Sugar And Spice: The Ceo’s Feisty Wife Book 1 Chapter 440

Volume 1 Chapter 440 Her Water Broke

Feng Xinying was taking a look at the nursery and her gaze fell on Haru Na who was sifting through all the babies clothes. "What are you finding Haru?" asked Feng Xinying as she walked towards her with a smile on her face.

"Miss Xinying, I am looking for soft clothes for the baby and I can't find anything which is soft enough for baby's skin," replied Haru Na looking very busy.

"Okay, let me help you," said Feng Xinying and went to search for soft material clothes.

There was a small heap lying on the bed, which Haru was sifting through but they couldn't find anything. Feng Xinying pursed her lips and thought that she had to go to the market to buy some now when Haru Na went to the wardrobe in the room and opened it to retrieve more clothes. To Feng Xinying's surprise the wardrobe was literally overflowing with babies clothes. Her eyes became wide when she saw so many pink colored dresses that were hanging on the hangers. When Haru Na clicked on the remote she had in her hand, the rod on which the hangers were, started moving. Feng Xinying saw the clothes going inside and new clothes coming out. Did Xie Yuansheng buy that many clothes? There were very few other colors in the wardrobe. She went near the wardrobe and covered her mouth.

Haru Na looked at her employer and asked, "Is something wrong Miss?"

Feng Xinying gulped. Her husband had never indulged her in that kind of shopping. She wanted to laugh but she maintained a calm face and said, "No, no. Please carry on."

Haru Na took out more clothes and started sifting through them again. Finally she could find a dozen soft ones. The problem was that all of them were various shades of pink. After that she went to retrieve the suitcase that she was preparing for the hospital and packed them in it.

Feng Xinying said, "Haru I am going to rest. If you need any help just let me know."

"Sure Miss."

Feng Xinying went to her room. Only a few days were left and she was eagerly waiting for it. Keira had called her and said that her nanny was ill and that if she could send Haru Na to her place, which she had agreed but didn't want to leave Feng Xinying because she knew that her labor pains may start anytime.

After finishing all the work, the driver left Haru Na to Keira's place. She was there till evening until Xie Shengjun came back. When he saw a different nanny, he enquired about her.

"She is Feng Xinying's nanny," replied Keira as she handed Rongrong to him.

Haru Na bowed to Xie Shengjun and left. It was her time to leave for the day. When she left, Xie Shengjun said, "Don't call Xingying's nanny now. She may get her labor pain any day and I don't want her to be alone at that time. Couldn't you think that much also?"

Keira pursed her lips and started looking down. He was right. Ever since her incident with Kate, he had been slightly edgy with her. Xie Shengjun took Rongrong in his arms and gave a huge smile as he walked away from there saying "How's my baby today?" Rong'er responded with a giggle as she threw are arms to catch his face.

That evening Feng Xinying spent eating some ch.i.p.s while waiting for Xie Yuansheng. He came home very late, which annoyed her slightly. "Can't you be home early these days?" she complained as she changed the TV channel.

"Mhmm My lovely little round cow, who has such long fluttering eyelashes and two little horns, I have taken leave from the office now and will be with you until we have delivered the baby," he replied standing across her in a safe distance.

Feng Xinyng narrowed her eyes and threw the remote at him, which he dodged immediately anticipating her moves. He laughed at her. "What happened baby? Why are you angry?" he asked innocently.

"You again called me a cow!"

"But I also insisted that you are a beautiful little cow," he couldn't stop laughing at his joke.

"Xie. Yuansheng."

He came near her and started stroking her hair. "There there, my love. You just don't know how to take a compliment." Sitting near her he asked about the day. Feng Xinying blew a strand from her face and pouted but soon she was chuckling at his jokes. While they were talking he got a ping on his phone. He saw the message. It was photo clicked earlier in the day. After looking at it, he kept the phone down and continued to talk to his wife.


First three days were hell for Shu Ning. Her siblings couldn't understand what was going wrong with her digestion and they wanted to show her to the doctor but she refused. She had to bear the problem and recuperate soon. It was on the fifth day that she felt better. Instead of going to the job, she decided to give a visit to BF under disguise and see what he was up to. She applied her makeup and stepped out of home. Unbeknownst to her someone was following her.

She reached BF's house. It was early in the evening and as usual he was standing outside on the road talking to his friends. He looked pretty fine to her. He had joined the school back and had given up on pursuing music.

Someone asked him, "What would you do if Shu Ning appears out of nowhere?"

BF rolled his eyes and said, "Don't remind me of that bitch! She is bad luck."

Other laughed at his statement. Standing a little further away, Shu Ning couldn't take it more and left. She went to her old acquaintances that were known to her mother.


It was the evening of the next day when Feng Xinying was feeling fl.u.s.tered. Haru Na had just left and Xie Yuansheng had gone to the study to take a look at his office emails. Feng Xinying was watching a historical movie on TV when there was a ping on her phone. She picked it and realized it was Xie Yuansheng's phone. She opened the message from an unknown number.

"She has acquired a gun."

Feng Xinying's water broke.

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