Spare Me Great Lord Chapter 1272

1272 Any More

Lu Shu never felt that his schemes always failed. It was just that Chen Zuan and the rest laughed at him. Someone must have put a curse on him! This was definitely the case!

On one hand, he felt that there were too many mysterious coincidences that caused him to fail again and again. On the other hand, if this was not a curse, it would be a confession that he was a little negligent in his thoughts

Would Lu Xiaoshu admit to this? Definitely not.

Lu Shu silently pondered. Who in the world was cursing him

Lu Xiaoyu glanced at Lu Shu and asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Lu Shu told her about his worries and his belief that he was cursed. But Lu Xiaoyu expressionlessly rebutted, "Your IQ is just low. Don't be so conflicted about it."

"From Lu Shu's distress, +666!"

But there was no more time to think about it. The appearance of the second master had disrupted the rhythm of the Imperial Dragon Soldiers and the Imperial Dragon Soldiers were now in grave danger.

Two masters had attacked them, it was clear that Duanmu Huangqi was determined to kill all the Imperial Dragon Soldiers.

But Duanmu Huangqi was missing a lot of information. It would be very difficult for him to know that Lu Xiaoyu could control several master realm spirits.

If he knew all of Lu Shu's strength, he would have known that Anthony would hide underneath the Imperial Dragon Soldiers with Johnson and the Bishop and were waiting for him to attack!

Lu Shu had said that he needed all the Imperial Dragon Soldiers. He really needed all of them!

When the second master appeared behind Zhang Weiyu, and when Lu Xiaoyu controlled Anthony and Bishop to kill this master, something unexpected suddenly occurred. Sun Xunwen, who had not been seen for a long time, stepped out of a void and appeared in front of the master!

Lu Shu finally understood. Sun Xunwen had to prove his worth and he would not miss such an important moment. He was truly formidable, for he always took action at the most crucial moments.

Perhaps Sun Xunwen and some old wealthy families had been mediocre and unambitious before they advanced to the master realm. But now that Sun Xunwen had become a master, he was on a whole new level, both in terms of spirit and strength.

Sun Xunwen's sudden appearance caught the master who was about to attack Zhang Weiyu, off guard. He had always been on guard against Lu Shu, who was in the sky. He did not expect Sun Xunwen to complicate the situation.

But a master was still a master. His reflexes were very sharp!

His blue gloves were made out of an unknown material. Originally, he aimed for Zhang Weiyu's back, but now he aimed straight at Sun Xunwen.

Sun Xunwen smiled, but did not speak. The ornament on his head seemed to be alive. The golden cicada, which had been quiet, suddenly flapped its wings quickly and charged at the master. It was as fast as lightning.

Upon closer inspection, there was a needle on the golden cicada's mouth. It seemed to be able to suck out brains!

Before the master's attack could land on Sun Xunwen, he could not help but retreat backwards.

In terms of strength, Sun Xunwen did not have as much experience as the other master. But Sun Xunwen dared to counter this wave and fight for the position of Lord of Heaven. He had the confidence!

Sun Xunwen quickly forced this master out of the battlefield. They made their way to the south as they battled each other. It would be hard to determine the winner for some time.

The master from the West Capital, who was surrounded by the Imperial Palace Soldiers, saw that it would be hard for him to control the situation. His cold voice sounded throughout the entire city. "What are you waiting for? If you keep waiting, there will be nowhere for you to hide in the Luniverse!"

He was talking to the aristocrats in the West Capital. These aristocrats were like the wealthy families in the palace. They did not want to be involved, but who could think only of themselves in a war like this?

At this moment, it was not that they wanted to go through life and death with Duanmu Huangqi and the West Capital but they really had no other choice but to do so.

Some wanted to pledge their loyalty to Lu Shu, but the imperial edict was still in effect. To these people who did not know the truth, the palace of the King of Gods was more frightening.

They did not know how many parties and how much resentment were involved in this battle. They did not know how many arcane truths were hidden in the history of the palace either. To major figures like them, this was simply a step they could make use of.

The imperial edict from the palace of the King of Gods had already reached this place. Even the wealthy families from the palace had been forced to come here and were sent to their deaths. They were no exception.

For a period of time, many practitioners flew out of the West Capital. They had no choice but to attack. If Duanmu Huangqi won, they would not be able to bear his rage.

It was very hard to change ideas. They knew that Lu Shu was very strong and they also knew that the Wei Wu Army that Lu Shu led was very strong. But in their hearts, they felt that Duanmu Huangqi would win, as it had been this way for 1000 years.

Lu Shu laughed coldly. To the Imperial Dragon Soldiers, this was just a brief interlude. He looked at the 100 Rank One aristocrat Practitioners and laughed. "Any more?"

Any more? Why did he ask this?

For some reason, the aristocrats suddenly broke out in a cold sweat. They suddenly realized that Lu Shu had never paid attention to them and above them was a vortex and ominous lightning clouds.

Lu Shu and Coral looked at each other. A Gungnir suddenly appeared in Coral's hand and flew towards the aristocrats from the West Capital. At the same time, the vortex in the sky responded to the Gungnir!

A silver waterfall fell from the sky. It was as if the world had been cut apart. If this was a painting, the lightning was the remains after the painting was torn apart!

Under the threat of nature, even masters had to treat this seriously. But the people under the heavenly punishment were only Rank Ones!

No matter how many Rank Ones there were, they were simply Rank Ones!

The aristocrats finally understood why Lu Shu asked "any more". Lu Shu was upset that there were too few people! Lu Shu wanted to kill all the aristocrats in the West Capital in one go!

Before today, the aristocrats had never heard of a Rank One who had to undergo a heavenly punishment. From today onwards, they would!

The Gungnir was so fast that even the aristocrats could not dodge it. The Gungnir was like the key that unlocked the heavenly punishment. Thus, the lightning was aimed at the aristocrats.

Lu Xiaoyu seemed a little wary and she controlled Anthony to build a wall of sand, locking the aristocrats within the walls.

At that moment, the sky was a ceiling, and the ground was a jail. The lightning punishment caused everyone to fall into despair.

When lightning flashed, there was nothing left inside the prison. The master who was surrounded by the Imperial Palace Soldiers looked about in despair. It was as if he was continuously being dragged into an abyss. The Lord of Heaven in the palace behind him did not plan to attack. Why?

Had he given up!

The civilians, who had been running about, were dumbfounded when they saw this. They heard the young man in the sky laugh once more. "Any more?"

No one dared to answer.

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