Solo Leveling Up Chapter 12

12 Episode 12: but I Do Not Know

I wanted to be anonymous and posted an article in Hunter's cafe.

[Title: Strange thing happened.]

[Content: Suddenly you can see the stats like the game, you can raise the stats. Is anyone in the process of doing something like me?

Below them, the comments were bursting.

Anonymous: Fuck you, chuckle.

Unnamed: Is not that just crazy?

Anonymity: The taste is gone.

Anonymous: I think you've played too much

Anonymous: Are you a cartoonist?

Anonymity: to the nearest hospital.

Anonymity: Do not get caught up in the middle of the game, but you have to make a caf waterfall.

All the dozens of comments were similar.


Jin took a sigh of relief.

I spent quite a long time, but I did not have any income.

At the cafe, I was pointed out that I was a freak.

If you do not have the information

"I think I'm the only one."

Unique (only one).

The only Hunter in the world!

I do not know how much this will help, but the limits of growth will be limited.

Looking around, the night was already deep.

"When is the time like this "

Jinwoo frowned.

I was watching my monitor until late, and my eyes were dim.

Jin-woo, who had touched Myeong-gwan, got up and relaxed with stretching.

I can move my body around.

I broke my side into a starter and found two boxes lying on the floor.


Random box.

Two small boxes tied with ribbons on a solid wrapping paper that might come out of the game. 'You were out of bed when you were shivering.'

I was forgetting the box I was given as compensation.

Jinwoo picked up a box nearby and opened it.

"adhesive plaster?"

At first glance, I was staring at 'it', which looked like a bandage, and the information came up in green letters.

[Item: Band-Aid] It is good to put it on a small bandage, an ordinary band-aid. Can be kept in inventory.

"It's a real bandage."

I was hoping that there would be special features like treasures available in the dungeon, but it was not.

'I did not hear a bandage coming out of the dungeon '

Jinwoo was a disappointment, half of the expectation, and even another box.

There, a ballpoint pen came out.

I looked over and over and tried to push the tip out of the ball, but this was also a normal ballpoint pen.

[Item: Ballpoint] A normal ballpoint pen, good for notes. Can be kept in inventory.

The random box seemed to literally burst out random things.


Still, there was no income at all.

Though I did not need a band-aid or a pen, I noticed the existence of the inventory thanks to these two guys.

The other objects in the room seemed to be characteristic of things that came out of the random box.


When I invoked the inventory, a graphics warehouse with dozens of spaces was created in the air.

Level 1 User's warehouse is empty and empty I did not.

There was one familiar item in the first box of the inventory that I thought would be empty.

"That ?"

Jinwoo pulled it out.


[Item: Kim Sang-sik's Steel Sword] ATK +10.

It was Mr. Uncle Kim's sword which was picked up in the underground shrine.

I thought you left it in the gate.

"Nice to meet you."

Jinwoo laughed.

It was nice to see you again because I was a sister who went through Sichuan together.

And it was also a bad thing to be left as a mia of this space.

'Did Mr. Kim say he bought this for 3 million won?'

Hunters' weapons may seem plain to the outside, but they are not.

Masquers do not get hurt unless they have magical weapons. Of course, it is expensive because it is a weapon made to deal with such people.

'I'll have to write this for the time being.'

There was no money to buy a weapon for the Hunter, and it was the position that fought in the bodily.

It was cheap swordsmanship, but it was Sengdokji.

'It's mine now.'

Kim may rush into his mouth to bubble back to see this sword.

He is selfish enough to run away from the benefactor who saved himself.

However, this Kendo, this chance all the lives of the changed hands.

I had no intention of returning easily.

Jinwoo's eyes were worn.

In the underground shrine, Jinwoo learned two things.

One was to be strong.

I had to die many times because of weakness.

Not only that.

Although I know the result clearly, I did not stop the young man from the choir, and I knew that Mr. Kim was wrong, and I could not help Mr. Song.

I knew what was right to survive, but closed my eyes.

To be ashamed, it had to be stronger.

And another one.

'You do not need unnecessary kindness.'

What came back after kindness was betrayal of colleagues.

Three of his colleagues ran away, with his own inconvenient behavior.

I was angry, but nobody came back.

They did not remember who saved their lives.

'Gib and take.'

Now I will not be in crisis with unconditional goodwill.

The most important thing is your own life.

It was a lesson that Jinwoo could learn from before death.

Stronger, more poignant.

"can do."

Jinwoo was one of the people who hardly forgot what he learned once.

*** No stalls. The nurse, Choi Yoo-lae, was unraveling her friend until late.

"Oh right."

Yura has come to the conclusion that his friend is an employee of the Hunter Association.

It was a virtue of a friend that he was able to enter the Hunter designated large hospital.

"You know about Hunter?"

"I know as much as anyone else. Why?"

"Do you happen to have a hurter with something that hurts hurt quickly?"

"They are healer hunters. If you have a single healing spell, you can do it! "

"no no. Not magic. Unconsciously. "


"For example, you fainted or It's a state of sleep. "

My friend shook his head.

"Oh, that's ridiculous. It's a tremendous ability to regenerate.

"Not among the people?"

"Yes, I have never heard of Hunter with such abilities."

"That right?"

Were you mistaken?

Yura nodded his head.

My friend said then.

"But I do not know, S-class hunters might be possible. "

At the end of his friend, Yura heard his head.

"S grade?"

"S-class hunters are so freaky, and there is not much information publicly available. What did you say? Baek Yoon-ho Hunter of the Baekho guild says he can transform into a real monster. "

But Sung Jin-woo was an E-class Hunter.

The hunters' ratings are available on the association's site, so anyone could easily search for them if they liked it.

Yura, who was curious about what happened this morning, went to the association's website and learned about Sungjin.

'To have such a special ability, his grade is too low Ah!'

Hunters re-awakening!

Then I remembered that when I passed by Jin-woo's ward yesterday or yesterday, I heard a reverberating sound in it.

'Did not you re-awaken him as a senior Hunter?'

Ordinary people do not get to know S-class hunters, but it's hard to come across them once.

It is because the number of S class is so small and all of them are busy without any mind.

But what is it, a great person becomes his patient.

It is a Hunter now in grade S from E class.

'If there are not many people who know the value of that person yet '

If you take the score now, is it possible for you to come back to yourself?

It is not easy to get acquainted with the S-class Hunter.

It was the senior hunters who were hard to meet even with money.

The smile grew more and more on the face of Yura who unfolded his imagination.

"Oh, bitch. Anything good? Why do not you talk about it? "

"Oh, no. never mind."

Yura could not easily erase his smile on his face while stretching his elongated head.

8. Level up!

"Oh, look at him."

"That patient body was like that originally?"

Two young nurses stared at Jinwoo passing through the corridor.

Jinwoo went back to the chick room where the nails were not heard.

One week after starting the daily quest.

Several changes have begun to emerge.

One of them was a change in the body.

Jinwoo stood in front of a mirror in the corner of the room.

"Hmm, well."

I look at the body in front of the whole mirror.

There is no one who seems to be able to behave appropriately to a college student, but after a couple of hurts, I was able to face the mirror straight.

But also It has changed.

My body was changing.

'I got muscles.'

The most noticeable change was the increase in muscle.

The sulk disappeared and the muscles began to increase.

Thanks to this, the shoulders have widened, and the body shape itself is larger than before.

'But it does not look dull.'

As many muscles as needed.

If I say the whole comment, is it 'sloppy'?

It was not unusual for a young man or nurse to be behind the army, even if he looked okay as a man himself.

'That's probably because of this too.'

Jinwoo has brought up a status window.


Name: Sungjin Level: 1 Profession: None Title: None HP: 100 MP: 10 Fatigue: 0 [Stats] Power: 31 Stamina: 10 Dexterity: 10 Intelligence: 10 Sensation: 10 (Ability Ability Points: Passive Skills: (Unknown) Lv.MAX, Lv.1 Active skill: Sprint Lv.1 muscle strength was over 30 now.

I do not know what the efficiency of other stats is, so I focused on the strength stats that clearly show the effect.

It is also the force that is most helpful when catching a mage.

'I have only been working a few days and my body shape will not change.'

Then there is a possibility to think.

Muscle strength has been rising steadily so that the muscles are turning into shapes that can extract the maximum efficiency. Other reasons were hard to guess.

I was worried for a moment, but I was afraid because I was looking at a different body.

'But it is very visible.'

The number of nurses' mouths is increasing and increasing.

It is a woman who has a job of dealing with a person's body.

The good-sounding Jin-u did not miss each time his name came up nearby.

'Is it time to get out of the way?'
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