Sugar And Spice: The Ceo’s Feisty Wife Book 1 Chapter 444

Volume 1 Chapter 444 Two Years Later

Xie Yuansheng stood outside the operation theater along with Keira and Xie Shenjun. The doctor had said that the operation would get over within twenty minutes, but almost forty-five minutes had passed and it was going on. He curled his hands in tight fists as he leaned against the wall. Nervousness was gripping his heart. His brother and his wife were standing close to him. The guards were all there near them at a distance and even they seemed anxious. Silence had uneasily crept in.

Just as they were all thinking about it, the door of the operation theater opened. The nurse came out and called the emergency boy standing out. "Get two bottles of B positive blood now!"

Xie Yuansheng's eyes became wide with fear. Hair on the back of his neck stood up and he could feel a spider-crawl shiver down his spine. "Sister, how is Xinying?" he managed to ask hoarsely.

The nurse looked at him and pursed her lips. "The doctors can tell you that. I am doing what I have been asked to."

"Then send the doctor," said Xie Yuansheng.

"She is still operating. Please be patient. She will come out soon." Saying that the nurse went back in and closed the door.

Xie Yuansheng anxiety increased. Feng Xinying needed two bottles of blood. So that meant that she had bled a lot during the operation. What about the baby? There were so many questions in his mind that he felt dizzy. Why was it that his happy world was being tormented again and again?

Xie Shengjun could see the blood drain out of his face. He came and patted his brother's back, "It will be fine"

Keira began pacing the corridor. The unease was too much for her to bear.

The door of the operation theater opened again after about another half an hour and the doctor appeared. In her hands was a little, the cutest, prettiest and loveliest bundle of joy in blue panda swaddle wrap. Xie Yuansheng ran to see the baby in her arms. She had cradled the baby so cutely that the baby was making all sorts of noises and throwing those cute little hands everywhere.


Xie Yuansheng eyes were wide with love and surprise. He was so emotional that a tear escaped his eye. "My child."

"You son," said the doctor.

Xie Shengjun and Keira also rushed to see the baby. Keira clasped her hand and then closed her mouth with her hands as she gave a small shriek. "Omo! Xie Yuansheng you are a father!" Congratulations!"

Xie Yuansheng started laughing out of excitement and others joined him. The guards were jumping around to catch a glimpse of their Young Master. It was a moment of love, awe and respect for them. As for the father of the baby, he was going crazy. It didn't matter to him at that point of time that he wanted a baby girl. All that he wanted was that the baby and his mother should be healthy and when he saw his cute bundle of joy, he was ecstatic.

"Thank you Feng Xinying," he said as he picked up the baby from the doctor's lap. He looked so much like his wife. He kissed him on his forehead as the baby shifted in his position.

"Xie Xinyu," he announced the name of his baby to the world.

Everyone in the room called out, "Long Live Xie Xinyu!" as if addressing their little prince.


Two years later

Feng Xinying was sitting in her room looking at all the clothes that Xie Yuansheng had bought for Xie Xinyu when he was about to be born. They were all pink! Haru Na was folding them and keeping them on the side. "Madam, you must donate them to an orphanage," she said.

"Hmm" Feng Xinying sighed.

Suddenly the door opened and the little Xie Xinyu came in somehow running on his two little feet with his father following him. "Little bun!" he called after him. He was wearing a pink frock!

Little bun was giggling away to glory. He had taken his father's phone and was running away. "Come here little bun!" said Xie Yuansheng as he laughed. But little bun hid behind his mother.

"Why did you make him wear a frock?" asked Feng Xinying as she stared at her son, aghast at how her husband had been treating him like a little girl.

"He is looking so cute!" came the reply as the doting father tried to catch his baby.

Little bun shrieked and ran again outside the door but Xie Yuansheng had caught up with him and lifted him. He hurled him up in the air and caught him as the child shouted in joy. "Dada!"

Xie Yuansheng hugged his son tightly and kissed him.

Haru Na was standing right over there to take him. She changed his clothes to that of a baby boy as the Xie Yuansheng stood there holding his wife's shoulders with love and affection. He kissed her and said, "This is the best gift you had given me ever. I think I don't want anything else with my life. I just want to take care of the two of you for the remaining days of my life."

Feng Xinying leaned on his shoulders. Haru Na had changed his clothes and gave him to his mother. The three of them came down to see Xie Yuansheng off to the office.

As soon as Xie Yuansheng sat in his car, little bun called out, "Dada! Chochlath!"

Xie Yuansheng laughed loudly and said, "Yes, I will get a chocolate for you but you have to be nice with your mother and take care of her."

Little bun nodded with all seriousness. Xie Yuansheng left for the office with a smile.

When Feng Xinying went to her bedroom with the little bun, she saw a postcard on the bed. It was from Shu Ning.

"Sister Feng Xinying, thanks for your help. We are all in Australia and doing fine. I have taken up a job as a teacher to teach foreign languages and my siblings are doing well too. Hope to see you whenever you come here."

Feng Xinying smiled. She had successfully convinced Shu Ning after she was caught by the brothers to give up and look at the life beyond the filth that she was heading towards. They were all relocated to Australia.

Xie Shengjun and Keira on the other hand were expecting their second baby.

The operation that Feng Xinying had to undergo was pretty long. Her uterus' wall had ruptured. Although the doctor had given them a green flag to have another baby, Xie Yuansheng had decided not to have another one. He was happy and content with his small family. He looked forward to spend every waking hour with them. Life was simply too good to be disturbed.

-------------THE END---------------

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for supporting this book. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the core of my heart as you followed the love story of Xie Yuansheng and Feng Xinying.

Life is definitely too small to be complicated so enjoy every moment you can. Cheers!

With lots and lots of love,

MishaK <3

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