Seven Years Of Love Chapter 18

15 Peng Ru

Not too long ago, Rong You and I finally had a date after so many days of business and barely seeing each other at home. After our date, Rong You had been coming home earlier and we had gone back to our regular schedule of having dinner together.

Recently, I had also just finished acting in the movie "Child Alone" (The one she was acting in before) and the rates have been booming around China. I was beginning to start attracting eyes from other countries now that the drama had gone viral, still, I liked it better without the fame.

I sigh as I stare at the two pictures framed and placed on my desk. One was a picture of SOLE and me when we had won the battle against BXC. The other picture, I placed my hand over it and traced the frame of it. It was a picture of Rong You and I when we were first engaged. Back then, I couldn't see myself smiling at all because our engagement was out of force. Now, I couldn't stop but smile in front of Rong You's presence.

When I heard the door opening, I quickly placed the picture back in its rightful spot and turned around. Rong You had entered my room through his door and was now walking towards me. Just like on our first day in this mansion together, he had just taken a shower. It had become a daily routine now though. He handed me the towel as I moved to my bed and he sat below, placing the back of his head between my legs. I put the towel over his head and started massaging his hair dry.

"How was work today?" he asked as he turned on the tv in my room. He was watching the drama 'Child Alone'.

"I'm doing good, but what about that scandal happening in JR Entertainment? Have you found a way to keep the scandal from spreading?" I asked him.

Recently scandals have been starting to appear a lot in our agencies. Because of this, Rong You has his work cut out for him. Not only is the problem big, but if it doesn't get fix, there is likely chance business could go downhill. The problem has been stressing out Rong You a lot since he is the CEO. Many agency not involved in the scandals are helping Rong You solve the problem, we are just hoping that this doesn't end up as big as it already is.

"Well, we have found a way to stop the rumors, but what has already been published can not be removed. I really don't want to remove anyone from the agency, but these scandals are a huge problem." I could hear the uneasiness in Rong You's tone as he continued to stare at the tv.

I pulled his head back so he was now facing me and leaned over to kiss him, "I'm sure everything will be fine. The fans will soon learn to support their idols relationship." I comforted him. He smiled and nodded before climbing on the bed to sit next to me.

(Next Day)

As I always did, I left a few hours before Rong You. When I got to my company, my manager flooded me with drama and television offers. Many of the offers had been accepted, but all my manager need was for me to go through with the new busy calender I have. Many of my shoots overlapped with other days, but because of this, my manager was going to give me three days off.

"Today at noon, the CEO has requested for you to have lunch with you because he wants to introduce a new member entering our agency to you." I nodded before my manger walked away and I was left on the couch with nothing to do. I played games on my phone till noon.

The car dropped us off at a luxurious cafe near the company. Rong You was waiting for us and helped me out of the car. I smiled and I kept my smile even when I saw the girl clinging onto Rong You's arm. As much as I wanted to show my face falling, I was in public so I should not do anything reckless like showing jealousy. Rong You didn't look comfortable with her next to him anyways. The woman had long wavy hair that was dyed purple and a very domineering aura. It was full of pride something every idol needs. The woman along with Rong You and I, including my manager were taken to our table.

"I'm glad you were able to make it. I have heard that you have accepted five drama offers along with many television offers." he said. I slightly smile and replied, "Yes, it seems my days are now booked. Because of this, my manager has allowed me to take three days off before I start my shoots." Once I said this, he leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Then we should go on a date before you are too busy to even kiss me goodnight." I blushed and turned away as he cleared his throat and spoke in his normal voice, "Well, I hope I can ask you a small favor since you won't be so busy for awhile. This lady is Peng Ru, she will be joining MRY agency from now on. Since you are the most famous and well know in the agency, I hope you can introduce her to others and help her fit in with others." I would have answered his request if Peng Ru of course had not blurted out first.

"But Rong You," she whined clinging onto Rong You's sleeve, "Why can't you just introduce me to the place, do I really have to be escorted by her?" she said turning to me and looking down on me. Being myself, I didn't take what she said to offense.

"Ah, I'm sorry if you don't feel confident being by me since you aren't the Queen. I'm sure you are just afraid to be looked down by others since you will be getting special treatments from me." was what I wanted to say, but I stayed silent. Clearly from the way I kept on eyeing her arms on Rong You's sleeve, Rong You could see the intense heat burning from my eyes. I cleared my mind and sat down clearing my throat to get their attention, "How about we continue this topic after ordering?" Though Peng Ru didn't agree with the idea, everyone else did.

"A Matcha Frappe and White Chocolate Fondue please," I turned my attention to everyone at the tabel after my order was taken, "Though the boss invited me today, be my guest and order what you would like. It is all on me." Peng Ru took this to advance and order half of what was on the menu. Despite being nice and paying for her huge meal, she decided to continue clinging onto Rong You's arm and then talk bad about me.

"You ordered too little, by any chance you have to be put on a diet so you won't get fat?" she asked with no embarrassment. Both my manager and Rong You who were having a nice talk while drinking wine splurted out their drink at her remark.

"Watch what you say to the Queen. If she was to be put on a diet, would she order something with so much sweet in it? Lihua was brought into the agency through natural beauty and talent. She isn't even wearing makeup right now, and she doesn't even need to wear makeup in most of her shoots." my manager said in defense, even taking a makeup remover and wiping my face with it. Because of his action, Rong You laughed while I sat wiping off the excess soap off my face. Though when it was supposed to be me in more shock, Peng Ru was the most shock, she looked at me with wide eyes and sized me from my face to my waist and then looking at the makeup remover wipe.

Clearly, the only one who had taken the effort to wear so much heavy makeup on their face was her.
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