Start Selling Jars From Naruto Chapter 775

Chapter 775: : Allies Before The War

Latest website: As time is getting closer, Hella's army has been evacuated from the previous battlefield one after another and appeared on the asteroid belt outside Jotunheim.

There is no trend of negotiation or communication.

All the armies all set up artillery, prepared battleships, and aimed their guns at Thanos-Earth Alliance outside Jotunheim.

Obviously, once all the troops are ready, it is immediately the time for the war to begin.

All the people also arrived on the battlefield.

There were originally some frost giants in Jotunheim, but under Thanos "communication", these frost giants accepted the covenant very humiliatingly, joined the coalition forces, and acted accordingly as combat members of the last planets internal battlefield. Preparation.

Tony and others, temporarily live in the command center served by an Eternal-class battleship.

At this moment.

They are concentrating in the huge cab, looking at the picture in front of them.

"I didn't expect that I would participate in Star Wars one day." Steve said with a mockery of himself.

Yes, they also arrived in this war.

They even put on the combat uniforms specially designed by Tony for them. On the outside, apart from a sense of technology, they didn't seem to be much different from their previous combat uniforms.

Of course, this is in a casual form, not a war form.

"I just want to know, in such a battlefield, can people like us really make a difference?" Natasha looked at her comfortable and tight-fitting combat uniform, looking less confident.

"Of course it works." The one who answered her was Thanos. Thanos looked at the universe in front of him with some enjoyment. "A powerful individual can dominate an interstellar war even by relying on just one person. Victory, Asgards army is also known for its excellent individual strength. You will shine in this battle."

Steve and the others looked at each other.


They are still a little bit uncomfortable to stand on the same front with Thanos.

However, all the friendly forces behind him that are huge enough to be trusted are all under the cosmos overlord.

Even this battle was commanded by him.

Suddenly, I didn't know what to say.

It is the Queen of God who breaks the silence.

"I can't believe it." The Queen of God's gaze has been staring at the image returned by the front detector, "Warner Protoss, Elves, Gnomes, Death Legion, and even Flame Giants, these former allies of Asgard , Now they all have Asgardian equipment, even supernatural power...They seem to have become Asgardians."

Originally, the Queen wanted to rely on her reputation to instigate some Asgardians.

This is entirely possible.

Even Hela could not erase Odin and the prestige accumulated for thousands of years behind him in such a short time. The surrender of the messenger Hela sent to the earth before is the best proof.

but now.

In the huge army in front of him, there were not many original Asgardians in sight.

All are life on the rest of the planets in the nine major countries.

The spacecraft, weapons, and even some magic patterns are all Asgard's technology. I read

"I've said this news a few days ago." Thanos turned his head. "Perhaps it is the power of death, or the power of the jar. In this war, you can't let your past cognitions interfere too much with you. Thats why I said that you do not have the ability to command this war."

The rest of this sentence cannot be refuted.

In fact, it seems so.

Without Thanos command and the army brought by Thanos, they would hardly see the hope of victory.

And at this time.

The communicator that Thanos was wearing on his head seemed to suddenly make a sound.

His eyes lit up clearly.

"Thank me." Thanos even showed a smile on his face, "Our other group of allies has arrived."

"Another group of allies?" Tony and others exclaimed.

They have never heard Thanos talk about it, and will allies come over?

"The so-called war is to make use of all the available power and all the preparations that can be made." Thanos seemed to be in a good mood, his eyes swept across everyone's faces, "Hella's aggressive behavior threatens It's not just you, the rest of the forces in the universe have already felt the threat of Hela, and I will naturally not let this opportunity go."

Loki, the only one in the field who understands the distribution of cosmic power, seemed to have a flash of inspiration.

Lost his voice: "Is it the Shia Empire?"

The rest looked over.

Except for Steve and others who are completely ignorant of the universe, Tony and Fury have naturally heard of this Shia Empire, which is one of the three empires of the universe, and it seems to be the only empire that advocates peace among the three empires. .

"Although the Shia Empire had conflicts with Hela, it was just a small conflict. With their usual style, how could they participate in the wars of the other forces? They would only mediate." Rocky asked uncontrollably.

This is different from what he understands.

"Naturally because of me." Thanos said flatly, "Before Hella, the most threatening to many civilizations in the universe was me. Naturally, there was some connection with Shia Empire."

In fact, Thanos is just a try.

He pointed out the danger of Hela.

And if he could eliminate the messenger of death, he would give up the act of destroying half of his life, and he could even hand over the previously ruled civilization to the management of the Shia Empire.

Although this relatively young empire has shown tolerance and gentleness to the outside world, it also has its own aggressiveness, belligerence, and relative selfishness.

And Thanos is one of the few people in the universe who has seen through the nature of the Shia Empire, and is qualified to use and negotiate with UU reading www.uukanshu.com.

Tony and others looked at each other.

They finally realized that there was still a huge gap between themselves and the overlord of the universe.

This gap is not only about strength, but also about the understanding of the universe and connections.

but no matter.

The participation of an ally of the three major empires is great news for this vital war.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Tony couldn't help but said, "They're already here, let's see you soon."

"There is no problem with taking you to meet, but everything must be based on me." Thanos looked around again, and finally fixed on Tony, "You are not familiar with the style of Shia Empire, and you have no peace. They have dealt with each other, and if this alliance fails because of your rudeness and arrogance, I will make you pay the price-I am looking for you to use your strength, not to keep you behind."

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