Sign In From Naruto Book 2 Chapter 515

Vol 2 Chapter 515: Long Live Wakanda

If Techara can mass-produce her vibranium battle suit and distribute it to every Wakanda fighter, it might be tricky for Oshemaru's troops.

However, Techara's vibrating jersey is the only one.

In addition to him, the most high-end defense method for people here is the transparent defensive cloak.

is to intercept conventional bullets at most.

Not to mention the improved Chakra bullets of Dashe Pill, even Thanos vanguard, once forced these people into desperation.

If it weren't for Thor who got the Storm Axe, he would save the field in time.

I am afraid that Wakanda at that time will probably be pushed by the vanguard.

"At that time, the Anti-Hulk Warframe, Captain Rogers, Wanda the Witch, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Gears of War and other superheroes all appeared on this battlefield."

Xu Fan couldn't help but complain that the current Wakanda's combat power was incomparable to that at that time, and then ordered Oshe Maru to launch an attack.

The result is the same as Xu Fan imagined.

As the Panthers, Techara is ready. Like the bridge in "Avengers III", he has made some encouraging actions.

And in the low growl of the classic "Wakanda Long Live", Techara took the lead.

His movements are as agile as a cheetah, leading the others far behind him.

Okoye, Wakabi, and the leaders of other tribes all followed closely behind.

All of their hands are made of high-end technology with vibrating gold.

Such an army is enough to sweep any enemy on the earth.

"it has started."

Oshemaru's eyes narrowed, he was full of curiosity about Wakanda.

And he is the commander-in-chief of this war.

Looking at the Wakanda warrior who went forward bravely, his eyes gradually became feverish.

"Junmaro, let's have a good fight."

Oshemaru spread out his arms and also joined this war.

"Yes, Lord Oshemaru."

Junmaru replied to Oshemaru, and ran likewise, his target was directly locked on Techara.

This situation can be seen by everyone, and Techara is the leader of these people.

He is also the biggest threat in this war.

As Oshemaru's most proud pawn, he should get rid of this guy.

At the same time, Oshemaru also bit his finger. After forming the seal of psychic technique, he psyched up ten thousand snakes on the spot.


Wan She, who was disturbed to be quiet, was naturally unhappy.

However, Da She Wan knew very well how to deal with this grumpy Wan snake.

"Did you see the enemies in front of you, they are all my food for you."

Oshemaru's mouth raised, and said with a smile.

Even if it is conservatively estimated, there are tens of thousands of Wakanda fighters gathered here.

They are enough to make Wan She a meal.

Wanshe calmed down first, twisted his body, and glanced at the dense Wakanda warriors.

Although they look a little strange and dark, they do look human.

In this way, I really don't have a reason not to shoot.

So Wan She also took a deep breath and rushed to the ground, twisting her body quickly, rushing towards the food in her eyes.

As for the ninjas and prisoners, they also picked up the slight charge in their hands, or other weapons, and launched their blasts.

It is worth mentioning that when Wan Snake was psyched up by Oshe Pill, countless Wakandas were shocked to the extreme.

They have never seen such a huge snake.

If Ten Thousand Snakes did not appear on the battlefield, but some kind of mysterious corner of Wakanda, they would most likely regard it as a snake god.

But now, what they need to think about is how to fight against this big python.

is the prisoners and ninjas who carry their guns.

Okye was unexpected.

"Those weapons, are they firearms?"

"They would use such backward technology."

"It looks like a primitive man."

The members of the Royal Guards couldn't help but complain.

They had already prepared the other party to use magic, or some other technology.

On the contrary, it is this kind of offensive tactics that choose to use firearms, which they have never thought of.

And there is no doubt that the bullets fired from the barrel can't penetrate their vibrating cloak.

should be so.

Actually, the moment these ninjas and prisoners pull the trigger.

Everyone, including Okye, couldn't understand the current situation.

densely packed bullets flew over, and they all opened their golden cloaks for defense.

But as soon as the bullet hit the cloak, a raging fire burst out from it, ruthlessly devouring everything around it.

The grassland was instantly lit, and the fire spread to the surroundings.

Although the vibrating cloak can withstand bullets, it cannot absorb the existence of flames.

The fire followed the clothes of these people and turned them into fire people.

But this is only an effect that Chakra showed.

In addition to the raging fire, there are more powerful wind escape bullets, and thunder escape bullets that can paralyze people and control them.

was regarded as a backward primitive attack method by these Wakanda people, and it caused them a headache in a blink of an eye.

To make matters worse, the huge snake is about to approach them!

"Charge, Long live Wakanda!"

Okoye growled first.

At this moment, dispersing the team, or retreating, will only make the situation worse.

The only way she could think of was to rush into the opponent directly under the rain of bullets.

Only in this way can they block their advantage of long-range offense.

As for that snake...

"Wakabi, haven't they come yet?"

Okye contacted Wakabi through a communicator.

For this battle, Wakanda must use all his strength.

"Just right."

Wakabi reacted without even thinking about it, and blew a whistle to guide his secret "weapon."


The sound of wild beasts running wildly came from a distance~wuxiaworld.online~ Along with the rising smoke, countless rhinos quickly joined the battlefield.

The one running in the forefront is naturally the white rhino that Wakabi has been raising!

And these rhinos are all wearing vibrating armor, which not only enhances their defensive power, but also enhances their offensiveness.

Following Wakabis order, all these rhinos rushed towards the ten thousand snakes.

"Your Majesty, leave it to us here."

Okye quickly contacted Techara again.

She knew very well in her heart that to win this war, Xu Fan must be resolved.

Soldier vs. Soldier!

King vs. King!

If any monsters appear on the battlefield, they must solve them and give Techara enough physical strength to deal with Xu Fan.

"Please, please."

Techara responded to Okye, bending her knees vigorously, and then jumped up.

When he flew into the air, his five fingers grabbed his fist and slammed the ground.


A purple energy field spreads to the surroundings, sending countless prisoners out.

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