Start Selling Jars From Naruto Chapter 774

Chapter 774: : Things That Won't Change

The latest website: The rest of the people present who said something about Thanos were completely silent.

Until he left completely.

Tony spoke slowly: "Have you all heard it? He said he was here to direct, and he had no plans to discuss with us at all."

"Then what can you do." Rocky put his hands around his chest, with a sarcasm expression, "This is only useful if you speak in front of him."

"So you think it's who's fault, isn't it because you were easily **** on the ground?" Tony raised his eyebrows, he was not a person who would face provocations without replying.

Ferry looked at the two men and shook his head.

Different from them.

Fury didn't speak because he also felt that Thanos would command it better.

Naturally, he didn't completely obey Thanos, it was only based on Thanos' opinions and mainly by Thanos' army. If you find that Thanos has any other thoughts, then make other plans.

So Fury spoke now.

"Since none of you have raised any objections just now, let's go ahead. In any case, Thanos will have more strength than us. Whoever has the strength will have the initiative. This is an unchangeable thing for Henggu."

"So, this is the reality concept of the agent chief?" Tony seemed to point the finger at Fury again, but Fury didn't say a word, just looked at Tony with his one eye.

Then Tony was speechless.

He was silent for a moment.

Throw the prepared report on the table.

"That's it, I will do my own share, and hope the result will not be too bad." After speaking, he also turned and left.

I have to say that for him, the reality in front of him is really full of depression and discomfort.

It was as if something got stuck in the throat.

I can't swallow, nor can I vomit.

Tony is actually a little perfectionist, or all scientists have some of these characteristics. He doesn't want to give his most important everything, including the people he loves and this earth, to an uncertain destiny.

But the reality in front of us is that none of this is certain.

He doesn't trust Thanos.

Don't trust Loki either.

Even Fury doesn't trust him, he thinks Fury will do whatever it takes for his purpose, or sacrifice something he doesn't want to sacrifice.

So Tony walked all the way to his laboratory.

"Jarvis, we must speed up." Tony's expression has a gloomy expression that is rarely seen in him. "We need a trustworthy partner who can truly guard the earth."

In front of him.

A sparkling gem is suspended in the translucent glass.

Silence saw all this in his eyes.


Some things will change, but some things will not change. The person Tony has relied on the most for a long time is actually not Pepper, but Jarvis, the artificial intelligence, so after obtaining the gem of the mind, he will definitely try to treat Jarvis Upgrade, or create a more powerful artificial intelligence-Ultron.

The silence in the garden half narrowed his eyes, as if hesitated to take a look at the future of Ultron.

But I chose not to watch it.

Everything has changed. Tony now has more powerful technology. Maybe it will not have the kind of failure in the original fate. Maybe a more interesting soul will be born. For this kind of expectant thing, know in advance. If you get the answer, it will look a little boring.

suddenly. Eighth Library

Silence seemed to notice the difference.

His gaze swept across a corner of the laboratory, and the expression on his face became playful.

Because there is the power of the soul.

From Thanos.

Although psychic ninjutsu is not very prominent in the world of Naruto, this ninjutsu involves the mystery of soul and space, and is especially valued by Thanos. At this time, Thanos is quietly peeping at Tony's work. everything of.

Thanos' thoughts were far more delicate than what he showed.

"Plan Ultron?" Thanos showed an imperceptible smile on his face, "Interesting."


In the following period of time, everything was proceeding in an orderly manner.

Thanos demonstrated his dominance as the overlord of the universe.

Whether its the Earths fleet or the warships he summoned from the universe, all were concentrated in Jotunheim one step ahead of time, preemptively occupying a favorable position, and using meteorites and planetary terrain to do a layer of defense, a series of Even Tony has to admit that none of them can do better than Thanos.

It was to make the battle into an indestructible defensive battle while Hela was still solving the previous battlefield.

He could not find any reason to oppose the arrangement.

"When will this war officially start?" Tony asked in the conference room.

Although he didn't look at Thanos, it was obviously asking Thanos.

Even if he does not want to admit it verbally, Thanos has become the master of the battle.

"It depends on the other party, but according to the news from the front line, there will be another 13 days at most." Thanos glanced at Tony, "Hella has even begun to transport troops. They are Asgardians, but now they are fighting more and more. many."

"Thirteen days..." Tony was a little distressed.

This time is not enough to create Ultron.

He even stored the spacecraft production technology of the Eternal Battleship in the core computing of Ultron. This artificial intelligence almost made him pay all his hard work without reservation.

It wasn't so.

However, referring to the horror effect of the core computing hub belonging to the empire in the inheritance he obtained, he can't wait.

Said unceremoniously.

Once he succeeds, even if he dies unfortunately, Ultron will follow the instructions he left behind to protect the earth and everyone on the earth forever.

It could even be better than what he did.

But now, time seems to be insufficient.

"Can you delay it?" Tony couldn't help asking, "A few days will do, I still have some preparations to complete ~ wuxiaworld.online~ You should know that time does not depend on us." Thanos General The blueberry packaging bag in his hand was torn open, and a few fingers were pinched and thrown into his mouth. "Maybe you can discuss with Hela and let her attack later."

"...Okay." Tony knew the delay was gone.

On his side, he cannot speed up anyway. The core algorithm of artificial intelligence must be cautious. The power of the soul gem can give artificial intelligence its real soul, but its cognition, its character, and its mission will all be left to him. Give by yourself.


The combat meeting discussed some details in detail.

This war will only be a blitzkrieg.

This is Hella's style.

She never procrastinates, likes to push all the gambling money forward at one time to determine the victory or defeat, and has the calm and confidence to win.

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