Sugar And Spice: The Ceo’s Feisty Wife Book 1 Chapter 436

Volume 1 Chapter 436 Impressed By Her Answer

Cai Xin had shortlisted about ten candidates for nanny selection. They were all having excellent recommendations and several years of experience. Since Feng Xinying wanted an older nanny to work, she had asked Cai Xin to search for candidates who were above thirty-five.

Feng Xinying had already informed Xie Yuansheng that Cai Xin would be sending the job seekers to their house and she wanted him to be present over there.

Next day when Xie Yuansheng went to the office, the first thing he did was to take a list of those ten shortlisted nannies from Cai Xin and got a background check done on all of them. He had told his men that they would put a red flag on even the slightest issue that appeared in their resume. Within two hours the background search was done and when the report was in front of him, he saw that the list had already been slashed by three candidates and only seven remained. The three candidates that were slashed had submitted two or three fake recommendations. One of them had submitted a positive recommendation when in reality, she was asked to leave for neglecting her duties and taking unusually long days off.

He asked Cai Xin to send those seven candidates only.

In the evening Feng Xinying and Xie Yuansheng were both sitting for the interview. He had already told her about how he had screened the ladies before allowing them to come for this job.

The interviews started.

Although Feng Xinying had a list of set questions that she had prepared for the ladies, Xie Yuansheng was actually grilling them a lot. He wanted to first see their experience, followed by intelligence and then he wanted to test their patience. Most of the ladies got irritated halfway through the interview. Only two were left who exhibited patience and the final selection was done.

The nanny who was finally selected after two hours of interviewing was a forty year old lady called Hara Nu. She was from Japan and had over twelve years of experience in the field and even though she was more expensive than the rest, one could feel the quality of work in her presence. Hara Nu was asked to start working from the next week.

Xie Yuansheng was satisfied with his selection. Still he had asked his security to be extremely alert about her and monitor her when her real job started.

Only two weeks were left for Feng Xinying's delivery. Both of them were feeling very nervous. They had gone for the regular checkup and the doctor had said that the baby was doing fine.

It was during the last week of pregnancy that Keira had come along with Xie Rong and the nanny to meet Feng Xinying. The friends chatted for a long time while Rongrong was with the nanny. Feng Xinying noticed that she had become very attached to the nanny. At only about two months Xie Rong was already smiling and talking a lot and the nanny would make sure that she was talking to the baby every time she was awake.

"Why do you keep talking to her?" asked Feng Xinying with a smile while watching the two of them.

"Madam, it is said that the more you talk to your baby, the more receptive they become and their emotional IQ increases. It also helps them with brain development," she replied.

Feng Xinying was impressed by her answer. This was an intelligent answer and for a moment she wished that her nanny were also like that or that woman was working for her. She became jealous of Keira. Surely, this nanny was a hidden jewel. She sighed inside at Keira who was looking proud of her choice.

Keira left after two hours. Before leaving she said, "I hope to see you soon with the baby. Can't wait to hear the good news."

Feng Xinying giggled. "Yes, I am also waiting. These had been nine long months."

"True" replied Keira. She hugged Feng Xinying thinking what all she had undergone and patted her back.

When she left, it was already evening and time for the nanny to leave. The nanny said, "Madam, I will go from here on my own."

"I can drop you at home. Don't worry," said Keira offering Shu Ning out of kindness.

Shu Ning was tensed. She replied immediately, "Oh, thank you Madam, but my house is pretty far from here. It is almost an hour away. So if you will drop me, it would take an hour to reach there and then you will go back home which is going to be another hour. Overall, it won't be a nice idea for the baby. So if you like you can drop me off at the nearest bus stop. After that I will go."

Keira could only agree. She didn't want to travel for so long. "Okay" then she turned to the driver and said, "Drop her at the nearest bus stop."

While going, Shu Ning said, "Madam, I need some money in advance for my family."

Keira was a little surprised, but she asked, "How much?"

"Twenty thousand Yuan."

"That's a lot!" said Keira. But then she didn't want the nanny to feel bad or leave her so she immediately added, "I will give tomorrow."

Shu Ning didn't say a word and bowed. The bus stop came and she stepped out.

The thing was that she didn't want to go to her home at that time. She had somehow come to know that BF was already staying with his family oblivious of the fact that even she was back in town. That day she had decided to go and meet BF. How could she leave a man who had ditched her so badly?

She took a bus to his place. It was 6PM in the evening. For a girl who had been so nitpicky in her past, she had come a long way to start travelling by public transport.

She reached near BF's house in the next forty-five minutes. That day she hadn't wiped her makeup. She got out of the bus and started walking towards his house. She must have walked only a few meters when suddenly she saw that he was walking in her direction with his usual gang of four more boys who were in his music band. She stopped with shock in her eyes. He was laughing and talking to them loudly.

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