Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 7421

Chapter 7421: Are You Caring?

Then Ye Wennian picked up the pillow next to him and gave Wang Qiancha a cushion behind so that she could lean on the pillow.

Let her lean on.

At this moment, Wang Qiancha could feel Ye Wennian's care.

She found that Ye Wennian looked cold, but he was actually soft and careful.

After Wang Qiancha sat up, she looked at Ye Wennian seriously.

Although she knew that he was in the Year of Yewen at this time, Wang Qiancha's expression was still a little dazed.

She couldn't tell whether it was reality or ancient.

But she could tell the look in Ye Wennian's eyes carefully.

In ancient times, the eyes of that Jun Ye-nian were tender and petting.

But now it is the year of Ye Wen, the modern one.

There was apathy and alienation in his eyes.

Although it is related, there is still a sense of alienation and strangeness.

It is said that eyes are the windows of the soul. Wang Qiancha felt that through Ye Wennian's glasses, she seemed to be able to see his inner world.

His heart is cold and indifferent.

And he should have closed his heart, as if isolating the outside world.

Ye Wennian also felt Wang Qiancha's sight, "What's wrong?"

Wang Qiancha pursed her lips and said, "You are guarding me here, does it affect your study and rest?"

"And will your family worry about you?"

At this time, it was past eight o'clock in the evening.

Wang Qiancha thought, is there anything else to do in Ye Wennian?

Ye Wennian looked at Wang Qiancha's pale face and said, "It's okay."

Wang Qiancha looked at Ye Wennian's deep eyes like a rose, and opened the quilt and said, "But I want to go home. If I don't go home at night, my family will be worried."

"And my stomach is better."

With that, Wang Qiancha showed a bright smile at Ye Wennian.

I want Ye Wennian to feel that she is well and her stomach is fine.

"It really doesn't hurt?" Ye Wennian looked at Wang Qiancha with some suspicion.

Wang Qiancha nodded vigorously.

She frowned when she looked at Ye Wennian, then tilted her head and said, "Are you concerned about me?"

When talking, Wang Qiancha looked at Ye Wennian seriously.

Ye Wennian's beautiful eyes flashed like a rose, avoiding Wang Qiancha's sight.

He looked slightly unnatural, "Don't think too much."

Wang Qiancha looked at Ye Wennian like this, and she wanted to laugh.

The corners of her mouth lifted slightly.

She felt that Ye Wennian didn't care about her at all.

I don't know if he will have ancient memories.

She couldn't tell whether it was a memory or her dream.

But she always felt that it was a real world.

"Then I'm going home."

With that, Wang Qiancha yawned.

Ye Wennian saw Wang Qiancha's appearance and went to go through the discharge procedures for her.

Then the two went home together.

They live in a community and it is convenient to go back.

When he arrived at the community, Ye Wennian looked at Wang Qian's tea ceremony: "I will send you home."

This is an old neighborhood.

The street lights at night are still broken.

Ye Wennian worries that Wang Qiancha is a girl who is not safe.

A ray of light flashed in Wang Qiancha's eyes, "Okay, there are no street lights here. I am afraid to come back at night."

As Wang Qiancha said, her voice felt weak.

She looked up at Ye Wennian and said expectantly: "If school night is then, can we come back together?"

Wang Qiancha looked at Ye Wennian like this, her eyes seemed to be able to speak, and her meaning was very clear.

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