Rise Of Void Dragons Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Ch 37 | In his embrace

"Fellow classmate Wang Ming, it's ok if you don't like Fang, but, please help us as a fellow human." Qiao Qinling shouted. Although she also suffered from the rejection just now. But, currently, Lin Fang's condition was more important than these things.

Thus, she gritted her teeth and followed Wang Ming in the hope to bring him back.

Wang Ming heard this and stopped. In an impulse to just go away from them, he was about to reply, 'I am not human anymore.'

But, he stopped and turned back. And saw Qiao Qinling running towards him. Her long hair fluttered in the air, giving birth to a beautiful sight that everyone would want to witness. But, Wang Ming, like always, remained unfazed.

"Ok." He replied, agreeing to help. He didn't do this because of anything; he just wants to clear up his image. He's not some 'Crazy Romeo'. Wait, even if he is, how does it affect others?

"Great!" Qinling was delighted after knowing that the other party was not going to reject them anymore.

Then they both returned back to Lin Fang.

Lin Fang, on the other hand, was still shocked after facing her first rejection. Myriads of thoughts were flowing through her mind.

'Am I not beautiful?'

'Is my behaviour not ok? Do I behave like some proud princess?'

Her thoughts only came to a halt when she heard the footsteps again.

Qinling approached her and muttered softly, "Fang, there's no one in the entire playground. Please let him lift you up, don't say anything. It was a tiring task for me to make him agree. Don't mind his words; he's already named crazy. Our priority should be taking you to the hospital, or you'll have to continue lying down on the ground like this till someone else helps us."

Though Lin Fang wanted to protest again, the last few words made her rethink, 'Yeah, why do I mind his words? He's just a crazy guy. I should first get a treatment...ah it hurts.'

Lin Fang nodded her head.

"Classmates Wang Ming, please help me lift her up from the ground first," Qinling asked Wang Ming.

"Uhmm" Wang Ming really didn't want to do this, that's why along the way to here, he put forward a condition, he'll only help if Lin Fang agrees. He thought that she'd definitely disagree no matter what, but his thoughts were proved to be wrong.

Nodding his head, he moved forward, reached near Lin Fang and said, "Please pardon me for any mistakes."

"Uhmm" Lin Fang replied in agreement.

Then only Wang Ming bent down and his strong hands reached towards Lin Fang's lean waist. He held it firmly with his hands.

As soon as the contact was made, as if lightning struck both of them, their bodies trembled a bit.

Lin Fang's face turned crimson in embarrassment, while Wang Ming neglected it and exerted some of his strength and pulled Lin Fang up from the ground, making her stand. And then he released her slowly, thinking that his work was done.

In embarrassment, Lin Fang even forgot about her pain. But, when Wang Ming released her, and her body weight was transferred back to her again, she felt a piercing pain on her waist, she cried and started falling down again, "Ah it hurts."

"Wang Ming hold her!" Qinling, who was a bit far shouted out anxiously.

Wang Ming wasn't paying attention after lifting her up and only after listening to them; he realised Lin Fang was falling again.

In a fraction of second, his hands moved and held her again firmly, and pulled her up, closer to his body.

Without any resistance, her body was lifted up again, but it didn't stop there and kept moving. But, before she could realise what was happening, she was already pulled into Wang Ming's embrace.

"Huff" After stopping, she let out a sigh of relief. However, her relief didn't stay long, upon relaxing her body, she felt that a heavy boulder-like body was supporting her body.

Subconsciously, her hands touched around, trying to deduce what it was when she heard a voice just near her ears, "Miss Lin Fang, can you please stop touching me? I don't like being touched by others."

Her body became stiff, and she screamed, "Aaaaa"

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