Sugar And Spice: The Ceo’s Feisty Wife Book 1 Chapter 443

Volume 1 Chapter 443 Wait For Me And My Baby

"Both these brothers are a piece of art!" said Keira through her laughter. She looked at Haru Na and said, "If you like you may leave and I will stay beside Feng Xinying."

"Thank you Miss Keira, but I can stay up with Miss Feng Xinying. I would suggest that you take a short nap because we still have a few hours in front of us before the baby pops out," replied Haru Na with a sweet smile.

"Few hours?" said Feng Xinying and Xie Yuansheng loudly as they looked at Haru Na. So much of pain for a few more hours? This was not justified!

Haru Na pursed her lips for speaking something she shouldn't have. She added quickly, "It is not so much pain, so you should be fine."

Feng Xinying who was sweating and panting with the recent contraction that had gone through her tummy looked even more angry. "Haru Na, are you mad?"

Poor nanny was shivering with fear now. Keira came to her side and chuckled softly. "You go outside and get some rest in the adjacent room that we have already booked. I will call you when her labor gets intense."

She bowed to her made a hasty exit.

Keira looked at Xie Yuansheng and told him that if he wanted to rest, he could.

"No way! I am going to stay right beside my beautiful cow!" he said without even realizing what he just spoke.

A slap across his arm was enough to make him bite his tongue. "I mean my beautiful wife."

This cracked up Keira and once again she burst out laughing.

Another hour passed and Feng Xinying got her contraction. After some time her contractions intensity increased. She held onto Xie Yuansheng's hand for her dear life. The pain was unbearable and she was cursing him all the time. The kind of curses she was giving made Xie Yuansheng gape at her but he dared not speak a word. She was threatening that she put shrivel his balls once she delivered his child. Half of what she was saying was as if she was under a trance.

Xie Yuansheng held her hand, and in the process he was getting bone crushed. Keira patted her back to help her ease out but things were working out. When the contractions were at fifteen minutes, it was 6AM in the morning. This baby was surely taking a lot of time to come out.

Xie Yuansheng called the doctor who said that she was coming immediately as soon as she heard that her contractions were coming at such frequency. She chided him for calling her so late and he became anxious. The doctor called the nurse to take Feng Xinying to the labor room.

"I am going to stay with you baby, no matter what!" he assured Feng Xinying.

"You better, you asshole!" she shouted at him. "It is you who wanted a baby!" Her voice reverberated across the hallway. The nurses were giggling when they heard that the CEO of Feng Conglomerate, the great Xie Yuansheng was being called an 'asshole' by his wife. Xie Yuansheng narrowed his eyes as all of them and then there was utter silence.

While she was being wheeled to the labor room, she had held her husband's hand. She looked so pretty with all her hair stuck on her face because of sweat that Xie Yuansheng bent down and kissed her. She said, "Don't leave me."

"Never, darling," he reassured her again.

In the labor room she was made to lie down on the bed and he stood beside her. The doctor came ten minutes later. She smiled at the chaos in front of her. It was just like any other normal day. She took the report from the nurse and hoped for the baby to be born soon. She looked at Feng Xinying and said, "The moment you feel that the baby is pushing out, you should also exert force to push it, okay?"

Feng Xinying nodded.

An hour passed but there was no sensation in which she would feel the push. The doctor was now worried. She called other doctors and consulted them. Then she called Xie Yuansheng outside the room and said, "I think we have to operate on her."

It was 7AM.

Xie Yuansheng became nervous. "What?" he said anxiously.

"You wife is not experiencing the push and if we delay it any further, it would be detrimental for your baby," said the doctor. "In fact, it may cause a problem for both the mother and baby. So we need to operate her now."

His mind became dizzy and he could feel that he was about to faint when Xie Shengjun came from behind and held his brother's shoulder. "You do what is best doctor," said Xie Shengjun. He knew that Xie Yuansheng would never be able to take a decision in this state.

Xie Yuansheng held his brother's hand feeling like he would experience the trauma. "Cause a problem for mother and baby" is all he could whisper. Those were the two most precious things he possessed in his life.

"Nothing will happen Sheng'er," said Xie Shengjun as he patted his brother's back in assurance.

The doctors didn't much. The consent form was signed and Feng Xinying was taken to the Operation Theater.

"W- what are they doing?" she asked Keira. "Where is Xie Yuansheng?" her pains were unbearable.

"They have to operate you, Xinying," replied Keira.

"W- why?" asked Feng Xinying as her eyes darted to find her husband.

"Because your condition is not normal," Keira informed. "But don't worry, you will be fine, okay?"

Feng Xinying couldn't understand anything. She shouted, "Xie Yuansheng! Xie Yuansheng!"

He came running behind her and held her hand tightly as she was being wheeled on the stature. He had put up a brave face on the outside, but his quivering lips gave way to his faade. Keeping a hand on her cheek, he said, "You will be fine dear. It is only a fifteen minutes operation."

She looked at him through her pain and felt his pain. "Wait for me and my baby," she said and the doors of the operation theater opened. They saw the stature roll inside as they stood on the outside.

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