firmly holds onto the handle of the sickle.

Su Yuntao creased his brow, slightly dissappointed, "It's a tool spirit. Can a sickle be regarded as a weapon? It ought to be one, with putting in some effort to train the spirit."

The wisps of golden light from the six black stones gradually began to disperse, as it left the boy in a somewhat dazed state.

He then looks at the not so particular small iron sickle within his right hand, rather excitedly, and at a loss for words.

Su Yuntao then coolly said in a semi-monotone like voice, "Your spirit is Sickle, a Tool Spirit essence..."

He continues, "Come on over here now, and let me see whether you possess spirit power or not. If you possess a little bit of spirit power, even a weak tool spirit like yours can even undergo spirit evolution."

"After all, a sickle certainly does has some potential to become an agility attack type tool spirit essence." Su Yuntao said so to the boy.

"Gr-great teacher, what should I do?" The boy stutters, as he timidly asked Su Yuntao.

Su Yuntao then coolly say, "Now intentionally try and recall your spirit essence. From now on, try and remember that feeling of the first time you first employed it, and use that thought to call out to it and then summon it to the physical world."

The boy tried for a long time, just to recall the small iron sickle within his hand.

Su Yuntao's hands then held the blue crystal ball, as he then motions for the boy to place his right hand over it.

The boy then follows suit, adhering to Su Yuntao's request, as he places his tiny immature little right hand over the blue crystal ball. The blue crystal ball then shows no obvious reactions or physical changes.

A moment later, Su Yuntao then shakes his head somewhat dissappointed, as he said to the boy, "No spirit power. Thereby, you can't become a Spirit Master. So for now, please step aside..."

Similar scenes continues to play out, right before Su Yuntao's eyes, and one after another, the children began to had their spirit essences awakened.

Their spirits essence were all either a variety of farm tools, kitchen tools, or utensils . Whilst, some even managed to awaken a few beast spirit essence, mostly woodland critters and domesticated animals.

Nothing worth amazing, all were judged to be as weak and presumably useless by Su Yuntao, considering his standards.

There were fortunately some children that possesses spirit power, and managed to gauged a reaction out from the blue crystal ball, but still it canned to a small candle of flickering light in comparison.

When the sixteenth child's turn came, it was a young girl around Tang San and Tang Qing's age. One more child until it was their turn.

After repeatedly use of his spirit power to sustain the process of performing the spirit awakening ceremony, Su Yuntao seemed to already be rather exhausted, but he still intended to help out all eighteenth children of Holy Spirit Village to complete the spirit awakening process.

Golden specks of light then gathered around the girl, and a small blue stem of river grass began to appeared in this girl's palm, softly fluttering side to side.

Tang Qing can vaguely felt that he had seen this of little river grass somewhere before.

Very quickly, the thought docked on him; this river grass was known as the blue silver grass. It showed up everywhere around the village, and elsewhere as well, the grass of other places.

Even though, the river grass spirit essence wasn't quite unique amongst its peers. It didn't showed, and disappointment can be seen brimming within Su Yuntao's eyes, becoming all the more prominent when he said, "It's a useless trash spirit essence. It does not have any potential for attack nor does it have any defensive capabilities, and it doesn't have to assist ability..."

In harsh cold words, Su Yuntao said so to the girl, "Blue silver grass is also widely regarded as the standard for useless trash spirit essence. Completely useless and unuseable."

Whilst speaking, he held out the blue crystal ball to the girl in accordance with procedure, through a miraculous luck of fate, the blue crystal ball then shows a tiny fraction of a reaction. It light up.

Su Yuntao's brow was suddenly raised, as he thought to himself, 'What a surprise that the girl manages to awaken the blue silver grass spirit with dormant spirit power, but unfortunately her spirit essence is still a useless trash spirit.'

At long last it was Tang San's turn, Su Yuntao didn't have to speak, as he already stepped ahead to stand in the center of the six pitch-black stones.

In pace with Su Yuntao's six streams of spirit power pouring into them, the pale golden light once more shone up brightly. Warmth, this was Tang San's first sensation, as if his whole body was wrapped up inside a nice and warm world, unspeakably comfortable.

'No wonder those children before could smooth their emotions when wrapped up in the light.' He thought so to himself.

A feeling of warmth permeated into his body, and Tang San indistinctively became aware that his own mysterios heaven skill's internal power seemingly fluctuated, resonating with this foreign spiritual energy.

Immediately afterward, in that warm energy's traction, within the body just as if something had broken, in a split second warm breath surged towards the palm of his hand.

Su Yuntao's eyes abruptly shone, because, within that golden light, there appeared so many golden flecks that it was even more than what all the previous children possessed together. He faintly sensed, as if a correspondingly powerful spirit would appear. Excitement showed in his manner.

Speaking of those Spirit Hall attendants responsible for ordinary people's spirit awakening, if they could awaken a potentially outstanding child, then bring him to Spirit Hall, they could acquire many first-class benefits.

With regard to getting promoted it was enormously advantageous, but very quickly Su Yuntao lost heart.

Tang San subconsciously lifted his right hand, he saw something blue. This type of blue had already appeared twice at the village's branch Spirit Hall today.

Blue silver grass, exactly identical to the previous girl's blue silver grass. The standard for useless spirits.

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