Stronger From A Sapling Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Beg For Mercy

However, when they saw the breathless appearance of Liu Guangmeng, their faces all showed insidious smiles.

"Elder sister, it seems that you can't do it."

"Elder sister, don't blame us."

"We are also very helpless."

"Yes! I'm sorry."

"Elder sister, I'm sorry, we have no choice."

"I'm sorry."

Although they said that they were sorry, the smiles on their faces betrayed them.

"Ha ha, who said I couldn't do it, it's just a pity."

Liu Guangguang said, directly took out the spirit thing that increased mental strength and ate it.

Liu Guangmeng instantly feel a force appearing in the body and spreading all over body.

"Not good."

Glasses man saw Liu Guangmeng eat that plant of spirit grass, instantly feel bad.

"Come on, stop her from absorbing spirit thing."

Glasses man hurriedly ordered.

People also know that onceLiu Guangmeng eat spirit grass, absorb spirit thing and regain strength, they will die.

"Go to hell!"

Muscular man's huge punch came to Liu Guangmeng.

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