Second Chance In The Apocalyptic World Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Matt's Thinking

"Thank you for the info Harvey.... but mind telling us what are the other floors for? If there is something else we need then maybe we can find it there," said Matt

"Well sure why not, the second floor is for men, third for kids and fourth is for miscellaneous things," Harvey told them about the other floors of the mall.

"Thank you, Harvey, that would be all," Matt said, and then he, Chloe, and Ethan started to walk towards the shop which had Sanitary pads and Tampons.

As they entered the shop Ethan was the first one to speak "So how are we going to take them?"

"Well, I was just thinking of storing all of it in my inventory-"

"But won't these people find it weird if you do that?" Chloe asked interrupting Matt.

"Yes, I was going to say that as well but it's not like we can leave it here and come back, again and again, to take it whenever we want now, can we. It's not like we live in a safe world or something right" Matt stated.

"Then are you going to store them all right now?" asked Ethan.

"No, not right now, since we are here let's take a look around and see if there are other important things that we will need in the future so that we can take all of them at once I don't want to those guys to constantly keep an I on us. If I store these things now than we won't be able to wander around the mall like this," said Matt

"Yeah, it would be great if we could get walkie talkies like the ones those guys had, it will become easier to keep in contact with the others if we have that. Since mobile frequency isn't working properly we would have to depend upon the radio frequency" stated Ethan.

"Hmm... they would most likely be in the top floor than the floor with miscellaneous things," Matt said

"Then I will take a look at the 4th floor then," Ethan said as he looked at Matt who nodded his head giving Ethan the permission to do as he sees fit.

Since Ethan had an ability that could tank the bullets Matt wasn't that much worried about him as he could take care of himself moreover even though he was part of the technical team in the military, Ethan was definitely trained there hence he was much better than the people here.

All Matt needs to do is keep an eye on Chloe to make sure she doesn't end up getting caught by these men as that would create a problem for them other than that Matt was sure that nothing bad could happen.

"I will go and pick up some of the clothes for the ladies back in the hotel while you can pick up the things you came here for since it would make you feel embarrassed if I followed you," Matt said

Hearing which Chloe became so embarrassed Ruhr she directly ran away from there leaving Matt alone.

Seeing her running away as this Matt shook his head and entered the shop which has female clothes in it.

While the three of them were talking to each other Harvey had run back to Bruce who was waiting for him.

"So what are they doing?" asked Bruce

"They asked me about the other floors and I came back right after that!" replied Harvey

"Hmm... what do they need waxy the other floors? " asked Patrick.

"Can't we just directly ask that guy who is going upstairs right now?" said Joshua as he pointed towards Ethan who was walking upstairs grin the 1st floor.

"Oh! They have divided themselves, either they easily trust anyone or they are just plain stupid" Bruce said

"Well, who cares it's easy for us isn't it, I will follow that man upstairs and have a nice chat with him," Patrick said.

"Yeah, you do that. If they don't know how to understand our goodwill then we will have to just force them" Bruce said.

No one had any objection with Bruce this time as they already understood that they won't be able to do anything without him in the lead.

When all of them started to walk upstairs Bruce stopped and said "Wait! Harvey, you stay here and keep watch at the gate we can't leave it unattended like that"

"What!? Bu-but can't we leave Chris like before?" asked Harvey as he started sweating.

"No, Chris will concede with me as we talk quoth the young man upstairs as he seems to be the leader of the group while you will stay here and keep watch at the door. Am I clear?" Bruce stated

"Y-Yes," said Harvey as he nodded his head while wiping his sweat.

OK, then let's go, guys," said Bruce to Patrick, Joshua, and Chris who nodded their head and walked upstairs.

Bruce, Joshua, and Chris stopped on the first floor since Matt and Chloe were here while Patrick kept on going upstairs to follow Ethan.

Bruce and Chris saw Matt in the shop with ladies' dresses but Chloe wasn't there.

"Joshua you walk around the 1st floor I am sure that she is in one of the shops here doing her own shopping. I don't want her to create a scene by shouting or something and attract zombies OK" Bruce said.

"Don't worry Bruce leave it to me I know how to make a girl feel at ease" Joshua said with a smile as he left the two men and started to walk around the 1st floor. Since he needed to walk around in a big circle to look at every shop on the first floor Joshua walked a little fast to rind the girl.

"Aha.... finally found her," Joshua said as he looked at the shop with the mannequin wearing lingerie, "So that's why she is alone here! Doesn't want those two men to look at her while she buys her panties and bra is it"

On the other side, Matt was looking at the two men standing in front of him with a smile on his face.

"Is there something that you two gentlemen need from me?"

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