System Of The World Of Fantasy Chapter 1

2 Chapter 1 Beginning

When Jake opened his eyes he found himself in a forest he sees trees every where and the sky was clear.

{host there is still 1 month before the plot begains}

"ok system and also stop calling me host and call me by my name"said jake

{ok jake}

'now what should I do? should i just go with the plot or should I mess with it? ahh fuck it i do as i please' thought Jake as he went where issei's house, just to see issei sleeping like a pig.

'well I don't need Ddraig as I am more op any way'thaught Jake. I wil just make him not to go to kuoh academy. yes that would do it

"Now let go get myself a house to spend the month"


'the day is finally here. and the story begins' thaught Jake.

he clicked my fingers *click* out of no where a bright red Ferrari.

((I will change the POV to mc and not third person))

my lips curled upwards as I got into the car and drove to school.

many people were locking at the car and after a while got infront of the school gate . many students were looking at the car and many were girls.

I opened the door and stepped out slowly making a dramatic reveal. as many were gazing in my direction.

girlA: " OMG HE'S HOT"


girl3: look at his perfect body. it's like a God.

I strode in looking at all the glares from the boys filled with jealously while girl's were looking at him with lust and desire.

the school is like a maze but I some how mad my way toward the door of my class.

*knock knock*

"come in* said teacher.

I walked into the classroom full of pride and arrogance, while the teacher blushed at the site of me.

"Aa-- *cough* erm you must be the new student...please introduce yourself." ' oh God he's so hot, wait no I am a teacher stop thinking those stuff '. teacher.

"Hi, my name is Jake, please to meet you." I said with confidence. after I said that I immediately winked at the teacher causing her to blush.

*cough* "Eerm, does anybody have any question for him?"

girl1: "what is your surname?"

"well I don't have one since I am am orphan."



aika: " Are you virgin?"

"ahah, well you are a straight forward one, and yes I am virgin."

the teacher had gone stiff until she regained her self from the previous comment.

" ok class,that's enough. Mr Jake please take a seat next too the window." said teacher.

I walk over to my seat. and rested my head on the desk as I was somehow tired already.

it was lunch and I bought a lunch from system and went outside and ate lunch. until I looked up and saw a red-head looking down on me.

I gave a gentle wave and a smile as she turned away from the window. I could see her face go red.

'it seems it's srarting". thaught Jake as he looked into distance.((well he is only trying to look cool.))
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