Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182 If Kangzhuang Avenue Isnt Accessible Why Dont You Try Yangchang Street?

How was it not important?

Even if Lin Wanwan cleared her name a few days from now, everything would have been settled. It was impossible for the deceived audience to revote.

She could lose to anyone, but definitely not to Lin Qingxi!

Lin Wanwan was unwilling to take this lying down, but she understood the order of priority.

Si Hans narrow eyes curved into a dangerous arc. "Every minute counts right now. We cant wait to find evidence. Why dont we capture that Director Wang and force him to confess? I dont believe he wouldnt speak the truth."

"No." Lin Wanwan shook her head. "Do you think Director Wang is a fool? He has caused the Lin Group to lose millions of capital and a few people to lose their lives this time around. Even if he cannot be sentenced to death, he cant run away from life imprisonment. Even if you threaten his life, he wouldnt admit it."

Si Han frowned and looked a little irritated.

He could only say that this timing was simply too passive.

Fu Ya had been listening to their conversation and holding her chin with both hands. Whoever was talking, she would look at him or her with her pair of charming eyes.

Seeing that they were stuck in a bottleneck, Fu Ya gave a tsk. "I admit defeat to you smart people. If Kangzhuang Avenue isnt accessible, why dont you try Yangchang Street?"

Si Han gave her a side glance. "You have an idea?"

Fu Ya threw him a wink, then got up and stretched her back.

"Wanwan, follow me."


Fu Ya hooked Lin Wanwans arm and turned back to smile charmingly at the three men sitting on the sofa.

"I can settle such small matters in minutes. Have a good rest tonight. I can be an escort as well."

Si Han looked disdainful.

Fu Ya could easily manage something that he found to be troublesome?

At night, a villa in the suburbs was brightly lit. Over 30 bodyguards were patrolling back and forth around the villa.

Director Wang and his wife were chatting in the living room. Director Wang was nearly 50 years old. His wife was a university student who just graduated. She was fair-skinned and pretty, and she had a good figure. When she lay in her husbands arms, she looked much younger than he did.

"Husband, Lin Wanwan doesnt know you swapped the purchase order. Do you have to be so careful and hide here?"

Director Wang hugged her waist and kissed her on the face. "Im just considering and taking all precautions."

Lin Wanwan was a madwoman. There wasnt anything she didnt dare to do. She must be suspecting him in his heart but just didnt have evidence.

What if she was desperate and planned to kidnap him to force him into a confession?

Thus, he planned to lie low these next couple of days. He even doubled the number of bodyguards.

The public discussions were like a tornado getting bigger and bigger. Under pressure from the masses, the judiciary would arrest Lin Wanwan soon.

"Oh, right, Husband. Ask Wang Wei to be careful. Dont get caught."

"Dont worry. Im the only one in this world who knows where he is hiding."

"Husband, I saw a limited edition bag a few days ago while shopping. I love it"

"Ill get someone to buy it for you tomorrow."

"Husbands so good to me. I love you."

"Little vixen, I love you too."

Director Wang kissed her soft and red lips. Following the sounds of undressing, both of them rolled around on the sofa.

At this moment, a womans voice that carried ridicule could be heard. "What is this, a fat pig suppressing a rabbit? This image is disgusting."


Director Wang was frightened. Madam Wang let out a scream and hurriedly pulled her clothes over her body.

"Who are you?"

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