Sign In From Naruto Book 2 Chapter 513

Vol 2 Chapter 513: 5 Minutes

Wakanda not only has very advanced technology, but also has a strong tactical system.

Besides, surprise attack is the most conventional combat method.

Even the most ordinary warrior in Wakanda understands how useful it is.

Not to mention Princess Su Rui, who has a super IQ.

If she could cast such teleportation magic, she would have opened the portal behind others for a sneak attack.

Either the other party can't do this at all.

But Princess Su Rui didn't think so.

The remaining possibility, no matter how impossible it sounds, it is the only correct answer.

That is...

The opponent doesn't even bother to use such sneak attack tactics!

Not only did disdain to use it, he was also confident that even if Wakanda was given enough time, they would not be able to resist his attack!

No matter what angle it is.

This kind of thought is a humiliation to Wakanda!

"Damn it."

Princess Su Rui gritted her teeth, she wanted to understand everything at this moment.

At the same time, she also had to admit that if the intruder this time was really the mysterious person.

is really what Xu Fan said.

He does have such confidence and capital.

But this is not the reason Princess Su Rui did nothing.

saw her take a deep breath, stepped her legs apart, and hurriedly left the combat command room.

gave this place to his cronies.

asked them to always pay attention to Xu Fan's movements.

Once there is any wind and grass.

must report to her in time.

As for her destination, it was naturally the place where Techara accepted the ceremony.

In about a few minutes, Princess Su Rui came here.

High Priest Zu Li, Royal Guard Captain Okoye, and Wakabi who is in charge of national defense.

all surrounded Techara.

"your Highness."

Okye and Wakabi got up as soon as they saw Princess Su Rui appeared, and greeted the princess who had suddenly visited.

The same goes for the high priest Zu Li.

But in terms of identity, the high priest also needs Princess Su Rui's respect.

"He is back."

However, Princess Su Rui knew very well that Wakanda didn't have much time.

With a low voice, she told the person in front of her what had happened.

That Xu Fan.

That demon.

That mysterious man.

He is back.

And this time, he is not alone, but leads an army of tens of thousands!

He is here to start a war!

For this reason, Princess Su Rui felt that the person they needed most now was their brother Gotchara.

That's why she came here.

Okye and Wakabi looked at each other.

No one thought that the situation would suddenly take a turn for the worse.

They even thought of a possibility.

The opponent might have spotted this opportunity, so he launched an attack at this time.

But whatever the truth is.

An extremely cruel fact lay before them.

Techara is still in a coma.

He just accepted the ceremony.

Take the test.

It's not that the person can wake him up suddenly by running here.

The high priest Zu Li's face turned pale, and he looked embarrassed.

On the one hand, he knows the importance of Techara.

On the other hand, he also knew that the ceremony could not be interrupted.

"Okye, now we can only delay time by ourselves."

Wakabi finally took a deep breath and said.

At least before Techara wakes up, he has to buy enough time.

"we can only do this."

Okye focused his head and agreed with Wakabi's decision.

Then, regardless of Princess Su Rui's reaction, they left here directly to the front line.

Just when he was about to disappear from Princess Su Rui's sight, Okoye couldn't help but turn around and asked about the energy barrier.

That is the defense that Wakanda is proud of.

is a solid barrier that is indestructible.

Even at the end of "Avengers III", it is not easy for Vanguard to break through.

If it's not for fear of being attacked in the rear.

Just such a barrier is enough to kill many vanguards.

This alone is enough to explain the power of the energy barrier.

But I dont know why...

Princess Su Rui didn't think this barrier could play any role.

Unless the Black Panther God Buster can block the opponent's magic.

'S words caused Okoye to fall into silence.

She understands that this is not a barrier problem, but that the enemy is too strong.

at the same time

Techara who fell into a lethargy was not so at ease.

At this time, he was in the dreamland. With the guidance of his father Tchaka, he finally met the **** who guarded Wakanda.

Black Panther God.


Buster, who appeared in front of Techara, looked like a giant panther.

Her gaze is aggressive, examining Techara's mind.

In fact, before Te Chala appeared here, Te Chaka had already told him everything he knew.

Face the panther god.

Techara seemed particularly religious.

However, he didn't come here to worship.

He came to seek the power and method to defeat Xu Fan.

This also Buster fell into silence.

As for Xu Fan's identity, she knows more than Chaka and his son.

But facing Techara's questioning.

She had to tell the truth.

"The name of the person who invaded Wakanda was Xu. He used a very ancient magic, even dating back to the time I was born."

"That is a very powerful white magic, even me, I am not sure to defeat him."

"And he has come to Wakanda now."

While explaining Xu Fan's power, Buster is even more amazing.

Techara was stunned on the spot.

He never dreamed that Xu Fans second invasion would come so quickly.

In addition to Xu Fan himself, there are tens of thousands of troops.

They have both advanced technology and powerful magic wave~wuxiaworld.online~ Can we just wait and die? "

Te Chala couldn't help but ask.

He respects Buster very much. On the one hand, he loves this country even more.

"There is no way."

Buster shook his head, "Although I am not the opponent of the Supreme Master, I can still cut off the connection between him and Emperor Weishan."

"I can create some time for you so that the other party cannot use magic!"

"If you can kill him during this time, maybe... you can save Wakanda!"

Black Panther God Buster has a low voice.

Although she can't figure out why the Supreme Master would attack here.

But she didn't plan to do nothing.

She loves this country and her people.

"How much time do I have?"

Techara can't wait to ask.

"With my current power, I can create five minutes of time. This is your only chance, Techara."

Buster said.

"Five minutes?"

Te Chala frowned, and said firmly, "Enough."

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