Seven Years Of Love Chapter 19

16 The Definition Of Rude

Our lunch was soon brought to us and the silence of Peng Ru's shock disappeared as she started devouring her food. You could say she was the definition of rude if you heard the trash she talks, but then, when you see her eating like this, you would say she is the definition of a pig. Even I could not have taken in all that food. Seeing that the hour was almost up, I brought up the topic we were talking about before.

"So, would you still like me to escort Peng Ru around MRY?" I asked before taking a sip of my frappe. Rong You didn't let Peng Ru answer the question which she was going to answer despite it being for him.

"I think I will introduce her to MRY, but since you won't be busy after this. Why don't you and your manager tag along?" my manager declined since he had business to do, but he allowed me to tag along with Rong You, which seemed to relive both Rong You and I. I didn't care if Peng Ru doesn't like it, but I don't like her since she is clearing holding onto my fianc's arm. I wish our relationship wasn't a secret, then I could also be holding Rong You's arm in public.

Seeing that Peng Ru wasn't going to be alone with Rong You, she began spouting rude comments again. And like before, I ignored it as I paid for the food and also order for takeout for others in the agency. Seeing how much money I was spending seemed to surprise even Peng Ru. On the other hand, Rong You wasn't looking so happy since I was spending too much money.

Rong You should be used to it though, I'm always donate thousands of dollars to many homeless shelter, animal shelters, and even to those in need in other countries. And giving away money doesn't stop there because I always treat others, even when Rong You and I are on a date. Though, I did get scolded for not letting Rong You pay for our dinners. Plus, I'm always buying lunch for my colleagues. It is more of a thank you when I buy them lunch because they always come to support me in my drama shoots and photoshoots in their spare time.

"I heard rumors that you worked as a manager for the rising music group called SOUL. The media said that you had some sort of relationship with one of the male member nd was forced to leave the group. I don't know how you were able to become the next Queen though with such a history behind your back." stated Peng Ru. Clearly I could no longer take her rudeness and blew up.

"First of all if you are thinking I pulled every one's attention to get to where I am now, you are wrong. When I was the manager of SOUL I only had close relationship with them like high school bestfriends, because some of the members were older than me. Third of all, if there was such a rumor, Rong You would have clearly not asked for me to become the next Queen since he is a serious person. Lastly, SOUL is rising in America and China, and they wouldn't continue rising if there was such a rumor." before I could continue even more Rong You stopped me and took over for me. I turned my head to the window to relieve my anger as he talked to Peng Ru. I didn't accept her apology.

Despite being in front of so many of my fellow friends, she still continued to talk trash of me. How is she going to fit in when she is so rude, not only that, she glanced at some of our top model and then stated in front of them, "Clearly these people need more makeup." I pulled Rong You away when Peng Ru was distracted.

"She is the defenition of rude, people like her are only good at making enemies." I told Rong You. Seeing that we were alone, he wrapped his arms aorund my waist from my back and replied, "Don't worry, she isn't really a new model. I actually brought her here to teach her a lesson. Last night I talked to the actual singers and actors and it turns out that the scandals are actually fake. I'm happy I was able to confirm it rather then rushing the idea to my head that the scandals were actually true, but after finding out the truth, I tracked down who was the one spreading the false rumors and it was no other then her. To be honest, I don't think this will stop her from spreading the false rumor because from what she had said to you today and how she acted towards you, I think you are her next victim." he warned before letting go of me and we walked back out to meet Peng Ru who was looking all over for Rong You. When she saw that Rong You and I had walked out towards her togther, she gave me a sharp glare before grabbing onto his arm.

Hearing what Rong You had just concluded with me, I let out a sigh full of tiredness. It was already horrible to have Peng Ru crawling all over my fiance, but being the victim of Peng Ru's false scandal would be even worse. I wonder who she will hook me up with. I guess the person will be determine if I end up walking outside this building with any men today. Since that was clearly what she was aiming for when she had followed me around after her trip around MRY.

I wasn't driven here today, but actually drove myself so I walked out of the building myself and entered my own car and quickly drove home not letting Peng Ru have time to even take a picture of me and photoshop someone with me.
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