Stronger From A Sapling Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Battle Of Life And Death Begins

Although they were still afraid, they did not retreat.

However, the young person in his twenties who has just broken this situation has directly displayed his special ability, his arms have become very long, and have attacked Liu Guangmeng.

Liu Guangmeng is directly blurred again, allowing the arm to pass through her own body.

Liu Guangmeng picked up a dagger at her waist and directly attack with a knife.

One hand was directly cut by a knife.


The young man cried out in direct pain, and then his severed hands grew out again.

Don't let the young man react, Liu Guangmeng has come to the young man's neck.

At this time, a bullet went straight at the heart of Liu Guangmeng. If Liu Guangmeng does not give up attacking the young man, the heart will be attacked.

Liu Guangmeng looked at them with contempt, a knife down, the young man's head flew in the air.

And that bullet shot at the heart of Liu Guangmeng, she did not panic at all.

Slowly, the bullet that was about to enter Liu Guangmeng began to become transparent, and finally became blurred directly, passing through Liu Guangmeng's body and entering the young man's body.

"Do you want to come again?"

Liu Guangmeng squint full of killing looking at a group of people.

"You... you don't come here."

The team was obviously subdued.

"Elder sister, we are sorry, let's go."

A man with glasses in this team bit his teeth and chose to go.

This man with glasses is also the strongest in the team, the level 4 extraordinary fighter, and the only one who has not been stopped by Liu Guangmeng and remains calm.

The man with glasses knows very well that his teammates have been frightened and cannot play any fighting capacity at all.

If they really want to fight by force, even if they win in the end, with the strength of Liu Guangmeng, there will have to die a few more people, which is not worth it.

Of course, Liu Guangmeng also knows that in her current state, she can't win and have to go.

Liu Guangmeng saw that these people were afraid and ignored them. she turned and walked back.


At this moment, the air suddenly became black, dark clouds were gathering, and several thunder and lightning fell, surrounding the crowd.

"What happened."

Now all the people are flustered in an instant.

Liu Guangmeng also frowned and the dagger in her hand touched the thunder net.

"Zi Zi Zi!!"

The powerful current directly let the dagger in Liu Guangmeng's hand to the ground.

"Is this the test of the master?"

Liu Guangmeng puzzled to herself.

And this group of people, except the one with glasses, began to become very flustered and did not know what to do now.

Purple gold eagle in the sky looked at the terrified human beings on the ground with a look of teasing and sarcasm.

"Let me have a look at your power, human beings!"

In the next half hour, boulders will be thrown in from the outside of the thunder net, or three golden figures will flash past, causing wounds on their body.

After the white figure appeared, the people would not know why they bleed.

From time to time, outside the thunder and lightning, there will be a huge roar and a smell of fierce beast.

In this way, all the people are extremely scared. In addition, they are in a tense and scared mood every day in front of them. Now they are experiencing a high degree of tension and fear. Slowly, some people begin to collapse.


"I want to go out."

"I'm going out. I can't stand it."

Several people in the team rushed directly to the lightning net like they were crazy. Of course, the consequences were still directly flew by strong electric current, and then fainted.

However, Liu Guangmeng did not panic, but directly found a place to sit and looked around warily.

"It should be about the same."

Nine-tailed spirit fox said.

Then, a voice came into the minds of all.

"I will let go of whoever can kill Liu Guangmeng."

However, this small group of people, who were still crazy or very uneasy in their hearts, immediately looked at Liu Guangmeng.

And Liu Guangmeng immediately watched the crowd warily.

"Kill you."

One person first rushed directly to the Liu Guangmeng.

At the same time, the whole body burned out flames and rushed to Liu Guangmeng.

Liu Guangmeng sneered, hand tightly cover dagger, and then a sprint, came to the front of the man.

Then began to use blurring ability, dodged the man's attack, did not look at the back, a knife into the man's heart, finally fell to the ground.

Not far away, the glasses man also shook his head.

After the man was killed, the people in the team calmed down a lot, at least not rushing to and fight Liu Guangmeng desperately.

Liu Guangmeng's blurring is really too powerful. Ordinary attacks cannot attack Liu Guangmeng, and Liu Guangmeng can also blurt other things.

"If you want to live, now all listen to my command, OK?."

The glasses man looked at his teammates seriously.

And teammates are hurriedly nodded, said they agreed.

"Well, you continue to shoot at the back. Both of you girls are responsible for using the power of soil elements to cause trouble to our senior sister in the distance. With the cooperation of the two of you, I will use my mental power to block the attack for you. However, you must be careful yourself. I cannot completely block it."


The two middle-aged men on the body, one of whom grew muscles in an instant, the jacket was directly burst by the muscles, and the other's fingers directly turned into a pair of huge claws.

Liu Guangmeng's body blurred, directly dodged the bullet shot at herself and the soil attack on the ground, rushed to the two men.

Muscular man punched Liu Guangmeng, while another man with huge claws also attacked Liu Guangmeng's head with huge claws.

Liu Guangmeng began to blur again, passing through the bodies of the two men, and the dagger rushed to the heart of the muscular man. However, this time, a bullet blocked the dagger of Liu Guangmeng, and a mental force let the dagger out of control.

The dagger was controlled by the spirit of the men and instead stabbed Liu Guangmeng.

Liu Guangmeng immediately blurred, jumped back, and directly passed through the bodies of two middle-aged men.

Under the control of the glasses man, the dagger continued to chase Liu Guangmeng.

Liu Guangmeng took out the dagger again from her sleeve.

A metal crash sounded and the dagger controlled by the glasses man was bounced off.

Just as the blurring of Liu Guangmeng was relieved, a bullet flew.

Liu Guangmeng's face changed greatly, using a very difficult operation, directly with a dagger to cut the bullet.

The bullet turned into two halves, and one of them scratched Liu Guangmeng's shoulder and shed blood.

Liu Guangmeng is also panting now. she has just used blurring continuously. In addition to the battle with that level 1 of Fierce Beast, Liu Guangmeng is now beginning to weaken.

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