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  • Survival To Godhood

  • Genres : Fantasy
  • Status : Ongoing
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Survival To Godhood summary:

When one God tries to fight back, his goal actually dooms his planet to war and destruction. Now the inhabitants can only survive and learn to use mana. If one cultivates and survives long enough they might be able to take back the planet. If they survive longer maybe the solar system. If they can become a god maybe the whole universe.----------------------------For the weeks of Nov...

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Survival To Godhood Chapters

Time uploaded
162 Outline4 weeks ago
159 Sprite4 weeks ago
153 Caged Lion4 weeks ago
152 Collaspe4 weeks ago
151 Miners4 weeks ago
150 Scavengers4 weeks ago
140 City Of Ra4 weeks ago
139 Zeus Legacy4 weeks ago
133 Lions Grace4 weeks ago
131 Gizas Secre4 weeks ago
129 Zeus Stones4 weeks ago
127 Inheritors4 weeks ago
125 The Siege4 weeks ago
110 Disguised4 weeks ago
107 Animosity4 weeks ago
100 Daily Life4 weeks ago
98 Breakthrough4 weeks ago
89 Storm Sec4 weeks ago
87 Encounters4 weeks ago
86 El Grande4 weeks ago
85 Mistakes4 weeks ago
84 Shark Attack4 weeks ago
83 A Smack4 weeks ago
81 Intis Sins4 weeks ago
79 Collapse4 weeks ago
78 Urcaguary4 weeks ago
77 Deception4 weeks ago
75 Supay4 weeks ago
74 Ukhu Pacha4 weeks ago
70 Deicide 34 weeks ago
69 Deicide 24 weeks ago
68 Deicide 14 weeks ago
67 A Robot?4 weeks ago
63 The Truth4 weeks ago
62 Xolotl4 weeks ago
61 Dragon Juice4 weeks ago
60 Mexico City4 weeks ago
59 Leaving4 weeks ago
58 Powerless4 weeks ago
56 Samantha4 weeks ago
50 Lankani City4 weeks ago
46 Stubbornness4 weeks ago
45 Mind Fire4 weeks ago
43 Seven Days4 weeks ago
38 Next Mission4 weeks ago
31 Leo Vs. Hiro4 weeks ago
25 I Surrender4 weeks ago
24 Second Figh4 weeks ago
23 First Figh4 weeks ago
22 Suiting Up4 weeks ago
21 Shadows Pas4 weeks ago
18 Web Of Prey4 weeks ago
16 Two Bandits4 weeks ago
15 Tornado4 weeks ago
14 Unit 7374 weeks ago
12 A Storm4 weeks ago
9 Night Of Hell4 weeks ago
8 Independence4 weeks ago
7 Escape Plan4 weeks ago
6 Cell Mates4 weeks ago
5 Captured4 weeks ago
4 Solar Flare4 weeks ago
3 The Sky Fell4 weeks ago
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