System Of The World Of Fantasy Chapter 2

3 Chapter 2 Date

After the school, I was walking towards my car when I saw someone and I recognized that person instantly, she was ....Raynare ofcourse.

she was coming towards me in her human disguise and began to speak.

"he helo a-a are you j-Jake?" said raynare/Yuma.

"yes, and how can I help you,miss?" I said.

'well she is hot as the anime showed so i think i am going have a blast.'I thought.

"hi I'm Yuma, and I wa-was wandering if you would be my boyfriend? she said while turning a bright red.

"aha, sure I would love to be the boyfriend of such cute girl. here's my number. call me and let's meet at the park on sunday" I said.

"ok!! thank you" she said before running away.

' can't wait for Sunday' I thaught amusingly.

I was sitting at my desk while everyone was around me till koneko came into the club with her same expressionless face while eating her sweets.

" president, the new guy Jake has been asked out by a fallen angel.

"hmmm, he must have sacred gear or he must be powerful enough. thank you and keep an eye on him."I said

"ok" koneko.

'if everything goes well I might get a strong piece for my self.'I thought.

I was at my home and it was Sunday. the beginning of the plot.(( I think I have been saying that a lot so))

Now how should I deal with raynare?naa I will just fuck her to submission, that would be interesting.


hmmm i think she's messaging me.i take my phone and noticed that she Will meet me at the mall un an hour. 'even though I said park *sigh* aha whatever' I thought

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