Ryo The Illusionist Naruto Fanfiction Chapter 27

25 Side Story6 Ryos Pain Mikotos Love

Blood trickling down from her mouth, Mikoto simply stared at her lover's eyes, a small smile playing at her lips, her breathing labored, and her fingers trembling.

"No, no, no, no"

Ryo suddenly dropped on his knees beside her before the enemy could even hit the ground, Iwa Shinobi's skin almost black burned with fire dragon that was raged from Ryo's fiery rage.

"Mikoto, oh no," he stammered his hands in front of him. He didn't know what to do with them, how to stop the life from leaving her body. They were only made for destruction, he did not have the power to heal her, and he was afraid that if he touched her, he would only make things worse.

"Ryo," she whimpered, a tear falling from her eye. She had stopped smiling when she saw the expression on her Lover's face. It was a different look from the one showing his usual boyish grin and lively eyes that he always showed her.

"Don't talk Mikoto, please don't talk," his voice quavered with emotion. He cradled her face in his hands, trying to imprint her beautiful traits in his memory. He almost wanted to turn away, he did not like to see her like this, she wasn't the Mikoto he knew and adored.

"Ryo, it hurts," she let out in a small whisper as if she didn't want him to hear, "it hurts, and I'm cold, so cold"

He almost wanted to scream at her to stop saying that, that she was going to be fine, that the sword embedded in her lower abdomen was going to be removed and the hole sealed as if nothing happened. In the midst of his panic and confusion, he vaguely remembered Tsunade telling him not to remove anything that pierced through his skin the last time he yanked a knife out of his body, as it would increase the blood flow to the area and make him bleed out faster.

"Tsunade, that's right" he whispered in realization, staring at the spot where the sword was in contact with her body. "Mikoto, please hang on. This is going to be painful."

He grabbed the end of the sword, slightly moving it in the process, causing Mikoto to groan in pain. This is good, he thought to himself, she's not dead, she's not going to die, she's here with me, he repeated, like a mantra.

"This is going to hurt.", He said as he put his lips between hers

Mikoto looked at him, a look of understanding passing through her eyes. She bit on his lips, Ryo's lips were bleeding, he didn't care of the pain Until unless she is safe and sound it doesn't matter what he has to go through

Her hands tightly clinched onto his back, and her nails digging on his back. When Ryo started to pull out the sword, the bloodcurdling scream that left her lips almost stopped him, but despite the tears that were now falling freely from his eyes, he kept going, holding her body down to the ground with his other hand. He almost panicked when he noticed that more blood was leaving her mouth, but the sword completely came out of her body before he could think any further. Repulsed, he threw it as far as he could from them and pressed hard on the gaping wound. It was bleeding profusely, and Mikoto was openly crying, his bloodstained scarf simply lying there, covering her mouth and collecting her tears.

Biting back a curse, he tore her top, getting a good look at the extent and the gravity of the wound. The sword had been deeply embedded within her after it was thrown by the now dead guy when she had seriously injured him. He didn't expect her to cause much damage, and that was the first mistake he made leading his team

Pressing once again on the wound, he used fire release and his hand lit up with fire, and the disgusting smell of burning flesh arose in the air, unpleasantly tickling his sensitive nose. Mikoto's screams started again, wrapping painfully around Ryo's heart before they suddenly stopped without warning. This alarmed Ryo, who looked at her face, fearing that he might have ended her life, but the rise and fall of her chest indicated that she had just passed out from the pain. When her wound was completely burnt and closed up, he stopped his ministrations and was relieved that the sword didn't pass through. He did not want to make her go through the pain another time by closing the other side of it.

Ryo knew that he did not have much time on his hands and that he needed to take her to a real healer to help her. He gently picked her up in his arms, staring down at her pale and feverish expression, and his scarf hanging around her neck. His own face was a mess as well, covered with scratches, bruises, freshly shed tears and traces of her blood.

He started running until he reached the rest of the group, where Tsunade could take care of Mikoto. Surely she could, he told himself. He could not allow her to die on him.


Hours later, Ryo and various members that came on this mission were standing in front of Mikoto's sleeping form, while Tsunade was checking on her wounds. All traces of worry that were previously etched on her face had disappeared, leaving a place for relief. At least, Mikoto was stable, and instead of the burnt skin and the gaping wound on her lower abdomen, there was a long scar that would probably never fully heal. But Ryo didn't mind, it was a reminder that he was not able to save her once again.

"Is she going to be okay?" he asked.

"She's okay for now, but we can't be sure she's out of the waters before she wakes up," replied Tsunade, "Luckily, you stopped her from losing too much blood, which was a smart move from an idiot like you."

Despite the insult, Ryo knew that she was relieved and thankful that he was able to think fast and save Mikoto's life, even if he had to watch her suffer in agony at his hands.

Shouji looked at him, determination on his face, and tears in his eyes, "she's going to wake up, Mikoto is strong!"

In his heart, Ryo was hopeful and fully believed what his friend was telling him. Mikoto was a Shinobi of Konoha, and his lover, for him she will not, she can not give up so easily. After all, she had endured everything that had come her way up to this point, coming up at the top every time, and stronger than ever. The rising of her chest was just a reminder that she was still there with him, and Ryo would be damned if he let her leave him so easily.

"You should all leave now," ordered Tsunade, "Mikoto has to rest, and she won't be able to if all of you are lurking around her like this," she said, pointedly looking at her team members.


Jiraiya put a hand on Ryo's shoulder, giving him a serious but understanding look. "Listen to her Ryo, Mikoto needs to heal, you will able to see her tomorrow." Ryo acquiesced reluctantly, clutching his bloodied scarf in his hands. He turned around and left the room without any word, and without looking at his companions. This worried Shouji, as no one had ever seen Ryo react this way. At least not after Hotari's death...her death changed Ryo, He was always the hopeful and optimistic one, but all they could see right now was the shell of a guilt-ridden man who could barely look at his injured Lover and best friend without turning his gaze away. Even Shouji, who took pleasure in picking fights with him and teasing him, looked at him with worry.


That was the first time the world ever saw the wraith of Ryo of Konoha...he was terrifying, he killed any and all Iwa shinobi without thinking, he always returns on the brink of death and stays by Mikoto's side always holding her little cold hand

It was terrifying it was like the boy was favored by the gods itself...He improved drastically after every fight...and from the look of it the boy does not seem to have limits

That was the mission that had him named as the Speed Demon...Signifying not only his moving speed but also his improving speed as well

The boy's Swords arts leaves only death behind, his genjutsu was not at all easy to break and the boy is always evolving he was terrifying to the extreme that is critical to die

But the boy was like cockroaches always covered in blood yet always managed to reach Mikoto's bed by night holding her hand without caring about himself...he can not die and he always kills... it was like the boy was the reincarnation of the death itself


After completing the mission he carried Mikoto in his arms and Tsunade on his back and hurried to Konoha for better medical facilities...He was running all the way but he was fast he was terribly fast he reached Konoha in just 2 days with constant running with no rest what-so-ever.


For the following days, Mikoto's room had seen many of her friends visiting her, including her father and yet, the Uchiha had not opened her eyes. Visitors sometimes would swear they've seen her fingers twitch when they entered the room as if they were trying to reach for something or someone but in vain.


"Mikoto," muttered Kushina, holding her friend's hand, "I don't know if you can hear me, but we all worry about you and miss you. You have to come back to us."

"How long do you think it's going to take her to wake up?", asked Kushina to the Jiraiya

"I don't know," Jiraiya replied, "but she's a strong girl. You don't need to worry about her too much. She'll be back in time."

"It's not that," Kushina said pensively, "I fully believe in Mikoto, and I know she will survive this. It's Ryo I'm worried about. He hasn't been back since she was put to bed, and he hasn't visited her, not even once! It's so unlike the caring Ryo Mikoto knows, if she found out Ryo never came to her she will be hurt really bad."

"He's stubborn," said Jiraiya, "and he's finally realizing some things. He needs some time alone to come to terms with them."

Kushina tilted her head at him, wondering what he was talking about. "What things?"

Jiraiya simply chuckled, staring down at Mikoto's face. Once she woke up, he was sure that even she would not be able to tame the fire in the idiot heart that would be raging right now.


Ryo has not left Mikoto's place in almost a week, lying in her bed and staring at the ceiling, wishing that she was beside him, looking at him angrily before kicking him out of the bed. He got into the habit of curling up on the bed beside him on Mikoto's usual sleeping spot. Her scent was lingering in the room, stronger than ever between covers.

The reason why Ryo did not go visit his Lover was that... he was plagued by guilt. he had promised her that he would protect her no matter what, and yet, she was comatose and gravely injured, simply because of his carelessness. He got too caught up in the battle, forgetting that his priority was not to complete the mission but to protect Mikoto. He could already imagine her, scolding him and telling him that she was strong enough to protect herself, but he could not simply let her do it on her own. It was a responsibility he took upon himself when he confessed years ago. After all Yukimura Sensei told him it's the man duty to protect his woman and the man must never withdraw even in the face of death

Shouji has tried to force him to leave her bed, to visit her and give her the support she needed, but Ryo knew that she was getting all the support in the world with the friends by her side. She did not need the support of a useless friend. Idiot, as she likes to call him, did not deserve her appreciation.

Shouji had finally given up when Ryo looked at him with glistening and pleading eyes, making him realize how much pain his friend actually was. He then proceeded to leave the apartment and visit her by himself, promising to bring him any news concerning her state.

Ryo knew that he was acting stubbornly and childlike when he should be by her side in case anything happened. But he refused to think that the outcome of her current state would be anything but positive, so he chose to chase these thoughts away. Playing with his scarf, he noted that the scent of her blood still lingered in it. He was unable to completely wash it away, and a few traces that were barely visible were still there, acting as a painful reminder that she almost died in his arms.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when Shouji barged into the room through the open window, screaming excitedly. Ryo must have been deep in his thoughts if he had not picked up his best friend presence. When his eyes focused on the blond shinobi, he furrowed his brow in confusion.


"What are you saying Shouji?"

Shouji simply continued flying around him. "It's Mikoto! She's awake!"


The resonating whistling sound in Mikoto's ear and the blinding light inside the room almost made her want to go back to sleep. Putting a hand in front of her face to block out the light, she blinked slowly, adjusting to the world around her. She was in a white room, sleeping on an oddly comfortable bed, and her mouth way dry. There was a weak but noticeable throbbing below her navel. When she tried to sit up on the bed, the ache in her back made her wince, but she nonetheless completed the action, looking around her with wonder. She was wearing a white gown that she pulled up with difficulty, and when she looked down at the main source of her discomfort, she saw that her whole lower abdomen was bandaged.

When she regained full awareness of the situation, memories of the battle came back to her. She remembered the sword that pierced her body before she could even realize what was happening. She remembered the smell of smoke, and searing pain, before everything went black and she woke up in this room. Ryo must have brought her here and Tsunade must have tended to her wounds.

She wanted to call someone, but she could not muster the strength to do it, so she simply laid back and took advantage of the few moments of peace she has.

A few moments later, the door slowly opened, and Kushina entered the room, carrying a book with her that she instantly dropped when Mikoto sat up on the bed to greet her. Kushina's hands were instantly over her mouth, and tears started streaming down her face, before she launched herself on Mikoto, crying lavishly.

"Mikoto!" she hiccuped. "Oh dear God, I'm so glad you're awake! You don't know the fright you gave everyone"

"I'm okay Kushi," she reassured her friend who released herself from the tight embrace, "please don't cry."

"We were so worried about you, you took a very hard blow!"

Mikoto nodded, the details still a bit hazy, "how long have I been out?"

"A week," said Kushina.

"A week? I was out all that time?"

Mikoto tried to get up from her bed, before being stopped by her friend, who disapprovingly stared at her, "Mikoto, you need to realize the extent of your injury, You can't leave the bed yet, you need to take better care of yourself"

"I'm fine," insisted the Uchiha woman, "my injury doesn't even hurt."

"Are you sure about that?" replied Kushina, before poking her side, causing the Uchiha to whine in pain and shift away. "That's what I thought. You stay here, I'm going to call Tsunade."

As soon as Kushina left, the door opened again, and Shouji came in. When Mikoto gave him a small smile, he started to wail

"I'm not leaving you Shouji," she patted his head in a comforting gesture, "I was only out for a short time, and I'm here now so don't worry"

Seeing her and her boyfriend bubbly Yamanaka friend acting this way made her heart clench painfully. But at the same time, it made her feel loved and cared for. She never wished for her friends to worry so much about her, but it made her heart swell with love for the guild.

"Ryo said you were really hurt," said Shouji.

"It's in the past now," she reassured him, "it was only a scratch, see? It's going to disappear in no time!"

Shouji nodded, eyes filled with tears, before wiping them and sniffing loudly. "I'm going to tell Ryo. Wait here Mikoto! He's going to be very happy!"


"She's awake?" repeated Ryo in disbelief.

"Yes, she is! She's still as beautiful though," said Shouji pensively. "Let's go see her! I already miss her."

"II can't," stuttered Ryo.

"What do you mean you can't? You haven't seen Mikoto in a week! You didn't even visit her, you're going to make her sad," insisted Shouji.

The thought of upsetting Mikoto stopped him in his track; he would never able to handle seeing her sad because of him. He already failed at protecting her, but he was afraid that if he went to see her, she wouldn't want to be him anymore. After all, what kind of Lover was he if he wasn't able to keep a promise as simple as protecting her?

"Alright let's go."


Mikoto was sitting on her bed, surrounded by her various friends. This time around, there was no worry etched on their faces, only relief and happiness at seeing their friend awake and smiling. Mikoto was also filled with joy

"I hope you'll be up and on your feet soon, I can't wait for us to go on another mission as a team again," told her team-mate

Another of her Team-mate sobered up, "I came to see how you were doing. You gave us all a fright. You almost died, we could feel your Chakra disappear at an alarming rate. I was going to appear and help you, but Ryo reacted quickly, to our surprise."

"Yeah," smiled Mikoto, looking at her hands on her lap, "he did. Where is he? It's strange, I thought he would be the first person I would see, but I haven't seen him since I woke up."

An uncomfortable silence suddenly filled the room, as everyone stared everywhere but at her. Their behavior alarmed the Uchiha, who grew worried.

"What is it? Did something happen to him after I passed out?"

One of them cleared his throat, "it's nothing like that. It's just that, well, no one has seen him for the past week."

"Why is that? Did he leave for a mission?"

"He didn't"

The door suddenly burst open Just then he came. When he noticed Mikoto sitting on the bed, smiling up at him with her lively black eyes, he stopped in his track, momentarily taken by the sight.


There was nothing more beautiful that he had seen in his entire life than Mikoto at that moment, even if she were only dressed with a simple white gown and wrapped in bandages at various places. His breath hitched when her lips stretched into her familiar smile, and he felt like he couldn't breathe. His heart was beating so loudly that he swore he could hear it resonating in his ears.

"Ryo, I'm so happy to see you! I wanted to thank you-"

Before Mikoto could finish her sentence, an overwhelmed Ryo had turned around and sprinted out of the door, leaving the occupants of the room shocked and surprised by his strange behavior.

"-for saving me," finished Mikoto lamely.


Ryo did not stop running until he found himself at her house again, without even realizing that his legs had taken him there. He was so used to taking this route that it became automatic to him to sneak into her house through the window. When he entered her room, he sat down on the bed, his head between his hands, staring at the ground in contemplation. He didn't know what he was thinking, reacting that way, but the sight of her made him panic. He had never felt this way the guilt the love the anger the passion the lust he felt it all at that moment about Mikoto in Hospital...

"I can't think this way about someone I can't protect," he muttered to himself. "I don't deserve Mikoto."

Ryo had always thought that Mikoto was the most amazing person he knew. She was courageous, beautiful, and frighteningly smart. She was the kindest soul, and more importantly, she was fiercely loyal to her nakama, She was Proud or to say she is foolishly Proud that's true but that's the common trait in all of the Uchiha but despite that she never hesitated to lend a hand to anyone in need. He knew that behind her bossy nature was a caring heart. He was nothing compared to that. He was a talent that has never been seen before that's true but he is nothing but a cold-blooded murderer he would already be lost in darkness if it wasn't for her light

He was strong yet, His power didn't make him strong if he weren't able to keep her away from any harm.

He shook his disturbing thoughts away, and just laid back on her bed. Unable to settle the turmoil in his heart, he slowly drifted to sleep.


"I'm sorry Mikoto, but Ryo went on a solo mission," replied Hokage

Hokage's gaze softened, "Don't worry Mikoto, I'm sure Ryo has a good reason for reacting that way."

"I don't know Sir, I haven't seen him since I woke up. I think he's purposely avoiding me for some stupid reason," angrily replied Mikoto, getting out of Hokage tower


A week later, Ryo had come back from his mission, surprisingly early.

Mikoto waited patiently for him to talk to her, and explain what his problem was. She waited in her apartment, expecting him to sneak in without her permission, but he failed to do so

She didn't see him for more than 2 weeks


"Ryo, finally. I haven't seen you in more than two weeks. Where were you?" she said, looking at him with worry.

"Ah, Mikoto," he stuttered out, his heart almost leaping out of his chest. He was avoiding her because he thought that if he didn't see her for long period, he would stop thinking about her in a more-than-friends way, and she would too get over him, but it obviously had the complete opposite effect. He had never wanted her more than in that moment, and from the looks of it, she has the same reaction as that of him. Her obvious frustration with him was what reminded him of his inability to keep her out of danger's way, and his face suddenly darkened.

"I have to go"

"Do you want me to beat some sense into him?" asked Shouji, who was now standing behind her.

"No," said Mikoto, getting angry, "I'll do it myself."


When Ryo opened the door to his house, he was certain that he caught a whiff by Mikoto's chakra. But he had been thinking about her so much lately that he was sure it was a product of his imagination, which was only trying to torture him. He lazily made his way inside, taking notice of how tidy it was. His brows furrowed and he stopped to look around, knowing that this was not the state he left his house in.


Looking up, his gaze met Mikoto's, who was standing a few feet away from him, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Mikoto," he stammered. It was all he seemed to do in front of her, he was at loss of words. "What are you doing here?"

"You know damn well what I'm doing here," she hissed, making him wince.

"Listen Mikoto, it's not the time to-"

Mikoto was suddenly right in front of him, staring angrily into his eyes, tears threatening to spill.

"Two weeks Ryo, you've ignored me for two weeks! When will be the time then, tell me? I thought we were a couple, I thought you loved me more than anything else"

Seeing the hurt in her eyes, his voice softened. "Of course we are."

Mikoto put a hand on his chest, looking at him with pleading eyes. "Tell me what's wrong, tell me what I did wrong, how can I fix this?"

"You didn't do anything, there's nothing to fix."

"Dammit Ryo," she snapped, hitting him on his chest, "I can't take it anymore. Are you angry at me?"

"I would never be angry at you", he muttered softly, his resolve breaking. He was never able to resist her like always she is the dominant one in this relationship

Mikoto's eyes narrowed they have been together since forever...she know how to rile him up, so she started crying

"Is it because you think I'm weak? That I wasn't strong enough to protect myself?" said Mikoto, obviously hurt or acting hurt. "I know I'm not the strongest, and that I'm not the best addition to a team as strong as ours, but-"

"You're not weak Mikoto, I'm the weak one here, I wasn't able to protect you!" he snapped, turning around and staring angrily at her. "I could never be mad at you, I'm mad at myself!"


"What kind of man am I? I couldn't even protect the most precious person to me!"

"It's not-"

"When I was burning into your flesh, hearing your screams was like torture to me! I failed to protect you, and I hurt you even more! How do you think I felt when you almost died in my arms? I've seen you die once, Mikoto, and I thought it was the hardest thing I would ever witness. But I was wrong! I was very wrong" he ended in a whisper, crying openly.

Smiling sadly at her stupidity, she approached him, cradling his wet face in her hands, and pulling him down to her level to bring his forehead to hers.

"Ryo, what are you talking about? You saved my life! I'll forever be grateful for that," she said, staring tenderly into his eyes. "If you weren't there, I wouldn't be here today, smiling again and laughing with you. It's true, what you did back then was agonizing, I even remember passing out from the pain, but it wasn't nearly as hurtful as you ignoring me these past few weeks."

"I'm so sorry," he whispered, closing his eyes and leaning into her touch.

She kissed him, "Don't you dare run away ever again"

Ryo looked at her lovingly, "You know in these two weeks when I was out there, I dreamed of it countless times, I always thought how good would it have been if I didn't waste my chances, how good would it have been if I kissed you that day, I will not make this mistake ever again"

He said as he brought his face closer and they kissed both of them kissed which quickly become passionate...Since Ryo was 17 and not 18 they didn't share the night doing stuff...but they kissed entire night, and slept in each other arms


Mikoto woke up


"Kaa-chan", the little 3-year-old Sasuke came and hug her worried about her, seeing this little naruto hug her as well...She hugged them with tears in her eyes

The life...It feels so far off, Her friends are gone...Her team-mates died...and for Ryo, she still is haunted by the memories, the beautiful memories that they share together

'Life is born and life dies...A clan grows...A village is born...and bonds are made...we formed a bond that's why that happened...we had a bond that's why we separated...I didn't understand it back then...what real pain was. The feeling of not wanting to lose something very precious. The day when I come to know what sadness is. The day I slept with you, the day we made love, the day we lost our love'

'I love you Ryo...I always did...I always will'
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