Super Detective In The Fictional World Chapter 505

Chapter 505: Old Acquaintance Still Needs a Commission Fee

If he had more money coming in later, Luke would have to learn from Pedro and put the money in a big bag before stashing it in a private safe.

Being rich was really worrisome!

Sighing, Luke flagged down a taxi. "Take me to where the best cars come together."

The taxi driver laughed. "Wow, American? No problem, I'll take you to a nice place. It has the best cars."

Twenty minutes later, the taxi driver hit the brakes. "What about it? This is where the best cars in Rio are gathered. Hm, there are also a lot of beautiful girls."

Luke smiled and tossed a few bills to him. "The extra money is a tip."

The driver examined the cash in delight. Confirming that it wasn't fake, he stuck his head out and shouted after Luke, "Buddy, if you're as generous with the girls as you are with me, they'll be very happy to spend a nice night with you."

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