Ryo The Illusionist Naruto Fanfiction Chapter 26

24 The King And His General Parte Finale

(Hi no Kuni)

Ryo was standing inside Konoha camp surrounded by his Jonin Commanders and high Jonins in the middle was a table with a large map

"I ordered some chunin Scout teams, for any kind of movement from Kumo side", started Jonin Commander Shikaku Nara

"Is there any movement then?", asked High Jonin Tsume, the head of Inuzuka

"They came back an hour earlier, apparently Kumo is going to attack us head on", replied Shikaku Nara

"Quite the hot-headed one, this raikage", said Ryo

"Well...they have the numerical advantage on their side", said High Jonin Choza

"It's not just Numbers, we are not fully recovered from Kyuubi attack years ago, aside from you commander I don't believe there is anyone in our village that can threaten them to attack with strategy", said Hiashi

"If they think we can be easily defeated then they are wrong, skills win you battles strategies wins you war...If they wish to attack let them attack we will defend using our own method", said Ryo

''And how do you plan on waging war against Kumo without an offensive strategy if I may ask?'' Shikaku questioned, wondering where Minato was going with this.

Ryo looked coldly that sent shivers in everyone's bone that are presented right now...right now their general requires absolute obedience, even though there is fear in everyone's eyes but all of them were in awe as well, this is their general, the God of Shinobi until unless he is alive Konoha can never lose in a war.

"That's easy to play defense. If my prediction is correct, Raikage will try to invade Hi no Kuni using numbers to his advantage to try and overwhelm us. Our Skills are inferior as well considering we need to teach fresh guys to fill in adept shinobis that already died 3 years ago in kyuubi's destruction we don't have our Sanins with us as well Considering we didn't manage to contact Jiraiya and Tsunade didn't manage to get clearance for her Trauma that's a Huge Setback I agree... However, what we lack in numbers, what we lack in Skills we make up for that with strategy, Remember skills makes you win battles but it's strategies that make you win a war...I've decided to increase border patrols as well as Chunin scouting patrols, I'm thinking of using booby traps planted around the border to slow them down. Think of this as our first line of defense.''

Fugaku raised an eyebrow as this. ''And by booby traps Commander, you mean...?''

''I mean, explosive tags, punji stake traps, every kind of lethal trap you can think of set. Not only that, I'll personally strike them as well while they sustain casualties to our traps.'' Ryo said before pointing taking a meter stick and points it onto the drawn map of the border at several areas

''These areas are to be set with booby traps, use as many explosive tags and punji stake pits as possible. Also, do you all know the Kannabi bridge?''

All the clan heads nodded in response. ''That's a major route Kumo will definitely take to move more forces into our Land, so the day before the invasion begins I am going to send a team of ANBU Consisting Of Kakashi as it's Leader in-charge to destroy the bridge as well to effectively cut off their supply lines. I know it doesn't seem much, but utilizing booby traps while also destroying a major transportation route like the bridge will slow their advance and maybe even delay any chances of an invasion. The only way they can try to move supplies is through dense forest. And Once we do know what our opponent is going to do we can finish them before they even begin to move'' Ryo finished his explanation.

Everyone nodded at that strategy it's good and if it works they might be able to take out a quarter of Kumo Shinobis without taking a single scratch

''What will our role be in this Commander?" Tsume asked.

''You with your clan Inuzuka, the Aburame, and the Hyuga will be using your tracking skills to keep an eye out for any Kumo shinobi that may have made it into this side of the border. Should any of said clan members detect Kumo shinobi withdraw and let them take damage from our traps.'' Ryo then turned to look at Fugaku. ''Fugaku, have Shishui and Itachi Patrol the border, while the clan leaders will be actively seen on the borders, these two won't show their face to anyone, they will watch it all from the shadows only acting if the need arise also gather some Shinobis and put them under Shishui command, their job is to hide in shadows till shishui order them otherwise...and these two will be our second line of Defense''

The Uchiha clan head sported a proud smirk. ''Shisui and Itachi will complete their Objective"

''Choza your entire Akimichi clan is a clan of sensors; I want the akimichi chunin squad to patrol a five-mile perimeter around the border as our Third Layer of defense. Set up alarms as well because we're going to make it as secure as possible. In addition to the perimeter send a few of your people in one-mile increments to other side of our border as well, no one is to engage anyone just retreat as fast as possible after scouting Kumo positions'' Ryo said.

"Very Well Commander", answered Choza

"But what we do lack here is information, try to find a Kumo shinobi, try capturing them alive, Let Yamanaka's deal with them"

"Shikaku Once I am gone to deal with the enemy you will take my position...change traps and strategies after every use, they must not get used to our traps, not till their morale shattered"

"Yes Commander", said Shikaku

"I want every member of Kurama Clan on Stand-by, once their morale shatter we will attack head-on. At the start of battle I want you all to apply wide range Genjutsu, remember timing is key in here"

"Worry not commander"

"Healers are to be on Stand by as well, Heal whoever needs it...try to conserve your chakra for when the battle really starts you are going to need a huge amount of it"

"Yes commander"

"We will attack with the formation in four lines...the first line will attack once then retreat switching with the second line after they attack they will switch with the first line again...The third and fourth line will be the backup, they will fill up the lines with people whichever line needs it"


"Everyone give them hell...show them what it means to mess with Konoha... Show them our Will of Fire...FOR OUR CHILDREN!! FOR OUR FUTURE!!! FOR OUR HOME!!! FOR KOONNNOOOOOHAAAAA"



That day Kumo paid heavily for the stupidity of their Raikage...that day Kumo lost third of their army without doing a single scratch on their enemy...and that day they realized why their previous Raikage alongside every other Kage in the elemental nation gave the flee on sight order for Ryo of Konoha after the third World Shinobi War...

Ryo of Konoha...the Third God of Shinobi whose name has been buried in the passage of time...he didn't make an appearance since third Shinobi war was over...People forgot the terror he brought on the battlefield during his days as an active Shinobi...He wasn't SS-rank Shinobi for no reason


Kumo lost half of their Forces under Kurama clan Genjutsu and Ryo's Illusions...while on the other side Konoha only lost third of their army

It was an absolutely one-sided battle, under Shikaku Nara and his ever-changing strategies destroyed Kumo while Ryo showed his might...Kumo lost the battle and retreated

Konoha wins the battle with fewer numbers and skills and this was all because of one man...Ryo of Konoha

The news of war every nation heard it...

His name sent chills on every nation neck...He was the famous Konoha General Whose sword arts leaves nothing but death behind...Whose Genjutsu only bring Nightmares...Whose Talents only brings Desperation to those around

No one saw the tears in the eyes of their Almighty Hero...He hates it...He hates the war the most in this world no matter the cause

War is not epic...It's bloody

While every one doing their given duty he reached for the village near the war zone with his few ANBU bodyguards.

(To be continued...)

(I could have finished it here...but bringing sad moments when such hype of war is going around is not productive enough at least i didn't felt sad while writing it...So I copied it and will release the sad chapter tomorrow. I really wanted to do it today)
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