Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181 It Was Clear At A Glance Who The Culprit Was

Lin Wanwan threw Fan Xiaochen a look.

Fan Xiaochen nodded and immediately went out.

"Let him go. If we can find out who the real culprit is, Ill show you some mercy."

As she spoke, Lin Wanwan used the corner of her eye to observe everyones reaction. She found that there was a moment of panic on Director Wangs face.

It was clear at a glance who the culprit was.

What was lacking now was just evidence.

Lin Wanwan got the bodyguards to bring Huang Hao out. She looked at everyone with a strange expression and said, "Ill find out the truth and clear my name. I apologize for what happened today."

She stood up and planned to leave.

Director Wang laughed coldly. "Lin Wanwan, you think you can clear your name after singing the same tune as that Huang Hao? That signature is your handwriting. You cant run away!"

Lin Wanwan looked at him and gave him a meaningful glance. "Director Wang, all the best on your own."

Director Wang shivered inexplicably.

After Lin Wanwan left, everyone in the meeting room started to discuss fervently. "Lin Wanwans observation skills are really good. The method of punishing Huang Hao is brilliant as well. A little girl in her twenties is smarter than an old fox in the commercial world."

"I dont know if she can make a comeback this time around."

"Anyway, this has nothing to do with us. Lets just wait and see."

As Lin Wanxin listened to these discussions, she glanced at Director Wang, who left hurriedly, as if in a rush to deal with the aftermath. She smiled.

Lin Wanwan was more capable than she thought.

However, so what? Time was running out.

Lin Wanwan met Fan Xiaochen at the Yun Mansion. She asked, "Did you get the surveillance footage?"

Fan Xiaochen nodded and was about to say something when Lu Zhanbei walked in and held Lin Wanwans hand. When he felt that her fingers were cold, he could not help but feel heartache.

"Ive already gotten Mo Jiushang to find someone. With his intelligence network, it wouldnt take too long. Dont worry."

"Im not worried, Im just"


I didnt kill them, but they died because of me.

If she hadnt competed with Lin Wanxin, Director Wang wouldnt have caused a few people their deaths in order to deal with her.

Lu Zhanbei pinched her palm. "This isnt your fault."

Lin Wanwan sighed. "Lets head in first."

Not too long later, Mo Jiushangs call came.

After Lu Zhanbei finished listening to him, he said to Lin Wanwan, "We have already found out that mans background. Hes Director Wangs nephew. After finding Huang Hao, he disappeared. As the interval was a little long, it will take some time to find him."

At this moment, Si Hans voice traveled over before he arrived. "How long?"

"As long as hes not overseas, three days at the very most."

Si Han walked in. A bored Fu Ya whod insisted on following along was behind him.

Si Han sat down slowly. "Thats too long. Lin Wanwans currently competing for the Silver Deer. A minute may become the key to victory, let alone three days. The number of votes for Lin Qingxi currently has exceeded Lin Wanwans, and the gap will only become bigger and bigger."

The news of Lin Wanwan causing a few people to lose their lives had already become widespread.

Once human lives were involved, even if Ball fans still believed in Lin Wanwan, they wouldnt dare to appear at this point in time. Otherwise, they would be carrying the reputation of helping the wicked perpetuate wicked deeds.

Everyone on the Internet was now berating Lin Wanwan.

Due to the power of public opinion, even the judiciary had to step forward and explain that they were already investigating the matter.

If Lin Wanwan really broke the law, she would definitely be punished by the law.

Lin Wanwan shook her head. "This isnt important."

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