Second Chance In The Apocalyptic World Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Dangerous Chloe

"Is there something that you two gentlemen need from me?" asked Matt with a smile on his face.

Bruce and Chris who looked at his smiling face didn't felt right in their gut. Bruce more than Chris as he was a detective in NYPD just until yesterday his instincts were much sharper than Chris and his instincts were telling him that the young man before him was dangerous. But even if Bruce knew that the young man in front of him was dangerous he didn't think much of it as he believed that he would be able to deal with him with his gun.

"Yes, there is something we would like your help with," said Bruce with a smile of his own.

"Oh! Then, please tell me what can I help you with" asked Matt

"Well, you see Mr. Matthew we have been having a hard time when we end up facing the zombies mostly because whenever we met them was when we were on the run, and they were quite a lot for us to deal with but the other reason was that not all of us were directly able to kill them. It is quite hard to do so with a baseball bat or iron rod you see hence we were hoping that you would exchange your axe with our iron rod or baseball bat" Bruce said

As Matt heard Bruce's words he really wanted to clap for such a diplomatic approach from him but on the other hand, he really wanted to beat him as well. How can he such things with a straight face!? Matt wasn't even sure that even politicians were capable of doing that but here in front of him was a detective telling him to exchange his weapon with them which for a normal person would be his lifeline during this time.

"I am sorry Mr. Bruce did you said that you want to exchange my axe with your Iron rod even though I have to get out of here and go back to my family and friends?" asked Matt

"No no, I wouldn't do that you Mr. Matthew as that would make me a monster, I was hoping that you would ask your female friend to do it as I am sure you and you friend Ethan must have been protecting her all the way till here so it wouldn't matter if she uses a rod or an axe now does it?" Bruce stated.

"Be that as it may Chloe wouldn't have the strength to protect herself with just an Iron rod if I and Ethan couldn't help her, as you know it takes a lot of strength to bash the head of a zombie, and Chloe being women won't be successful with it," Matt replied.

"Yeah you are right about that then if I may ask Mr. Matt is this girl Chloe your girlfriend or anyone related to you?" asked Bruce

"No, we just met yesterday when I saved her and a friend of hers from zombies" replied Matt directly

"Than, you don't need to worry about her safety. You can just leave her here where she won't get exposed to the zombies and won't become a burden for you and Ethan to go back, and since you have one less female in your group these pads and tampons would last longer wouldn't they?"

*Bang* "Aaaahhhh!!"

Before Matt could even reply to Bruce they heard a loud noise of something falling followed by a cry of pain from outside and ran out to check out from where did the noise come from and who had cried just now. As the three came out they didn't know from exactly the noise came from and where was the person who cried out until Ethan who was on the top floor beside Patrick helped them out with it.

"Matt it's the undergarments shop that Chloe went into, it's on your right-hand side" Ethan said

Hearing that it was the undergarments shop that Chloe went into Bruce and Chris looked at each other in surprise as they knew they had sent Joshua to talk and it was clear that the voice didn't belong to a female so it was Joshua who has cried out in pain.

Matt was the first one to walk towards the undergarments shop followed by Bruce and Chris right behind him.

When Matt followed by Bruce and Chris reached the undergarments shop they saw a wooden rack filled with women undergarments on the floor and in top of it was Joshua laying and trying to cry in pain but couldn't as one of Chloe's foot was on his neck while her face was covered with her hair.

Matt saw that her face mask that he gave her was on the ground the axe was embedded on another wooden rack on his left and the baseball bat was right next to the door.

"You bitch let go of my brother!" shouted Chris as he ran towards Chloe raising his iron rod to smash it on her head.

Matt took a step forward but was stopped by Bruce who raised his hand and said "Don't worry Mr. Matthew Chris is just trying to scare her away from his brother he won't truly hurt her"

Matt, of course, didn't believe that shit and was ready to take out his desert eagle and shootdown Chris, if it looked like Chloe, was in danger. But his worries weren't warranted as Chloe proved him that she was much better than him when it comes to deal with humans.

Chloe back stepped dodging the iron rod coming for her head letting go of Joshua's neck then used her left leg to land a kick on Chris's chest making the man drop the iron rod and clutch his chest and start coughing violently.

But Chloe wasn't done with him as she was still angry with Joshua and with how Chris reacted, hence grabbing on to one of his arms Chloe pulled him towards herself and gave the man a kneeling shoulder drop where she went on her knees and used his momentum to overthrow him onto his brother breaking the wooden rack Joshua was laying on in pieces.

"That's Enough!"

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