Start Selling Jars From Naruto Chapter 737

Chapter 737: :this Is The Most Important


This word is full of derogatory meaning in this country, is considered the opposite of civilization, and will be criticized by all the population.

Tony never thought that this word would be added to himself one day.

He felt that he had never been confused.

"Pepper, I saw the appearance of a truly powerful civilization, where the hierarchy is strict, the will of the emperor is the will of everyone, and everything about the individual seems insignificant. This kind of concept that only Hydra can have is actually correct. The way?" Tony's eyes were indeed full of confusion.

Sometimes knowledge is not just a benefit.

The concept of human beings is formed by the knowledge acquired from childhood to large.

This will let people know what is right and what is wrong.

However, during this year, Tony lost his ideas, he was complicated and perplexed by the various knowledge in his mind.

After all, that knowledge is too much, too complicated, too powerful.

In addition to technology, if you want to find what you recognize from this knowledge, it takes time and talent. The smarter people are, the more they will take advantage.

"Whether it is the right path, I don't care." Pepper held Tony's palm firmly again, "But you haven't laughed for a long time. Even if you make your favorite mecha, you are not so happy. , Because youre not sure whether the mech you made is used to help others."

"But my personal will is insignificant in the face of human civilization."

"You put too much pressure on yourself, Tony, human civilization can't only rely on you to bear it."

"Before or not, but now I have knowledge beyond this civilization."


The conversation froze again, and they had actually conducted a conversation like this many times.

It's not a quarrel.

Tony is also full of doubts and even painful things about what he has done, but he believes in the knowledge he has obtained, and believes that only in this way can human civilization become stronger in the shortest possible time and surpass those alien civilizations. Surpass Thanos until there is no more danger.

He has carried the future of the entire earth civilization on his own body.

This is the arrogance of those who possess knowledge.

The same is true for Thanos. Even if no one can understand, he still thinks that this is a mission that only he can understand.

The conversation ended with Peppers departure, and the emotions between them also had problems. Tonys pain was that he thought Pepper could no longer understand him.

"Sometimes, I really hope that you are the true God." Tony took out the badge he hung around his neck and murmured, "I now understand why believers need God to guide their confusion."

This is not the first time he has tried to ask for help.

But there was no response.

Since I opened the jar that day and gained this knowledge, I have never seen that **** again.

But this time.

A voice suddenly appeared beside him.

"I am not obligated to guide your confusion, because the predicament is yours."

Tony turned around sharply.

The silent figure stood there quietly like this, moonlight shone on him like a phantom.


Tony was surprised and delighted, suddenly he didn't know what to say.

The silence just looked at him calmly like this.

After a while, Tony finally came over.

"I need help," he said. "The knowledge you gave me caused me pain."

"This is the characteristic of this series. I warned you long ago." Looking at him silently, his expression indifferent, "Useless people can't get power from knowledge."

"You mean, I'm a useless person?" Tony flushed a little, "but I defeated the alien warship."

"But your will has become dilapidated." Silent shook his head, "One is knowledge, and the other is your own heart. Just this level makes you shake."

The silence had to come out.

If he doesn't come out, Tony may realize it himself, but he may also fall into the abyss.

He somewhat ignored the impact of the knowledge system on people's ideas.

It's like an ancient person suddenly came to the modern age, looking at all kinds of exposed young ladies and sisters, felt that he was completely unacceptable, but the modern age is so powerful and prosperous, which makes him hesitate to insist on what he insisted in the past. , Is it the "dregs" that should be changed, and openness is the correct ethics.

This is the case with Tony now.

"I was indeed shaken." Tony's eyes were red, and he looked at the silence as if grabbing the last straw. "You are an existence that transcends everything. You have seen countless civilizations, and the knowledge you possess must be far beyond. Me, so please tell me what is right, is it my heart or my knowledge."

He wants to make human beings become stronger in the shortest possible time.

He knows what to do.

But he was tortured.

He has never been a devout believer, but when his heart is filled with confusion, it is an instinct to ask for help from a stronger being.

Tony looked at the silence pleadingly, eager to get answers from him.

"Do you know why I have never responded to you before?" asked silently, and then did not wait for Tony to answer, and gave the answer directly, "Because I don't care how you do it, the things you struggle with are His eyes are as small as dust."

Whether it is dictatorship or freedom.

Silence really doesn't care.

In the endless Marvel universe, even the Hydra Iron Man has it, so what if there is a dictator Iron Man.

Tony did not expect to get such an answer.

He looked at the silent and indifferent eyes, stepped back a few steps, gritted his teeth, seemed to be a little angry, but soon disappeared.

If there is really an omniscient and omnipotent God, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, then why should God care about the trivial wishes of believers.

Tony lowered his head, feeling depressed.

"You know, why am I here again?" Silence said again.

Tony raised his head abruptly and looked at him with eyes wide open.

"Your will has changed. Even if you have more knowledge in front of you, you will still hesitate to get it. I told you that the only thing I care about is your own will in your body. Most importantly, whether it is power or knowledge, everything in the jar is for your will." The silent tone is not as gentle as it used to be.

Tony was the first top can opener to be afraid of cans.

This may mean that the knowledge system is imperfect.

Or maybe it's just Tony's own problem.

But in any case, the silence has actually guided him.


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