Sugar And Spice: The Ceo’s Feisty Wife Book 1 Chapter 437

Volume 1 Chapter 437 Dont Come Near Me

Shu Ning walked forward to see the gang of those five boys closely. BF was standing right in the center and was recounting his experiences in Taiwan.

"Man, when we were shipped to Taiwan, I thought that we could start a new life and that Shu Ning had some money to start with. I mean where the hell would I get the money? Her rich brother had helped us to get out of the country and so I was expecting that he would have arranged all good stuff for us. In fact, I thought that there would be a nice house waiting for us apart from a planned job. But do you know what happened?" he said as he looked at his friends.

They all shook their heads together. "Tell us BF," asked one of them.

"There was nothing! That bastard rich brother of hers ditched us. Shu Ning had little money so we rented a house and then I was on my own to fend for her and me. I looked for a job, however menial it was to earn money but that bitch Shu Ning all she did was to stay at home and wait for me. She acted like a spoilt brat that she was. She was like a parasite on me. How long could I take it? After a few months of suffering, I came back. I was missing my parents so much and all of you so much!" he gossiped.

"Hey Brother BF, what about Shu Ning? Is she still there? Did you inform her that you were leaving?" asked one who was close to Shu Ning too.

"Nope! I didn't otherwise she wouldn't have let me come. Also because of her my whole life had become a disaster. I trusted her so much and all I got was wrath of her parents or jail! Additionally the past few months of misery. I want to return to my past life that was without that bitch. She is bad luck man!"

While the one who asked the question became quiet, others laughed at his last sentence.

"No more going back!" shouted BF with a loud laughter.

Shu Ning, who was standing a few away from them pretending to buy something from a vendor, felt winded. If it was possible, she could have strangled that boy there and then. She felt she couldn't walk properly for some time. She heard them talking more about what all was happening currently but she wasn't interested. She took a deep breath and started to walk out of that locality. She had to avenge the boy responsible for her current situation.


Xie Yuansheng wanted to take off from office as the date was approaching but Feng Xinying said, "No Shengu, what are you going to do. You take off when the baby comes out."

Xie Yuansheng replied, "But I want to be with my child from now onwards. I am scared that you are going to take her in your team."

Feng Xinying shook her head as she laughed. "Teams would be decided once the baby is out. Between the two of us I am sure he would listen to me."

"First correct yourself. We are having a baby girl like Rongrong," insisted Xie Yuansheng. He had already bought some very beautiful jewelry for his baby girl without telling Feng Xinying. In fact, he wanted to buy her as much jewelry as Feng Xinying had already but Cai Xin stopped him from overspending. He was pretty annoyed at that time but she reasoned that if the baby is a boy, then who would wear all the jewelry. It was possible that Madam may not like it. He had to stop.

However, now he had a new thing in mind. Secretly he had started buying clothes for his baby girl. The first day was when he had gone out with Feng Xinying to buy her pregnancy clothes. After that there was no looking back. He wanted an off from his office to indulge in shopping but this time Feng Xinying stopped him.

He felt the women were conspiring behind his back not to spend for his daughter.

Xie Yuansheng made a face as his lips curved downward. "Xinying, don't you also need help? After all you are in the last week of pregnancy. You would want to eat more food and rest. I am such a fantastic chef. I would cater to all your needs, my beautiful cow."

"Cow!" Feng Xinying looked at him with anger in her eyes. "I am a little fat but definitely not a cow! Also this fatness would reduce the moment the baby is out. What do you mean?"

Xie Yuansheng wanted to laugh but the way Feng Xinying was staring at him, if he would have laughed, the atmosphere could have turned into a full time quarrel. So he pursed his lips and stayed quiet as he stared back at her with eyes wide.

When she saw that he was quiet, she said loudly, "What. Do. You. Mean?"

Xie Yuansheng sighed. What a sticky situation? Why did he call her a cow? Somehow he found his voice and said, "You are looking at the negative side. I also said 'Beautiful'. So even if you are a cow, you are beautiful." He reasoned with her happy to find the positive side of his statement.

Suddenly a comb flew across him and he brought his hands in front of him to dodge the weapon.

"I am not a fool. You called me a cow!" she said with her hands on her waist.

Xie Yuansheng got up on his feet and started walking towards her. "Baby, calm down. You are beautiful inside out."

"Of course I am but you are dark," she replied. "Don't come near me." she threatened.

He chuckled and in two large strides he was near her. He hugged her tightly and kissed her all over her face despite her protests. She hit him lightly on his chest but he was way too strong for her. In the end he said, "I love you, my little cow!"


Her lips were sealed by his.

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