Sugar And Spice: The Ceo’s Feisty Wife Book 1 Chapter 435

Volume 1 Chapter 435 Two Drops Of Laxative

Shu Ning had heard that Keira was looking for a nanny for her baby. This was her chance to get in her house. She knew that she had to do a lot of makeup to look different and middle-aged in order to hide her features. Xie Shengjun had made her promise that she would never return to the country once she had run away with BF. So if he would find out about her return, he would kill her. When she decided to go in the very same house and that too as a nanny, she had to change her looks completely. Plus she needed money to run the household, so this was the best she could do. This way she would stay close to her enemy and also earn money.

She had acquired the makeup from the market and done a lot of research online to learn how to do the makeup. She had worked on herself at home first for a few days and when she was perfect in hiding her real features, she was ready for the job. She knew what was required of an ideal nanny. Getting the job was very easy as she knew the complete requirements of the family very well. She was the first choice of Keira and Xie Shengjun went with it.

Getting references was difficult for her because she didn't have enough money to get fake ones, hence she had to rely upon getting the job as a newcomer. When she first went for the interview, she knew that was her only chance and she answered the questions exactly as was expected. She was just too perfect and Keira and her mother liked that. She was hired instantly.

First few days it was difficult for her to handle the baby but as the time went by, she read a lot and adapted herself. It was important for her to be perfect to give fruition to her plans.

She used to feel extremely bitter whenever she used to see Rongrong being the apple of her parents' eyes. Her feeling of hatred only increased with each passing day.

It was after two weeks of handling the baby that she finally got a chance to do something she had thought about. It was just a trial of what she had in her mind. Keira had taken Rongrong from her to feed her and had asked her to inform the servant to bring soup to her.

When Shu Ning went to the kitchen, she sweetly informed the servant about Keira's request and then she started talking to her. She saw the ingredients that the servant was about to add in the soup. All she did was to add two drops of a laxative in it. Although Keira didn't have any effect of this, this was the reason why little baby Xie Rong had diarrhea. Her experiment was successful and now she had to think of something that wouldn't affect the mother but would greatly affect the baby. However, she had to do that in phases so that suspicion wouldn't come to her.

When she reached home, she was the same Shu Ning for her siblings. They all had started respecting her because of her dedication towards them. She also wanted to take revenge from BF because she had come to know that he was already in the town. So basically he had left her and sneaked back to the country while leaving her all alone.

Back in the Feng Mansion, Feng Xinying was pacing up and down the room. She would come out to the balcony and then go back in. She was waiting for Xie Yuansheng to come from the office. She had to convince him about getting a nanny.

When he came back from the office, he found Feng Xinying sitting in the balcony of the bedroom, which was quite odd. He poured a glass of whiskey for himself and went to her. Seeing her sitting so pensively, he gently stroked her hair and said, "Yini, what happened dear? Why are you sitting outside?"

She was startled when she sensed his hand on her head. She looked up at him and smiled. "Think of the devil and the devil is here," she said.

Xie Yuansheng laughed and sat down beside her. With one hand he held the whiskey and with the other he held her hand. "What is it, tell me," he asked again.

Feng Xinying took a deep breath. She knew that she had to tell him about her concerns and if he understood then it would be fine, else she would have to give up the idea altogether. "Shengu, I know you are very much against the idea of getting a nanny for our child but please consider it again. I am scared that I won't be able to take care of the baby on my own. This is my first time and the fact that we don't have any elderly help to guide us is quite scary."

"There is a lot on the Internet nowadays, Yingying. We can refer to that. Why are you scared? I am there with you," he answered.

"I agree there is a lot but having an experienced help is a different level. Sometimes the old nannies know a lot about small children."

Xie Yuansheng left her hand and looked away.

Feng Xinying pursed her lips. He wasn't convinced. She gave a last try. "Is it okay to hire a nanny for a month? If you like her, we will continue wither services otherwise we will remove her." She looked at him intently and then clasped her hands, "Please Shengu" she pleaded.

Xie Yuansheng sighed. There was no coming out of this situation. He sighed and said, "Okay"

Feng Xinying couldn't believe her ears. "Really?" she asked with wide eyes.

He nodded and then said, "Remember what you said now. The nanny will be on a trial period of one month only. If she fails to do her job, you know what I will do to her."

Feng Xinying was a little afraid of his statement and shaken but she nodded. "Done"

She picked her phone to call Cai Xin to send the candidates for interview.

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