System Of The World Of Fantasy Prologue

1 Prologue

Jake open his eyes as a new day begin. after being refreshed he dressed up in casual clothing consisting of black T-shirt,jeans and jacket. Checking in the mirror, standing 5ft 12, silky black hair,a rough face which could be said to be average. A 18 year old teen stood in the mirror.The only thing noticeable is his soul sucking deep black eye.

He went through morning routine he went downstairs.Then he left the house.Today he was going to the anime convention.Arriving at the bus station he saw that there was no people even though it was a busy time. Then the space started to twist and turn the he went blank.

After coming to his sense, what greeted him was darkness. oddly enough he could not fell his body

because he was a glowing ball. After waiting for who knows time later he heard a voice.

[Well hello, And before you ask any question let me tell you , you are dead] voice sounded from nowhere but everywhere at the same time. The voice was an old and kind and dignified feeling to it.


[...] "what do you mean by that?how? and who might you be?"

[well it was my fault that you died as i was managing the worlds the space twisted due to slight error. so,sorry and i am what you call god.] said the god.

'well thought that he was a god.But what will happen to me.' thought jake.

[don't worry child since it is my fault you will be reincarnated in the world of your choosing, as well as three wish for your choosing.] said the God.

"oh, so i can choose any world and wish" asked jake hopefully since he is an otaku and is fan of anime ,novel and others , and wanted to go to those world like in those fanfic.


" Than my wish shall be

1 system

2 unlimited sp

3 dimensional travelling power to go to any existing world

and i would like to go to world of DxD first" said jake

[your wish are granted now have a good life child] said god and his voice disappeared.

"thanK..."and before he could say his thanks his vision blanked out.

After some he woke up only to hear sound of the system.In a completely white room.


{System Initiating...}

{Initiating complete}


{scan complete}

{welcome host!! how are you feeling?}

"oh so, i got the system huh. that is good and all but what about my body?"said jake to the system.

{host can create a new body to your liking.}

" well that is awesome. then use dragon god bloodline as the base and the bloodline of true vampire, incubus, spirit, seraph and devil to create my new body."said jake.

{yes host, please chose your appearance}

'well i always wanted silver hair and red eye so, lets go with that one' thought jake and started to create his new looks.after a long time his body was created with his modified or handsome looks.

His new appearance looked like 18 years old with average height with lean and muscular( not ugly type) with silver hair and red eyes which could take the heart of any maden with his handsome face.

"Alright this is it. system integrate my soul in the body"

{yes host}

after few minute of black out he opened his eyes and felt his body without any discomfort.and told the system to show his status.

Name: jake ???

Age: immortal

Race: dragon god/sraph/devil/true vampire/incubus

Trait: Devour, Divine regeneration, true immortality, blood control, absorb souls turn body to mist,

energy manipulation, reinforcement, elemental, dragon god fire, dragon roar, psychokinesis,etc

"That is some op character. and i am op so, let's go to world of DxD system"said jake.

{yes host}

then there was a blinding flash as jake disappeared from that place.
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