Start Selling Jars From Naruto Chapter 739

Chapter 739: : The Person Cursed By Knowledge

"Jarvis, aim at the enemy warships and land enemies and choose the best firepower to annihilate them." Tony gave the order directly.

The Eternal-class battleships that had arrived in outer space began to invade into space one by one, and directly attacked.

Faced with an absolute advantage in performance, this is a unilateral annihilation operation.

The pressure on the Asgard army has been reduced visually.

While taking a breath, most Asgardians felt a sense of shame.

This is God's Domain.

Now it has fallen to the point where it needs the support of the earthlings to resist the invaders.

The proud warship has become an antique, and the powerful warriors and magicians are also retreating under the number of enemies. Even the **** king, who is a symbol of strength, seems unable to resist that powerful Titan.

This is definitely the shame and sadness of Asgard.

Tony didn't care about the psychological process of the Asgardians. At this time, he was wearing a set of "Nether Energy No. 5" armor developed by him, and his eyes were already on the battle at the palace.

From the thunder of lightning flashing, he could vaguely see that figure.

The figure that forced him to grow stronger.


Tony's body rose from the ground under the impetus of Nether Energy, and galloped towards that place.

At this time Thanos was still opposing Odin.


Odin's burly figure is surrounded by the power of thunder and lightning, and he is holding Odin's gun, which is more like Thor than Thor.

"Odin, no matter how many times you try, you are no longer my opponent, you are already the residue of the destiny." Thanos raised his right hand, and there was an infinite glove on it, and a purple gem gleamed. Hui.

This is why Thanos dared to invade Asgard while Odin was still alive.

He broke his original plan.

During this year, the dwarf king was forced to make infinite gloves, and then the power gem in the temple was found first.

"Tell me what happened on Earth, and then hand over the universe Rubik's Cube and Asgard-like life." Thanos raised his right hand and slammed a punch, "Otherwise, today is the dusk of the gods. ."

There was a purple light on this fist, and under the action of the power gem, the terrifying force rolled up the wind and rushed towards Odin.

It was just a punch, and there was a feeling that the mountains and rivers were cracking.

It seemed that even the dark clouds gathered in the sky were blown away.

"Don't want to achieve your ambition!" Odin raised his spear, his stature became hundreds of meters high, and rushed forward without showing any weakness.


The shock wave visible to the naked eye swept across, destroying everything, and most of the palace representing Asgard's highest glory was reduced to ruins.

Odin is indeed old.

It's old enough to live a few years.

But as long as he is not dead, no one will dare to ignore the existence of this king of gods.

Only at this moment did Thanos deeply feel the power of this legend thousands of years ago.

If it was not for the changes on the earth that gave him too much pressure, he would never invade Asgard at this time, but he must know what happened on the earth, so he must bet.

"You can resist this kind of attack a few more times."

Thanos raised his fist and stepped on the ground step by step, each step causing the ground to crack, and the twisted purple light of his right hand even continuously attacked his flesh.

In order to fight against Odin, he is fully exerting the power of the power gem, even with the infinite gloves, this exertion also brings a great burden to his body.

But everything is worth it.

Not only for the space gem placed in Asgard, but also for inquiring about the changes on the earth.

He believed that Odin must know.

"Want to know what happened to the earth, why not ask the people on earth?" A voice came suddenly, and Tony's figure appeared in the middle of the two.

Compared with the majestic power on both sides, even in battle armor, Tony's figure is still very small.

But no one ignored him.

Thanos stopped.

"Tony, the man cursed by knowledge." He called out Tony's name.

"Unexpectedly, I was so famous, but am I cursed by knowledge? It's an appropriate description." Tony looked at Thanos.

After learning about the cosmic overlord who was staring at the earth a year ago, Tony had often imagined the scene when he met Thanos, and the meeting at this moment was indeed the same as what he had imagined.

Bulk, powerful, with firm eyes, like a demon king.

However, Tony found that he was not under too much pressure.

Because he has been preparing for too long under pressure.

"You are not the only person cursed by knowledge." Thanos said in a strong voice, "You should be able to understand that feeling. Nightmares are always around you. No one can understand. This is a destiny that only people with knowledge can shoulder. ."

"You're too right, that's the feeling, so--" Tony raised his palm, and a pulse of energy mixed with phantom energy rushed directly to Thanos, "I am here to solve the nightmare."

Thanos words were indeed in his heart.

Tony once thought he hadn't prepared enough.

But now.

He felt that he couldn't wait even a moment.

Solve Thanos, solve the biggest nightmare on earth, and then he may be able to slow down, and he can go back to the Iron Man who was liked by Pepper and everyone.

Tony's attack was slapped by Thanos.

Yes, it was a slap with infinite gloves.

"How is this possible?" Tony murmured.

Although only part of the Nether Energy was mixed in his attack, it was Nether Energy!

Except for God, no one understands the power of phantom energy better than him.

However, the silence is not unexpected.

The phantom energy he gave Tony is not the energy that has evolved into a god-level version~wuxiaworld.online~, but the most original one. Even the Zerg can survive under the phantom energy, with infinite gloves and a gem. Naturally, it is impossible to be easily solved by Nether Energy like Ebony Maw.

"Sure enough, it is a powerful force. Where does this force come from?" Thanos squeezed his fist and approached step by step. "Tell me, Tony, this power shouldn't belong to this world, let alone you, in yours. What happened on the body, on the earth?"

Thanos was never worried about Tony.

But to give Tony this kind of power.

"I will tell you when you die."

Tony recovered quickly. Although he was surprised that Thanos was able to resist the Nether Energy, it was not just a little more troublesome.

That's right, just a little bit.

Tony doesn't want to toss anymore, he wants to solve the nightmare sooner.

"Jarvis, full firepower!"


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