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  • System Programmer

  • Genres : Romantic
  • Status : Ongoing
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System Programmer summary:

Upon dying our main character found himself summoned by a young woman. She comes from a long line of summoners and expected to partner up with a powerful being like the rest of her family. Instead, she got a computer programmer who from now on will be living inside her head. Having no power himself he's unable to help her with the upcoming war, and disappointed neither of them was blessed by some weird...

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System Programmer Chapters

Time uploaded
63 Top Gun3 weeks ago
61 First Contac3 weeks ago
59 Goosebumps3 weeks ago
58 Dead End3 weeks ago
55 Arrival3 weeks ago
53 The Birds3 weeks ago
51 Blessing3 weeks ago
50 Fireworks3 weeks ago
49 Escape3 weeks ago
48 Faith3 weeks ago
47 Defec3 weeks ago
46 Nightmare3 weeks ago
45 Cowardice3 weeks ago
44 Guinea Pig3 weeks ago
41 Transistor3 weeks ago
40 Energy State3 weeks ago
39 Apocalypse3 weeks ago
32 Figmen3 weeks ago
29 Filth3 weeks ago
28 Diana3 weeks ago
27 Rage3 weeks ago
25 Christmas Qa3 weeks ago
20 Mistake3 weeks ago
18 Aftermath3 weeks ago
17 Hot Dog3 weeks ago
16 Peace At Las3 weeks ago
13 The Hydra3 weeks ago
10 Aiming Assis3 weeks ago
9 Surrounded3 weeks ago
8 Boat Trip3 weeks ago
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