Solo Leveling Up Chapter 13

13 Episode 13: It Is Not Good To Attract Many Eyes.

The gaze itself is burdensome, but I did not want to be known to the others.

Did you scrape it off?

I wanted to raise my stats silently without anyone knowing.

'There's nothing wrong with going out of the hospital.'

Fortunately, all the tests were normal.

It was possible to discharge at any time.

No, the association or hospital seemed to want to leave it quietly.

It would be a shame to spend a lot of money on Hunter's treatment costs, which are only E grade.

S-class hunters are one of the preferences, and although they claim to pay all the costs in the country, it was a story of a different world that was not related to Jinwoo.

So I thought it was not a bad choice to leave the hospital.

I just wanted to check it out.

"I put it where "

Jinwoo, who ran through his pocket, came up with something.

It was a golden key.

The key is that it looks like a jewel because of its simple form.

For a long time, Jinu looked into the key and put it back into his pocket.

*** I am in the process of being discharged, but a young nurse is running in a hurley.

"Huck, huck! Sung Jin-woo, are you going to leave now? "

"Yeah? Ah yes."

It was Choi Yu-la who was a charge nurse.

Yura had an unhappy expression on the word of discharge.

Jinwoo did not know the English language and became a puzzled face.

I wanted to make a mistake, but there was no straw.

Yura hesitated and pulled out a small note.

"Could you write me a contact?"


"Yeah If you do not mind. "

Is there something like a test result to send later?

Jinwoo accepted the note without any thought.

But the only thing I received from Yura was a note.

Jinu looked up and looked at her face.

"Why, why?"

"there I do not have a pen. "

"Oh, oh, wait a minute."

Yura climbed and ran around as if I did not think I was in a hurry.

"Uh, wait? If it's a pen '

Think about it for a while.

At one point the ballpoint pen was in his hand.

When I think of the ballpoint pen I put in the inventory, it automatically appears.

Once I put the items in inventory, I could freely put them in my mind.

It was a convenient function of the inventory.

Jinwoo confirmed his hand and called Yura.

"I found a ballpoint pen."

"Oh yeah? Huh I'm glad. "

Yura put his hand on his chest and sighed a relief.

Jinwu wrote down his phone number and smiled.

It was like this every time.

Things that came out of the random box have to be used once in a while.

The rain came down the next day when the raincoat came out, and the glass cup came out the day before the water purifier paper cup fell.

Sometimes I did not need anything like a band-aid, but most of it was used appropriately.

"Here you go."

I accepted the note that Jinwu handed over with the happy face of Yura.

Then he leaned back.

"Then I'll ask you."

"Oh, yes, thank you very much."

Yura turned around quickly and disappeared suddenly.

Jin woke to his head while watching the back of Yura.

'by the way What do you ask for? "

A cute nurse is greeted with a greeting.

Jinwoo went out of the hospital with such an idea.

*** The first place I visited was the Hunter Association building in Guro-gu, Seoul.

The Hunters' phones had to apply directly to the association because they use special devices.

The association staff said to look into the monitor.

"Hunter's phone seems to be out in two weeks."

"Yes? Does it take so long? "

Jinwoo circled his eyes.

The pawn that he had was smashed when he was chased by the priest in the underground shrine.

But it takes two weeks for the new phone to come out.

"If you need to use a phone in a hurry, I can borrow a temporary phone, but it costs about 50,000 won."

50,000 won I do not live, and the money I have to borrow is only 50,000 won.

Considering the current funding situation, it was too big.

'I do not have any reason to contact you anyway.'

The association will call home if the phone is not available. So, there was no reason to borrow money from a temporary phone.

Jinwu shook his head.

"I'll just wait."

"Okay. As soon as we receive the new device, we will send it to your home. "

"Thank you."

Jinwoo got up from his seat.

This is the end of the day.

The Quest for Daily Quest came to an end today, and the process of applying for a new phone to stop at the association quickly ended.

Jinwoo exited the association building and pulled out the golden key again.

'Now I will recognize this.'

The key information came up in green letters.

[Item: Dungeon Key] Difficulty: E Class Type: Key The key to move to the Instant Dungeon. You can use it at exit 3 of subway station.

I was in a random box that I received as a reward for the Daily Quest.

At first it was a key, but when I saw the difficulty of getting up, I realized that it was not a normal thing.

I had a definite reason for going out of the hospital.

'The entry point of an instant dungeon '

Even if it is an instant dungeon, the dungeon is a dungeon.

Dungeons have a lot of painful memories.

He had participated in the E class raid and suffered major injuries and had been in the hospital for a week.

I was able to live with my colleagues at the time

If you can enter the dungeon with this key, you must move around alone.

I decided to worry.

'If you go in and out for a while, there is no difference.'

You can run away if you get hurt.

Nowadays, I keep running every 10 kilometers, and I was confident of running away.

*** It was a mistake to think so easily.

Boom, Boom!

"The wall Is it? "

I knocked against the invisible wall and screamed toward the outside, but there was no response.

People were only going to be busy on their way.

Sometimes, people walked inside Hapjong Station, but their appearance was immediately lost to the transparent walls.

It seemed to be another space here and beyond.

Jin-woo tried to force me to try to get out again message again.


[I can not leave the dungeon. Kill the boss or bring him back.]

It was the same thing as before.

The key to the dungeon I had was disappeared as soon as I stepped into the exit 3, and when Jinwoo felt the work was turned, he was already blocked.

I thought there might be a gate or a secret gate to go to the dungeon somewhere at exit 3, but it was different from what I expected.

And unlike normal dungeons, free movement was impossible.

"It's different from a dungeon "

Jin looked back with a sigh.

It was a subway station that changed into a jungle.

The vine on the wall sprawled, and as the corpse rotted, I felt a faint smell.

There have been occasional hearings of beasts crying from afar.

""There was not an entrance somewhere near Hapjung Station, but the entire Hapjung station was a dungeon.

Jin took out a steel sword from the inventory.


[Item: Kim Sang-sik's Steel Sword] ATK +10.

The back is blocked and there is no way to contact others, so I have to move forward.

Jinwoo swallowed his spit and slowly went down the stairs.

I breathed and looked around, but there was not much to see.

But it was a no-show.

There were a lot of them who could hide their position even if their rank was not high.

No, it 's not a high rating, but it might be aiming at a surprise.

I passed through the bathroom and went inside, and underground shops came out.

The shops were old and crumpled and reminiscent of ruins.

I was saddened to see the ruined shops and fellow passages under dim fluorescent lights.

Ting, Ting.

Several fluorescent lights blinked as if they had reached the end of their lives.

As he walked on the weeds tall over the broken tiles, Jinwu felt a certain sense of energy and looked around.

""Everywhere was calm but I could see my gaze somewhere.

And that smell.

Around the time when the animal died and the flies were boiling, the stinking odor was flowing out.

It was an unfamiliar smell to Jinwoo who frequented the dungeon.

'This smell is Beast-type Mashuda. '

But I could not find anywhere around.

Just as if you were hiding for a prey.

'Hiding and seeing the opportunity?'

If so, I will give you a chance.

Jinwoo turned purposely and showed his back.

And slowly began to go back the way I came.

A beast will be attacked if the opponent shows his back.

The beast-type mastermind is not much different.

It was when I walked about three times like that.


The shop window at the back of the store was broken and something popped out.

After landing something on the ground, he immediately jumped to the neck of Jinwoo.


Jin-woo, who was preparing for the attack in advance, heard a sound and almost simultaneously swung the sword backward.

Reflexive movement!


I cut off the jaw of the beast that the sharp blade was flying at.

The guy who fell away from Jinwoo scrambled to the floor.

"Keying, keying!"

It was a big wolf with red hair.

The wolf, whose mouth was cut off, was painful and rubbed around.

As you can see, his name was floating on his head like the ones you saw in the penalty zone.

Steel teeth lycan.

But unlike then, it was a white name, not a red one.

'I do not have time to lick!'

It was an opportunity now that he was wounded and unable to move.

Jinwoo fired.

As he ran and hit the sword firmly, his head was cut off.


Lycan breathed out in front of the crowd.

[I have killed steel teeth lycan]


But the joy of doing it for a while!

Two other lycans were hiding out in the darkness beyond the show window.

Were there any colleagues?

Jinwoo's eyes grew bigger.


They had to close the streets in an instant, revealing their ghastly teeth.

Jinwoo's hair was wrinkled.

I was so excited that I hit it too hard, and the sword that was deep inside the floor did not fall easily.

'It got caught somewhere.'

Then one Lycan jumped up to the face of Jinwoo.


Jinwu shrugged his neck.

The lycan over the head of Jinwoo was unable to control the speed and put a hit on the floor.


When his teeth were stuck, the stone floor was cracked.

'It's not steel teeth.'

But I could not afford to admire it.

It was because another one was running from the front yet.

Black did not show any signs of falling still.

"Damn it!"

Jin-woo, who gave up the sword without a lot of numbers, flew as hard as he could toward Lycan.


I heard the sound of an eerie wind and the fist came out on the day.

Fuck it!

Lycan's head broke in the blow.

The lycan body, which had lost its head, struck the ceiling, and slid down the floor.


"?"Jin saw his eyes open and looked at his fist.

It was unexpected force.
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