Second Chance In The Apocalyptic World Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Plan

"Well, here's what I think we should do... First we will let them enter the mall and won't create any problems for them or ask anything from them otherwise they may run away from the gate only. We will only make a move after they start looking for the pads and tampons that is in the women section from where they won't be able to run then nicely ask them for their weapons. What do you think?" asked Bruce.

"That's a really good idea" stated Harvey as he nodded his head with a smile on his face.

"Should we really take all their weapons? How will they go back to their group then?" asked Joshua the youngest man of the group.

"Don't worry Joshua, I will offer them to stay with us. Since they were brave enough to come here for some pads and tampons it shows they are strong enough to defend themselves against few zombies we could use them they don't need to go back to their group where they have to take care of them especially girls. I am sure we can persuade them to stay here instead of going back where the survival risk will always be high in a large group and during these times men will have a higher chance to survive then women who would be only useful to relieve stress during these times." Bruce said.

"Well said Bruce! Girls are nothing but bed warmer in current time and if they want to survive than they have to be an active bed warmer for us" said Patrick with a sickening smile on his face.

The other men though didn't said anything didn't protested to them either because they were scared of them or they thought the same thing.

"Good then Mr. Harvey go and open the door, we shouldn't stay here for long otherwise we may attract the zombies here" stated Bruce.

"M-Me Mr. Bruce?" asked a scared Harvey

"Of course who else Harvey aren't you the manager of this mall, it's your responsibility to take care of the mall and the people who want to enter your mall isn't it." said Bruce this time with a serious tone and no respect towards Harvey.

"Of-Of course it is. He he he... I will go and open the door now." said Harvey as he started to walk towards the glass door to open it.

"*Sigh* This guy is too scared if it wasn't for the fact that only he could open the door of the mall then I wouldn't have brought him with me last night" said Bruce while shaking his head.

"That's true, when we were facing the zombies this bastard was hiding in a corner making us do all the work. well this is how he has always been licking those who are in power and abominating those weaker then him" said Patrick.

"Huh! Did he do something to you as well?" asked Bruce.

"No, if he had then I wouldn't be keeping up with him till now" said Patrick shaking his head.

Harvey the manager opened the door allowing Matt, Ethan and Chloe to enter the Mall.

"Thanks" said Ethan to which Harvey only nodded his head meekly than ran back towards his group and stood behind Bruce and Patrick.

"I am sorry for taking such a long time to open the door but I had to ask everyone's opinion in this matter, hope you don't take it to heart" said Bruce with a smile.

Seeing that smile, Matt smiled as well even though he had already heard their plan and their thought process he decided he will take care of them after seeing how they act since he doesn't really want to kill humans that much.

"It's alright, this is normal. Even we would be vary of some other group entering in our place" Matt said

Hearing this Bruce raised an eyebrow since he believed that Ethan would be the one answering him instead of Matt as he thought he must be the leader as he was older than Matt but now since Matt was the one talking with him he had already found out that he was the leader of their party.

"Thank you for understanding" Bruce said as he shook hands with Matt, "I am Bruce Bennett before this shit happened I was a detective hence I take care of these guys. This is Patrick he was one of the security guards of this Mall, Mr. Harvey here was the manager of the mall, the guy who informed us about you is Chris and this here is his little brother Joshua"

"I am Matthew, this is my friend Ethan and this is Chloe" Matt said as he introduced himself and the others

"Since you people are here for pads and tampons they are in the women section, Mr. Harvey here knows this mall the best he knows where it is he can take you there" Bruce said

"Thank you Bruce. But can we also need some clothes since we don't have anything else to wear other than these" said Matt a complete lie but he wanted Bruce to believe that they depended on the things from this mall for their survival to see how far this guy can go.

"oh! Sure if you can take it than I have no objections after all there are lot of clothes for just the 5 of us" said Bruce.

"Thanks" Matt said as he, Ethan and Chloe followed Harvey towards the women section that was on one of the upper floors since they were climbing the stairs.

At first Matt wanted tell Ethan and Chloe about the plan of Bruce and his group but than he stopped as to him this group wasn't any threat to them and he alone could take care of them but he wanted to see how will Ethan react to them as for Chloe, even if she has learned martial arts and is good in it, he doesn't think hand to hand martial arts will be useful in these times.

As they reached 1st floor of the Mall, Harvey stopped and pointed towards a shop and said "Their you can find the pads and tampons, the first floor is basically for women as most of the shops in this floor sells female related things such as lingerie's, make up kit, female clothes, so on and so forth."

"Thanks for the info Harvey..."

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