Stronger From A Sapling Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Humans, Come And Play With Us

Liu Guangmeng walked coldly to the front of the three girls, looked at the three girls in front of her, and said coldly, "This is your choice, and it is also the consequence you have to bear."

Say that finish, Liu Guangmeng won't let the three girls react, the dagger in hand, directly let the three girls' vision, in the air rotation.

And the glasses man finally couldn't bear his inner fear and fell to the ground, looking at Liu Guangmeng with great fear.

"Elder sister, I was wrong. I am willing to give the elder sister a billion. No, all my money is an apology."

The glasses man was on the ground, and his tone of fear and fear begged for mercy.

However, Liu Guangmeng did not speak, she went down with a dagger directly. The head of the man with glasses separated his body.

Facing the enemy, Liu Guangmeng choose ruthlessness.

After killing this group of people, the surrounding lightning network also disappeared.

"Human beings, you are very good."

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