Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183 Breaking Into Ones House At Night

Director Wang put on his underwear in a hurry and turned around. He saw Lin Wanwan and Fu Ya standing not too far away, watching this scene with interest. He immediately became angry.

"Lin Wanwan, how did you get in? Someone, come here! Throw them out!"

Nobody responded.

Lin Wanwan tilted her head and looked at Fu Ya. "Do you now believe that Im skillful enough to take on 100 people at once?"

"I did the math. Those bodyguards add up to only 35 people."

"Then, you can only blame Director Wang for not hiring 100 people."

"" Director Wang was shocked.

Fu Ya dragged a chair over and sat down. She watched as Lin Wanwan tied Director Wang and his wife up easily. During that time, both of them struggled hard but couldnt break free.

Director Wang knew what Lin Wanwan intended and clenched his fist. "Give up. Im not going to say anything."

"Youre not afraid of death?"

Director Wang laughed coldly. "Im not afraid to tell you as well that I have long left behind a will. It stated that if I died, the culprit must be Lin Wanwan. Youre notorious now. If you carry the suspicion of killing someone with your own hands, Ill see how you can make a comeback in the future!"

Lin Wanwan started to look at this fat pig in a different light.

Although he was impulsive and easily angered, he had mingled in the commercial world for so many years. It couldnt be that he was really helplessly stupid.

Fu Ya walked over and lifted Madam Wangs chin. She looked at her look of fear.

"Youre not afraid of death. However, your little wife seems to be."

Director Wangs face changed. "What do you want to do? This has nothing to do with her!"

"If you dont want her to die, tell us the truth."

Madam Wang cried until her face was covered in tears. She shouted heartbreakingly, "Husband, save me. I dont want to die"

Director Wangs face kept changing.

He really liked this young and pretty wife. She knew how to coax him as well. After struggling for a long time, he gritted his teeth. "Xiuxiu, they dare not kill you. If you really die in their hands, as long as Im alive, Ill take revenge for you!"

"No, I dont want to"

If she was dead, what was the use of him taking revenge?

"Shes crying so pitifully."

Fu Ya seemed to have been moved. She bent down and helped her untie the ropes. "Madam Wang, there isnt a need for a woman to put another woman in a difficult spot. Go. Forget this heartless fat pig. Go and live a good life with your man."

Director Wangs pupils shrank fiercely. "What man?"

Fu Ya slapped her forehead. "Oh, Ive forgotten to tell you. Your wife already has someone else for a long time. That man is your nephew. However, dont blame her. Shes young and pretty. Its normal for her to be unwilling to let you, an old and ugly fat pig, suppress her for a lifetime."

As she said this, she threw out a stack of photos.

Director Wang looked down and saw hi-res photos of his wife and his nephew, Wang Wei, kicking up a storm!

Fu Ya was determined to stir up trouble. "Wow, these positions are very difficult. They cant be done with your body shape, Director Wang. No wonder your wife felt empty and had to find another man."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan couldnt help but cover her face.

How embarrassing

Director Wang was so angry that his body trembled. He stared fixedly at Madam Wang. She was so frightened that she kept shaking her head. "I didnt, I didnt. They photoshopped these photos!"

"I still have something good here."

Fu Ya threw a stack of documents to the ground.

"I found these transfer of property ownership books from Madam Wangs safe. Using your relationship as husband and wife, she transferred all your real estate stocks to Wang Weis name. Shes planning to elope after emptying you out."

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