Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1157

Chapter 1157 Boyfriend Its Time To Showcase Your Boyfriend O Meter

After unpacking their luggage, it was time for the first task.

They were to buy ingredients and prepare a meal.

The four teams set off at the same time in the cars that the male guests drove over.

An Shuyue saw that Lin Wanwan was bending down to get in the QQ car. Seeing that filming hadnt started, she covered her mouth and laughed. "Lin Wanwan, this car suits you quite well."

Lin Wanwan fastened her seatbelt. "A good car matches a beauty. The car youre in could be considered a good car. However, you dont suit it quite well."

What she meant was that she wasnt worthy to be called a beauty.


Lin Wanwan couldnt be bothered to argue with An Shuyue. She signaled Lu Zhanbei with her eyes to drive off quickly.

The QQ car drove out unstably.

The interior of the car was small. Lu Zhanbei bent his long legs. Lin Wanwan glanced at the cameraman sitting at the back and held her forehead.

There was a small market near the villa.

The four pairs leading a group of staff personnel caused a commotion.

Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei went to a stall selling seafood. Seeing the lobsters that were crawling around, she smiled to the stall owner. "Give me thirty big lobsters."


The stall owner was an old woman. She picked up thirty live lobsters and packed them.

Lin Wanwan searched her pockets but didnt find her wallet. Instead, she found a five yuan note. It was the change she received when she bought a drink last night.

She could only look at Lu Zhanbei. "Boyfriend, its time to showcase your boyfriend-o-meter."

Lu Zhanbei dug out his wallet from his trousers and took out a card.

"Ill pay by card."

"Sir, I dont have a machine to swipe any cards here." The old woman looked perplexed.

The places Lu Zhanbei went were either his own territories where he didnt need to pay for anything or those that could accept cards. He didnt have a lot of cash on him.

He and Lin Wanwan looked at each other.

At this moment, An Shuyue, who was nearby shopping for seafood, walked over. She held on to the arm of the rich and handsome man named Duan Haige. Their intimate look made them appear like a genuine couple.

"Lin Wanwan, your boyfriend cant even fork out two hundred yuan? He couldnt really be a hobo from somewhere, right? Youre quite pitiful as well. You cant present your real boyfriend to us, and even your fake boyfriend is so embarrassing. It really makes me want to laugh."

Lin Wanwans anger burned in her heart.

It was alright for An Shuyue to talk bad about her, but not about Lu Zhanbei!

Lin Wanwan was about to tear her apart when Lu Zhanbei suddenly took away the five yuan note from her hands.

"Give me five minutes."

Lin Wanwan watched as Lu Zhanbei walked to a stall where archery games could be played. The ceiling of the stall was full of various items. The front row held some dolls. The further the rows, the more expensive the items were. The last row of balloons had five one hundred yuan notes each tied to it.

The sign clearly stated that one could shoot three arrows with five yuan.

Lin Wanwan understood what he meant. She stood by the side to watch the show.

The man named Duan Haige walked over and looked scornful.

"The balloons are blocked so tightly. How can you hit them? Theres no need to puff oneself up at ones own cost. After the show ends, if Ms. Lin is willing to have a meal with me, I can fork out a few hundreds of thousands, let alone a few hundred."

An Shuyue stomped her feet. "Haige, dont forget. Youre my boyfriend right now!"

As she said this, she even gave Lin Wanwan a look of warning.

Lin Wanwan couldnt be bothered with them.

At this time, Lu Zhanbei had already shot out the first arrow.

His posture of pulling the bow and shooting the arrow had a flowing beauty. An Shuyue despised him for being poor, but she couldnt shift her gaze away from him.

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