Sugar And Spice: The Ceo’s Feisty Wife Book 1 Chapter 438

Volume 1 Chapter 438 Keep Crying Ronger

Baby Xie Rong was now responding to her father and mother. She would focus on them hard when they would talk to her. When she was not talked to, she would shout for attention. Xie Shengjun found himself to be regulated. As an underworld mafia boss, he never had a set routine but ever since his baby was born, his routine was set. Since Rongrong had started sleeping for long hours in the night both the parents would sleep in the night properly. They would wake up during the day time when Rongrong was very active.

It was the last week of Feng Xinying's pregnancy. The nanny they had hired used to come regularly. She had prepared a small suitcase for Feng Xinying, which contained her special clothes and that of the newborn also. Feng Xinying was very impressed by the nanny. She would give her tips about how to take care of the baby.

The nursery had also been prepared for the baby but Feng Xinying used to make faces when she would go inside the nursery. Everything was okay with the dcor but it was all in pink color. Xie Yuansheng was the one who had at the last minute made all the changes in the nursery. From a neutral color, it became pink. Sometimes she used to think how could Xie Yuansheng like so much pink. Even if the baby would be a girl, she would cry out loud to get out of so much pink-ness!

That day after seeing BF, Shu Ning went home. She reached later than usual and her siblings were worried about her. The way she was working and taking care of them made them worry about her a lot. They had only their eldest sister to bank upon. No relative came when they came to know that their parents had gone missing. In fact some relatives sneered at them saying that Jiao Long and Shu Jing Min deserved this ending.

"Where did you go sister?" asked Shu Quo. "You are so late. We were worried."

She smiled and replied, "I had some urgent work at the job."

The two younger sisters brought food for her and they all ate together. After dinner when Shu Ning was in her bedroom, she thought if taking revenge was even worth it. If she would take revenge upon Xie Shengjun, wouldn't he retaliate? What was at stake? Won't he come back at his brother and sisters? On the other hand if she would take her revenge against BF, his family might not retaliate. So many questions flooded her mind that eventually sleep overtook her consciousness.

Next day when she reached her place of work, Keira said that she had to go to her parents place on an urgent basis and so she would return in an hour. Since Xie Rong was sleeping, she said that she would leave her at home and go alone. She said that she would come back as soon as possible. She also informed Shu Ning that she can take twenty thousand Yuan while going back home.

Shu Ning said, "Sure Miss Keira. I will take care of baby Rongrong when you are not here. Don't worry and be safe."

Keira smiled and thought how lucky she was to have a nanny like her. She left hurriedly.

This was the perfect opportunity for Shu Ning to strike. There were many ways to harm the child. She went to the room to see her and found her sleeping in her crib without a care in the world. She went near her and smiled. She spoke very softly so that no one listens, "Xie Rong, you are so small, yet even a small problem to you is going to make your parents suffer so much. Look at me. We are having so many problems and no one is coming to rescue us. Don't you think that this is no justice? Why is life so unbalanced? Hmm?"

Xie Rong moved her tiny hands into a fist and her cute little face burst into a smile involuntarily while sleeping.

Shu Ning sat right next to her and waited for her to wake up. She clutched her pocket that contained the laxative that she had given to Keira. This time she thought of giving it directly to the baby. It was a perfect opportunity.

Keira had to go to her parents place because Kate was threatening them that she would kill herself if she weren't allowed to enter her country. She was longing to come back because she didn't like the place. Keira had gone to talk to her over online conversation. Her parents had called her.

When Kate came online, she started cussing Keira for her misfortune. She went on to say that Keira would never live happily for being such a disgusting sister. "I don't want to stay in this country and that horrible husband of yours is not letting me come to my country. I will come otherwise I don't want to live. I hate this place. There is no friend here. You people have constrained me so much and I feel there is no point in living anymore."

Keira narrowed her eyes at that girl and said, "Do you think that by speaking in such manner we will allow you to come back? Your passport of this country has been revoked and now you are a citizen of America. If you want to come here, you have to spend your own money and come. Buy your ticket yourself. Our parents don't have enough money to buy it for you."

"What are you for? Ask that rich husband of yours to pay my ticket!" shouted Kate.

"He is not obligated to you!" replied Keira. "I am leaving and this is our final answer." Keira was so upset with what Kate had said that she rushed to be her baby.

How could Kate buy a plane ticket? She was just a student.

Baby Xie Rong woke up within forty-five minutes. She was very hungry and started crying loudly. At first Shu Ning didn't pick her. "Keep crying Rong'er. You should look healthy when your mother is here. I will pour that bottle down your throat once I hear your mother coming up," she said with a smile.

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