Sugar And Spice: The Ceo’s Feisty Wife Book 1 Chapter 441

Volume 1 Chapter 441 The Nurse

Xie Yuansheng was scanning through his doc.u.ments. He had to message his office regarding some project when he realized that he had left his phone in the TV room. He rushed back to the room and found Feng Xinying in that situation. She was standing with his phone in her hand and looking down on the floor at the water she was now standing on.

"Xinying!" he said stunned at the situation.

She turned her gaze to him and said, "My water broke."

Immediately, Xie Yuansheng came to hold her hand and asked her to walk slowly. "Can you go like this to the car?" he asked.

She nodded and then started walking slowly. Xie Yuansheng kept holding her hand with his left hand as they walked out of the house as he started making calls to the hospital, the doctor, Xie Shengjun and Haru Na. Every servant in the household was alerted. The driver was called in the front porch.

By the time all the calls were made, Xie Yuansheng had reached the car. He sat down with Feng Xinying in the rear seat and asked the driver to drive slowly without giving jerks. Although Feng Xinying did not get any pain during the ride, she was shocked. It happened so suddenly that she didn't have the time to think about the message that came on Xie Yuansheng's phone.

When she reached the hospital, the doctor was already there. She asked her to change and examined her. Once she was examined, the doctor said, "You can stay in the VIP room for now but as soon as your pains increase, we will shift you to the labor room."

"I think you should take her to the labor room," argued Xie Yuansheng. He was appearing pale as a ghost.

"Mr. Xie Yuansheng, there is no problem in taking her there but let her be comfortable here. Over there, the bed is half raised but here the bed is nice and warm," replied the doctor as he compared the two places.

Xie Yuansheng's mind wasn't working so he just said, "Okay"

Feng Xinying looked at the two of them while they were talking. Her mind went back to the message and she waited for the doctor to leave to ask Xie Yuansheng about it. However, as soon as the doctor left, Xie Shengjun entered. He was so worried that he first went to Xie Yuansheng and hugged him. "Don't worry, the delivery is going to be fine. You will be able to sustain the pain!"

Feng Xinying laughed at the two brothers. "Hello, it's me, the mommy who will be undergoing the pain."

Xie Shengjun pursed his lips and said, "You ladies won't understand what we fathers go through during all this time."

"True!" agreed Xie Yuansheng. He was very excited and worried at the same time.

Haru Na entered the room and Feng Xinying was relieved to see her. "You will stay here with me, okay?"

"Yes, Miss Xinying, I will stay with you and not go anywhere," replied Haru Na. She opened the suitcase that was already present there and started taking out the necessary things.

Even Xie Yuansheng felt assured in her presence. He looked at his brother and said, "Let us get a coffee?"


When the two brothers went out, Haru Na started giving Feng Xinying a lot of wisdom about labor. The two of them talked so intently that they didn't notice that a nurse had come inside to check Feng Xinying vital stats. She had come with a machine to check the fetal heartbeat.


Shu Ning went to her work the next day. In the evening when she was about to go back home, she heard Keira saying that Feng Xinying was admitted to the hospital and she might deliver anytime.

Although she had decided to go to check upon BF, she first thought of going to see Feng Xinying. After all, even she was on her target list because she was the one who had tricked her parents and taken their shipping company. She took her leave and went to the bus station. She called her sister to inform that she would come late. She reached the hospital an hour later. It wasn't difficult to know where she was located but it was difficult to reach that part of the hospital. So she went inside an abandoned nurse room and changed into the dress. She adjusted her makeup and started to go towards the VIP rooms. Her gun was neatly packed in a holster on her thigh. If she got the opportunity she would take her revenge today.

As she walked towards the room, she saw a machine on a table over there. She smiled at the head nurse who was busy preparing a chart and who gave her a fleeting look. Without waiting for her to respond she went inside Feng Xinying's room.

To her surprise she saw another woman there who was sitting and talking to her. Who was she? The way she talked, Shu Ning gathered that this was the nanny that they had hired. She cursed her luck and then just took her temperature with a thermometer. Without recording it on the patient's chart, she started to leave. As she was about to open the door, the doorknob turned and the brothers entered with coffee in their hands.

Shu Ning became scared and lowered her head as she timidly bowed her head to them. Hurriedly she left.

Feng Xinying was confused and watched the nurse leave.

Xie Yuansheng gazed at his wife and asked, "Yini, everything okay?"

"I feel- I feel- something is off about-" Before she could complete her sentence, she got a contraction followed by pain. "AHHH!"

Xie Yuansheng rushed to her side and held her hand. "Xinying!" he shouted. Feng Xinying kept her hand on her stomach totally forgetting about what she was thinking.

Haru Na watched the two of them and stood up with a smile. She said very patiently, "Don't worry Master Xie Yuansheng. She will be fine. The baby should come out soon."

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