Rise Of Void Dragons Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Ch 36 | Lin Fang rejected

Wang Ming reached the place where Lin Fang was lying down on the ground.

Upon hearing the hurried footsteps arriving towards her, Lin Fang lifted her head while speaking, "Ah Qinling, you are back, help-," However, as soon as she saw a boy approaching her along with Qinling, she stopped.

"Fang, I brought help." Qinling replied and then turned towards Wang Ming, "Fellow student, can you help me lift Fang up from the ground first?"

Meanwhile, Wang Ming was shocked yet again after seeing Lin Fang, 'Huh? Isn't that class monitor of Arts Class, Lin Fang?'

Qinling's words brought him out of his shocked state, and he nodded, "What do I have to do?"

"Simple, hold her waist, and lift her from the ground. We first need to lift her up from the ground before doing something else," Qinling replied with a smile. She didn't think much before speaking; all she was thinking was to help her friend as fast as possible. It didn't matter how.

"Ah?!" However, both Lin Fang and Wang Ming were thunderstruck.

"No! Qinling, what are you saying?" Lin Fang instantly glared at her friend and protested against her proposal.

How can she let an unknown boy touch her waist so casually? Even though it was for help, she was just a conservative girl; she can't let anyone do that easily.

"Miss, I think it's not appropriate for me to help you here. I'll be going then, you should find someone else for help." Wang Ming also denied it. He really didn't like this idea. And he turned to return back to tracks. He wasn't a conservative boy like Lin Fang, but he was just too shy to do that.

"No, fellow student Wang Ming, please stop," Qinling shouted in a hurry to stop him. If he goes back, where will she find someone else for help? The field around was as empty as a desert.

Wang Ming stopped and asked, "Miss, you know me?"

He was stunned when he heard his name from the mouth of Qinling. She was the princess of the art department and Nan Hai University. She even belongs to a big family. At the same time, he's just no one in the entire Nan Hai University. How can she know his name?

"Of Course, you are famous for your name, 'Crazy Romeo.'" Qinling replied casually, but then she regretted it, 'Heck! My tongue slipped. He must be angry now.'

And just as she thought, Wang Ming's facial expressions changed a bit. Corners of his eyes and lips twitched vigorously like hungry worms.

'Goddammit! Am I that famous?'

After that, he didn't wait any longer at that place and started moving towards the track.

'No, I can't let him escape. There's no one else in the entire playground.' Qinling roared inwardly, and her brain throttled at full power, trying to find a way to stop him.

Then suddenly, wisdom struck her brain, and she shouted, "Classmate Wang Ming, Please stop, my friend, Lin Fang likes you, please help her up from the ground."

She was pretty sure that this bait would indeed work. No one in the entire university can resist this bait.

"Ah?! What-" Lin Fang heard this too, and she wanted to shout out in protest. But, Qinling hurriedly came over and covered her mouth. She was not letting a single word escape her mouth.

Qinling looked towards Wang Ming, who was moving a moment ago but stopped his tracks at the moment, and her lips curled up.

'Look! No one can resist this bait. Not even Crazy Romeo. That's the power of my friend's Lin Fang's beauty.'

However, her happiness of success was short-lived. Soon, the voice of Wang Ming reached her and Lin Fang's ears, "But, I don't like her. I'll get going."

Lin Fang and Qiao Qinling, "..."

Was it a rejection they faced just now? Does this fellow not possess a heart at all?

Is he not a man? Why was he not tempted by beauty?

A university princess, Lin Fang's feelings towards him, were said out openly, though they were fake. But, still they were rejected.

Lin Fang faced her first rejection in life. That too, because of her best friend. And her face reddened as she gazed at the departing figure of Wang Ming.

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