Start Selling Jars From Naruto Chapter 773

Chapter 773: : This Time I Will Direct

Latest URL: In the end, the silence gave Tony and Fury a little comfort.

"Destroy the universe directly, although death can be done, but it will not be done easily. Your multidimensional universe is not the only one of death, so you can rest assured." The silence is also true.

The fact that death alone caused the Thanos of countless universes to help her kill people will not make her imprisoned forever.

If death can come at will, there is no need for Thanos to do such a thing.

She alone is enough to destroy the entire multidimensional universe.

After listening to the silence, Tony finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Think about it again.

What about a senior member? No matter how big it is, the Chamber of Commerce is no bigger than the Chamber of Commerce. Since I have a stronger backstage, it is far from desperate. As long as I don't die, I will always become a senior member.

After all, becoming a member means that "hope" will always exist.

"So what we have to face now is Hela who may be chosen by death as the messenger?" Tony refocused his attention on the crisis itself. He raised his eyebrows. "But, Hela is already a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you Are you sure death will choose her?"

"The Chamber of Commerce does not mind that we use the rest of the power, and as long as Hela is still using the power of death, she will not be able to get rid of the influence of death." Thanos said.

Although he is not 100% sure that it is Hela.

However, the possibility of Hela is the greatest.

"Well, it seems that our enemy has not changed." Tony glanced at Thanos. "However, we will not trust you so quickly. After all, hundreds of thousands of soldiers have died because of you. This debt Its not so easy to turn pages."

"You will always care about little things that are of no importance." Thanos was indifferent to this.

He never thought about becoming friends with people like Tony or anything.

Even if you no longer pay for death.

He cannot be a hero either.

This time, it was just a messenger who came to cooperate and resist death together, and nothing more.

In the end, Thanos came to earth peacefully.

Regarding this point, the most unacceptable are naturally the Asgardians. Their **** King Odin died under Thanos attack. Although Odin himself could not bear such a consumption, this For Asgard, it is still an unforgivable hatred.

Fortunately, the queen is not a person controlled by emotions.

She comforted the Asgardians on earth for a while.

But it is only temporary.

"As far as I know, you Asgard have been doing the best in the universe for a while." Thanos looked at the **** queen, "Countless people are chanting the name of Asgard, but it is a pity that it accompanies it. It is not glory, but war and fear."

"Hella does not represent the orthodoxy of Asgard, my child is." The Queen of God did not waver at all.

"However, it is your clan who has become a death minion at this moment." Thanos pointed out sharply.

"If we meet on the battlefield, we will not be merciful." The Queen clearly understood what Thanos meant by these words, then paused, and then said, "At least, we will be more reliable than you."

She emphasized reliability.

The meaning is self-evident.

You are just an ally who cooperates temporarily, and you have enemies with us. In this group, they are the Asgardians who are more trustworthy.

"As expected to be the Queen of God." Thanos nodded, took out a pack of blueberries from the table, opened his mouth, and ate it all in one bite.

"That's the snack I prepared for myself..." Tony looked at Thanos silently.

"As a snack, it doesn't taste very good." Thanos noodles returned the packaging bag without changing its color. "I recommend you to eat Kroko, which is provided by a country where I have destroyed half of my life. Mine, they are still grateful for what I have done, because if it weren't for me, they would have been destroyed by an extreme lack of resources."


Tony used a lot of energy to restrain his urge to answer.

When a superhero is mixed with a **** butcher like Thanos, it is difficult to adapt to all aspects.

He can only turn the topic to business.

A distributed projection of the universe rises from the front.

But Thanos looked around and asked, "Just these people? What about your partners."

"Does the dignified overlord of the universe still care about some people on earth?" Tony said in a weird manner, "Do you know that we are your nemesis?"

"No, I just make sure that they have been abandoned by you." Thanos looked at Tony, "Your so-called team style can't do anything at all. There can only be one voice in a team. Now it seems , You have become this voice."

Tony's face was green and white.

He has indeed become the only voice.

The rest of the people are weak, and although they are willing to help, they can't do anything at all, so he arranges their arrangements in other insignificant places.

The former team has completely disappeared since he became a member.

"What do you want?" Fury interjected from the side, "Want to be the only voice in our current team? You should know that you cannot be trusted at all."

"I just dislike this inefficient discussion." Thanos got up from his seat and stretched out his hand to wave on the cosmic star chart. "This is already the sixth planet Hela has conquered. Only one is missing. Conquer all the nine worlds, and the earth is the last one. She has to walk the path of Asgard first, and then go further than her father, so-our decisive battle must be released On this planet."

He pointed to the enlarged planet on the star chart.

Different beauty on earth.

The whole planet looks like a pale crystal ball, with all the bumps on the surface are hills full of snow and frost.

This is the residence of the Frost Giant. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

Loki looked at the planet, his face a little unsightly.

Because he kept the blood of the frost giant in his body.

Tony opened his mouth, and finally could only nod his head:

"Thanos is right. If we don't want to fight on the ground, here is our most critical line of defense-if we lose again, we can only fight on Earth on the ground, and that will kill a lot of people."

Tony originally thought Thanos would definitely say fighting on Earth.

Because it is impossible for him to care about the life and death of people on earth.

He was even ready to pull the rest of the people to denounce Thanos, but he didn't expect that Thanos put forward his prepared plan first.

"So I said it was a waste of time." Thanos head would not turn around and walk out. "You don't know the methods of space war. This time I will command, and I will send all my troops."

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