Seven Years Of Love Chapter 20

17 Cough Cough

This is a preview, full chapter is coming soon!


I finally have a phone and been working on the update. And I have decided to transfer everything to a new account along with updates.

But...because of upcoming events that will be affecting my grade in school, I was only able to write up to 5 new chapters for "Seven Years of Love" and have yet to start updates for "Where Fate Leads"

Wahhhh!!! I'm sorry!! I failed you guys! There were times when I did think of dropping the novels, but recently small images and ideas to continue "Seven Years of Love" has appeared and so apparently I can't drop it and also it's because I already told everyone I wouldn't drop it.

Please look forward to my very slow updates. The only novels I will transfer is "Seven Years of Love" and "Where Fate Leads".

I will have a new account name and I will be updating the covers. Please be patient with me. Once I have successfully transferred everything I will post the name of my new account. Once I transfer it, everything on here will be deleted and yea, I have more work for me. I have a lot of coping and pasting to do. Hahaha.....ha @@
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