Start Selling Jars From Naruto Chapter 738

Chapter 738: : Asgard's Request For Help

Silence left.

After saying that, he didn't even go to see Tony's reaction, but left like this.

Tony was frustrated.

He originally had the feeling of being abandoned by everyone, but he didn't expect that even God would abandon him.

Tony didn't realize that the silence had actually told him the answer, and everything was hidden in that passage.

It's not so profound.

Maybe give him enough time, or when he starts to chase knowledge again, he will understand everything.

However, he did not have time to ponder the meaning of the silent words.

Because a colorful light pierced the night sky and landed on the lawn not far away.

That is the Rainbow Bridge in Asgard.

"Sol is here?" Tony's eyes lit up.

Unlike those short-sighted politicians, Tony and Asgard have established a very good relationship, and even a certain degree of cooperation, Sol is the only one left to support him to some extent.

After all, for the monarchy of Asgard, there is no such thing as dictatorship and freedom.

To be honest, Odin, who has the identity of the king of the gods, is a true dictator.

When Sol came to Tony, he looked very miserable.

Most of the armor on his body has been damaged, one eye has become black and the corner of his mouth is full of blood, and even the hammer that he has been holding in his hand has disappeared, just like an extremely fierce battle has just been fought.

"What happened?" Tony realized that Saul didn't come over without reason.

"Tony, my friend, I'm here to ask for help." With an eager air, Saul gave Tony a hug and pleaded, "It's Thanos, he suddenly invaded Asgard with the army. My father is very old. He is not Thanoss opponent. Please help us. My father cant hold on for long."

This cannot but be said to be a kind of irony.

Asgard has been the guardian of the earth for thousands of years. They regard the earth as their own territory and as their dependents.

But now, Asgard has become extremely weak, but there is Tony on the earth.

"Thanks? He actually invaded Asgard?" Tony was obviously taken aback.

"Yes, that Titan!" Sol squeezed his fist, his eyes were filled with anger and fear, "He has power beyond our imagination, and even destroyed my hammer in one blow, oh my wonderful Ernier."

Thinking of his hammer, Thor felt sad.

That is his favorite hammer.

It was destroyed just like this.

Thinking about it now, it still feels incredible, just like a dream.

"Your hammer was destroyed..." Tony also thought he had misheard.

After the war, he once studied Thor's hammer, knowing how powerful it was, its materials, its magic, and its power, and it was completely worthy of the name.

But was crushed in one blow?

Tony frowned and walked around where he was.

"Tony." Sol couldn't help but yelled again.

"I know, I know." Tony stretched out his palm as if he wanted to make a gesture, but quickly put it down and looked at Sol, "Since that war, I have been preparing and preparing to deal with The real person behind, the rest of the people cant understand me, they dont know why I do everything I do, but, I think Im ready, Jarvis, start all the Eternal class warships, and leave ten The two ships are scattered in the orbit of the earth, and the remaining twenty-four ships are all ready for the jump, address-Asgard."

"Yes, sir." Jarvis's voice sounded.

Several bases distributed on the earth started silently, and the Eternal-class space battleships took off, became invisible, and sailed into space without anyone noticing them.

This is Tony's preparation this year.

Thirty-six Eternity-class battleships!

Of course, his preparations are not only these, but this is indeed the biggest trump card. It is something that can be done only by pooling huge resources. Tony does not know if he is ready to solve Thanos, but this is an opportunity , An opportunity not to draw the flames of war on the earth, but to solve everything in outer space.

"Thank you very much, Tony, you will always be Asgard's best ally." Sol couldn't help but hugged Tony again. "Let's go over now, what about the rest?"

Speaking of the rest, Tony's face became gloomy.

"You know, we had a big quarrel last time, and then a lot of things happened. They saved my father-killing enemy...Anyway, I have a complete fallout with them now."

It really fell out completely.

Tony is even wanted and looking for them all over the world.

He wants Bucky's life.

"I'm sorry, but there is a famous saying in Asgard that true friends will never leave you. This is what my grandfather said." Sol comforted, but obviously, he was just a little regretful and could think Not on it.

In fact, the power of the others is completely dispensable compared to Tony who has received the gift of God.

Tony didn't waste any more time.

He went to prepare.

Then stood with Thor, calling for the Rainbow Bridge, a colorful light fell from the sky.

All of Tonys battleships are controlled by artificial intelligence. They are built on the jump engine developed from the Cherita battleship. It can make hundreds of jumps in a short period of time, almost equal to The transmission time of the Rainbow Bridge is comparable.

So when Tony arrived in Asgard, UU reading www.uukanshu.com all his warships also arrived in Asgard's outer space.

It just appeared.

The sound of fighting fills my ears.

The small place of Rainbow Bridge has suddenly become a key battlefield. A few soldiers of Asgard's tough defenders are like a monster army that pounced like a tsunami. Heimdall inserted the sword on the controller of Rainbow Bridge. , But he was already seriously injured, and a spear even penetrated his chest.

"Heimdall!" Saul hurried over, "how are you."

"You can't die, go to save the **** king first." Heimdall pointed to a place not far away.

That was the palace of Asgard. At this moment, the thundercloud made up for it, and the terrifying aura continued to emanate. It was the breath of the **** king.

Sol has a deep worry on his face.

He hadn't felt such a powerful aura from his father for a long time. Odin was indeed old. Every time he used his power, he was shortening his lifespan, let alone such fierce fighting.


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