Sugar And Spice: The Ceo’s Feisty Wife Book 1 Chapter 439

Volume 1 Chapter 439 Where Is Rongrong?

Xie Shengjun was in his office when Keira called him. She said, "Shengjun, mother and father have been under the weather. Kate has been calling them constantly and harassing them. She is threatening that she would end her life if they didn't call her back to the country. Can you come with me to my parents' place in order to pacify her?"

Xie Shengjun was angry. He twisted his mouth to the side, which created a crease in his cheek and his lips puckered. "She will not enter the C Nation Keira! If she does, you know what I will do," he said and disconnected the call.

Keira had gone on her own to her parents' place. She was scared of XIe Shengjun's anger.

He had been so angry in the office that he couldn't work anymore. Because of Kate so many problems occurred. Poor Feng Xinying had to deal with so much emotional pain during her pregnancy. He just won't allow that girl to enter the country. He sat in his office for a long time brooding over that thought however soon his anger settled. He wanted to go be with her now. He called at the house and the servant answered that Keira had gone to her parents' place.

"Where is Rongrong?" he asked.

"She is sleeping quietly in her room and the nanny is with her."

Xie Shengjun kept the phone down and walked out of the office in a hurry. How could Keira be so careless that she left their two months old child in the hands of a nanny? Even though he trusted the nanny, he didn't quite like the idea.


Xie Rong had been crying for almost ten minutes now and Shu Ning hadn't picked her. She was waiting to hear the footsteps towards the room. She was waiting for anyone to come and then only she would pick the child. Her plan was simple. As soon as she would hear someone coming up to the room, she would pick the child and make her drink laxative. That way people would see that she had picked the healthy child who was just crying and all she was doing was trying to soothe her. They would blame Keira for neglecting the child.

"Cry Xie Rong, cry. You have to pay for your parents' sins. That bastard Xie Shengjun had killed my parents and now I will kill you to take my revenge. You see I pondered for a long time yesterday night as to whether I should kill you or not, but then my mind said just one thing you should be done away with. Once you will be wiped out, they would feel the pain in their heart," said Shu Ning in a low voice.

"We are four who are now without parents, yet here you are, with both your parents to dote upon. Once you are gone, everything will be alright. I will search for another job and take all my siblings to another place. But wait! I will also take revenge upon BF. He also has to pay for what he did to me. He left me while I ran away with him." Shu Ning was almost choking when she said that.

Suddenly she heard footsteps. Someone was climbing up the stairs. Hurriedly she removed the mosquito net that was covering Xie Rong and picked her up. Holding her with one hand, she dug the pockets of her skirt and took a small glass bottle that contained the laxative. With one hand she opened the cap of the bottle with some difficulty. She half way while taking the bottle to Xie Rong's mouth when the door opened all of a sudden.

She was expecting Keira, but to her horror it was Xie Shengjun. He was holding the doorknob and standing at the entrance. "What are you doing?" he asked with shock in his eyes. He saw her holding a glass bottle that contained some kind of liquid.

Caught in the act, Shu Ning didn't know what to answer. She stuttered out of fear, "I- I w- was having my m- medicine"

Xie Shengjun knitted his eyebrows and gave her angry and suspicious looks. He walked inside the room leaving the door open. "What medicine is this?" he asked.

Shu Ning was so scared when she saw him walking towards her that she immediately drank the contents of the bottle. "This is for my stomach," she replied quickly after having the laxative and keeping the bottle in her skirt. Then she started swinging Xie Rong gently in her arms in order to calm her down.

Xie Shengjun walked to her and took Xie Rong in his arms. He walked out with her while singing a lullaby.

Shu Ning was so shocked that she sat right over there on the ground. What she had thought in the morning and what happened? While she was thinking all that her stomach growled. Damn! The laxative was too potent. She ran to the bathroom. When she came out she was looking too weak. She held her stomach and somehow walked outside the room. She saw Keira coming upstairs with the baby. Without saying a word, Keira walked past her with Xie Rong and straightaway went to her bedroom to feed her. Minutes later Xie Rong had stopped crying as Keira started feeding her.

In the meanwhile Shu Ning must have gone down only a few more stairs that her stomach made noise again. She ran to the bathroom again. Xie Shengjun was coming upstairs but she ran past him inviting a frown on his face. "What happened to you?" he asked looking at her pale face.

"N- nothing much, Sir," she replied while running down the stairs. "I am feeling slightly unwell."

"Hmm" he said and went upstairs to his wife and baby.

Shu Ning came out again and this time she felt she could faint any minute. If that happened, she would be taken to the hospital and her plan would be exposed. She collected her bag and rushed out of the house. She had to take four days holiday stating that her sister was gravely ill and needed rest.

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